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Neonicotinoids linked to recent fall in farmland bird numbers


Research demonstrates for the first time the knock-on effects to other species of class of insecticides known to harm bees

11 Jul 2014

Governments urged to clean up estuaries management


Policymakers face call to overhaul estuaries management amid escalating environmental risks

01 Jul 2014

Bordeaux eyes up new market opportunities from cleaner estuary


From tidal turbines to restored oysters, Bordeaux maps out plans for a sustainable estuary

01 Jul 2014

Corporates should be forced to value 'vast' environmental impact, researchers say

New study by University of East Anglia finds too few companies are measuring full costs of their resource use

25 Jun 2014

Fuel subsidies 'drive fishing industry's plunder of the high seas'

Spain, France, UK, US and Japan among countries giving generous fuel subsidies enabling industrial fishing far offshore, says Global Ocean Commission

24 Jun 2014

Our forests are not for sale

Friends of the Earth warns that biodiversity offsetting could undermine the value of nature

09 Jun 2014

UK green projects secure in £24m EU funding

Eleven schemes to boost renewable energy, reduce waste and improve the natural environment secure funds from EU's LIFE+ scheme

30 Apr 2014

DECC dishes out reeds-to-energy wetland funding

Three companies become the latest firms to be awarded a share of over £1.3m to support development of wetlands bio-energy technology

17 Apr 2014

Slow HS2 trains to cut emissions, MPs say

Committee calls on government to step up efforts to deliver carbon savings from high speed rail line

07 Apr 2014

National Grid charges up natural capital thinking

Company aims to assess portfolio for opportunities to improve ecosystems services under 'Natural Grid' plan

03 Apr 2014

IPCC climate impacts report: At a glance

BusinessGreen Plus runs down the key findings from the latest IPCC report examining the risks the world faces from a changing climate

31 Mar 2014

Could bamboo stands cause panda-monium?

Setting up an exhibition stand made of sustainable bamboo might be risky

21 Mar 2014

From tree to terminal: How Heathrow is fuelling the UK’s biggest biomass boiler

BusinessGreen Plus follows the supply chain for the airport's new biomass energy centre

17 Mar 2014

Government advisers call for a 25-year plan to boost natural capital

Value of services provided by nature is "ignored" and must come into national decision-making, government-backed body warns

11 Mar 2014

Farmers to be paid for environmental improvements

Environmental land management scheme to reimburse farmers for enhancing wildlife habitats, improving water quality, and creating woodland

27 Feb 2014

John Kerry calls for global marine reserve expansion

US Secretary of State calls for action to protect 10 per cent of world's oceans in conservation zones

26 Feb 2014

Natural capital gets its own business hub

Not sure where to start to address natural capital in your company? Enter the Natural Capital Business Hub

21 Feb 2014

How corporate natural capital policies can blossom

ASDA, Nestle, and SABMiller behind new web-based tools to help businesses manage their reliance on natural goods and services

26 Nov 2013

MPs urge government to re-think biodiversity offset plans

Environmental Audit Commitment welcomes potential improvement to planning system, but warns ministers need to introduce more safeguards to controversial policy

12 Nov 2013

More than half of UK palm oil meets "sustainable" standards

New Defra figures reveal that 52 to 60 per cent of imported palm oil is certified by RSPO

11 Nov 2013

Poor ocean health threatens food security and increases flood risk

Conservation International's Ocean Health Index says countries must take urgent steps to use the sea's resources more sustainably

15 Oct 2013

Shetland windfarm project suffers court setback over rare bird

Judge rules Viking project should not have been given planning consent as ministers failed to follow EU birds directive

04 Oct 2013

Government unveils controversial biodioversity offset proposals

Campaigners angered by plans that would require firms to create new green spaces to "offset" impact of developments

06 Sep 2013

Breaking: Government to withdraw subsidies for unsustainable biomass

Department of Energy and Climate Change unveil new criteria to ensure biofuels curb emissions by at least 70 per cent

22 Aug 2013

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