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Al Gore: 'Compelling' economic case for ditching coal assets


Former US Vice President says coal's position as a cheap energy source is threatened by falling renewables costs and stricter regulations

07 Aug 2014

Al Gore throws weight behind fossil fuel divestment push


Generation Investment Management whitepaper calls on investors to urgently beef up efforts to track climate risks and avoid soon to be stranded assets

31 Oct 2013

Al Gore: "The way we define growth is functionally insane"

Al Gore

Former Vice-President says shift to longer-term thinking will help businesses identify future threats and opportunities

14 Jun 2013

Al Gore slams Chancellor's 'short-sighted' approach to green growth

Former US Vice President says he had hoped David Cameron would take more action to combat global warming

31 Jan 2013

Gore: ignoring carbon risks repeat of sub-prime mortgage crisis

Former US vice president sets out vision of how 'sustainable capitalism' will benefit companies and investors

16 Feb 2012

Al Gore gives way to Mikhail Gorbachev for control of .eco domain

Gore's Climate Reality withdraws bid for new 'green' domain, leaving door open for Gorbachev-backed Big Room

28 Sep 2011


Head of Operations & Interface Management - UK

We are currently working with one of the leaders in the UK offshore wind sector who are looking to appoint a Head of Operations & Interface to be based in East Central Scotland.


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You don’t have to be born yesterday to fall for a targeted attack

A discussion of the “risk perception gap”, its implications and how it can be closed


Data centre guide- energy cost and carbon allocation strategies

It is both simple and inexpensive for any data centre, regardless of size or age, to get started allocating costs and carbon