Carbon floor price articles

Greg Barker defends carbon tax freeze


EXCLUSIVE: Energy and climate change minister says move will allow both manufacturing and clean energy to flourish

25 Mar 2014

Green Budget 2014: At a glance


BusinessGreen runs through the key announcements for the green economy in today's Budget

19 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: The green business reaction


Leaading figures across the green economy respond to the measures announced by George Osborne today

19 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Carbon Price Floor row to overshadow new green investment

Renewables industry warns heavily trailed decision to freeze carbon price floor could see £4bn of clean energy investment put at risk

18 Mar 2014

Gas sector battles coal power over carbon price floor

Independent gas generators warn mooted freezing of levy in the Budget as advocated by coal industry will lead to blackouts

10 Mar 2014

Coal industry joins calls for carbon price floor rethink

Charge will devastate coal industry, trade body warns, following similar appeals by the CBI and EEF

10 Mar 2014

Trade associations accused of failing to deliver climate change message

Christiana Figueres, head of the UNFCCC, urges businesses to take their message directly to heads of state

06 Mar 2014

Lobbying against the carbon floor price is lobbying for more coal power

The CBI and EEF support the low carbon economy, but they need a better approach to tackling competitiveness issues than simply attacking carbon taxes

05 Mar 2014

Business groups intensify calls for green energy policy rethink

CBI and EEF insist they are committed to building a low carbon economy, but warn action must be taken to tackle high industrial energy costs

05 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: CBI calls for frozen carbon price floor

Business group argues the policy disadvantages UK companies by forcing up energy prices, but could lower carbon taxes undermine green investment?

03 Mar 2014

Manufacturers urge Treasury to scrap carbon tax

EEF argues high energy prices are stopping heavy energy users from "reshoring" production to the UK

24 Feb 2014

Renewables industry downplays threat of EU state aid investigation

Bank of America Merrill Lynch reckons reports suggesting renewables projects could be blocked by state aid rules are a "bit of an overeaction"

14 Feb 2014

Treasury urged to insulate homes with carbon tax revenues

New report accuses government of hypocrisy over failure to recycle revenues from emissions trading and carbon price floor

10 Feb 2014

Climate Minister hints carbon price floor is here to stay

Greg Barker seeks to reassure low carbon businesses that "green levy" review has finished

10 Jan 2014

Reports: Osborne poised to extend energy intensive compensation

Manufacturers warn of 'carbon leakage' without more measures to protect them from climate change policies

02 Dec 2013

Manufacturers urge Chancellor to slash carbon policy costs

EEF sets out policy wishlist ahead of Chancellor's Autumn Statement next month

19 Nov 2013

Should the UK replace green policies with a single carbon price?

Institute of Fiscal Studies calls for overhaul of government policies designed to curb CO2, but is its answer too simplistic?

01 Nov 2013

Fresh coalition battle looms over attempts to water down low carbon policies

FT reports carbon price floor, ECO, and renewables subsidies to be reviewed as Conservatives react to Labour's energy price freeze

07 Oct 2013

Could the UK really save £40bn with a dash for gas?

A.T. Kearney report calling for investment in a new fleet of gas plant gets short shrift from government, green businesses, and NGOs

04 Jun 2013

Survey: UK heavy industry could suffer as carbon prices stall

Experts expect EU Allowances to remain below €10 a tonne, far lower than UK's £16 per tonne carbon floor price

29 May 2013

Government takes wraps off energy intensive industry compensation package

Heavy industry can apply for share of £250m pot designed to offset the impact of carbon pricing schemes from next month

20 May 2013

Who is bankrolling the anti-green Powerline group?

New lobbying group to be launched in coming days with reported goal of sending the government's electricity market reforms up in smoke

02 Apr 2013

Carbon floor price launches at £16 per tonne

But IPPR warns policy will only serve to undermine UK competitiveness unless action is taken to prop up EU carbon price

01 Apr 2013

Businesses call for action as new figures reveal impact of climate policies

Government insists package of support measures could offset up to half of the cost of green surcharge on energy bills

27 Mar 2013

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