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Committee on Climate Change downplays impact of carbon price floor freeze

Chancellor George Osborne presenting the 2013 Budget in the traditional red box

Committee accused of putting "blind faith" in EU emissions trading scheme to tackle coal industry renaissance

02 Apr 2014

Scotland faces "major challenge" to meet climate goals

Scotland flag

Committee on Climate Change says country must improve on current progress to meet ambitious green energy and emissions reduction targets

26 Mar 2014

Lord Deben: "The technique of those opposed to action on climate change is spreading doubt"


"Market capitalisation based on large scale fossil fuel reserves becomes much more questionable as we move into a new age of renewables and low carbon technology"

27 Feb 2014

Committee on Climate Change chief calls for UK flood policy overhaul

Lord Deben accuses successive governments of not spending enough on flood protection

11 Feb 2014

Committee on Climate Change: Carbon targets do not harm competitiveness

Government advisory body reiterates defence of carbon budgets in the face of criticism from heavy electricity users

29 Jan 2014

Davey: Brussels’ 2030 targets strengthen case for UK’s fourth carbon budget

Energy and Climate Change Secretary predicts new EU proposals will bring other member states closer into line with UK ambition

23 Jan 2014

Flood defence spending cuts leave UK with "avoidable" £3bn bill

Committee on Climate Change warns funding is £500m below the level needed to avoid increasing flood risk

22 Jan 2014

Green extremists taking 'nonsensical position' on fracking, says Lord Deben

Government adviser warns some environmentalists' views are close to Trotskyism and risks consensus on climate change

21 Jan 2014

Government confirms retention of Committee on Climate Change

Triennial Review concludes that there remains a compelling case for an independent body to advise on UK climate change strategy

14 Jan 2014

Heathrow climate report scuppers Tory plans to delay expansion debate

Blow to Conservatives as watchdog announces summer report, saying flight prices would need to rise to meet climate targets

23 Dec 2013

Cuadrilla downplays prospect of using fracking to drive new tech investment

Fracking company distances itself from founder's proposal to use boosted tax receipts for green investment, as Lord Deben touts energy security benefits of shale gas

11 Dec 2013

CCC Carbon Budget Report: The reaction

Business leaders line up to support CCC's conclusion that there is no case for diluting UK carbon targets

11 Dec 2013

Far from having 'to cost the earth', going green makes business sense

Nick Molho says today’s call by leading businesses, investors and trade associations shows the appetite for stable climate policies

11 Dec 2013

Climate Committee carbon budget report: At a glance

UK must not and cannot alter its carbon targets for 2023-2027, Committee on Climate Change says

11 Dec 2013

Confirm carbon budget to spur green investment, government told

Government 'should not and can not' change emissions reduction pathway that could save UK £200bn by 2050 says Committee on Climate Change

11 Dec 2013

UK must not waver on carbon budget, warns Committee on Climate Change

Government advisory body categorically rejects argument that UK's climate action is ahead of other countries and disadvantaging businesses

07 Nov 2013

Committee on Climate Change wades into energy bill row

Independent government adviser calculates low-carbon policies should add just £10 to energy bills next year

22 Oct 2013

Davey: UK on track to meet emissions goals and deliver low carbon investment

Government consults on plans to bring forward £110bn of investment in energy system and says it will cut CO2 34 per cent by 2020

11 Oct 2013

Climate committee: UK must not drag heels on carbon budget review

Lord Deben tells Ed Davey there is no legal or economic justification to change budget at present

03 Oct 2013

CCC: Shrinking water sources put UK food production at risk

Report warns of 120 billion shortfall during dry years in the next decade and calls for more sustainable agricultural abstraction

10 Jul 2013

Climate Change Committee progress report: At a glance

A rundown of the main talking points from the Committee on Climate Change's report on the UK's emissions-cutting progress

26 Jun 2013

Climate Change Committee: UK at risk of missing carbon budgets

While slow progress is being made, Green Deal and Electricity Market Reforms need beefing up to ensure UK meets third and fourth carbon budgets

26 Jun 2013

Breaking: Decarbonisation target goes down to narrow defeat

Attention now turns to House of Lords as close vote confirms widespread parliamentary support for decarbonisation target

04 Jun 2013

Climate Committee warns 'dash for gas' more costly than low carbon energy mix

Report slams Treasury support for gas-focused energy strategy, warns failure to deliver post-2020 policies will push up cost of decarbonisation

23 May 2013

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