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How SunnyMoney sold one million solar lamps in Africa

Victor Koyier with the SunnyMoney team in Kenya

SolarAid hits major milestone on its path to eradicating the kerosene lamp in Africa

03 Apr 2014

Jeremy Leggett on the solar solutions to Africa's energy problems

Jeremy Leggett with school children in Kenya

SolarAid chairman Jeremy Leggett writes about the three days he spent with the SunnyMoney team in Kenya and Zambia

27 Mar 2014

Women in Solar: SunnyMoney's Linda Wamune

Linda Wamune operations director of SunnyMoney Kenya office

Sunny Money's head of operations in Kenya explains how solar lamps are helping to transform people's lives

18 Mar 2014

Climate change could cause malaria to "creep up mountains"

New research calls for greater protection to prevent malaria spreading into higher altitudes in Africa and South America

07 Mar 2014

Microsoft snaps up Madagascan rainforest protection credits

Tech giant becomes first buyer of carbon credits for Makira REDD+ scheme

18 Feb 2014

Google backs study on economic benefits of solar lamps

SolarAid secures funding to conduct two-year study to understand how renewable energy can improve lives in Kenya

17 Feb 2014

IKEA to light up refugee camps through new solar campaign

Retail giant to donate €1 for solar lighting in refugee camps for every LED lightbulb sold until April

05 Feb 2014

Africa's lighting must move off-grid to succeed

The Global Off-Grid Lighting Association outlines progress at recent talks to develop an efficient lighting strategy for West Africa

23 Dec 2013

Government boosts funding for African solar project

SolarAid confirms Department for International Development funding, as Macquarie Capital and Low Carbon fund £29m in new solar projects

29 Nov 2013

US and UK launch fresh drive to boost green investment

Department for International Development and White House sponsor index aiming to drive clean investment in 55 developing countries

26 Nov 2013

Ethiopia flicks switch on Africa's largest wind farm

Completed 120MW Ashegoda wind farm is expected to produce 400 million kWh of electricity a year

28 Oct 2013

What next for Desert Energy?

Desertec's grand vision may have been dealt a blow, but desert solar power could still play a major role in the world's clean energy mix

18 Sep 2013

Solarcentury embarks on African venture

Company teams up with local firm Momentous Energy to form Solarcentury Africa joint venture

19 Jul 2013

Tensions laid bare as Desertec exits industrial solar consortium

Foundation separates from Dii following disputes over strategies and 'managerial style'

01 Jul 2013

SolarAid vows to accelerate African solar lamp rollout following Google prize

Google dishes out £500,000 to charity committed to distributing zero emission solar lighting technologies

05 Jun 2013

UK joins new Renewables Club with pledge to promote green energy

Politicians from 10 countries promise to highlight benefits of a transition to a low-carbon economy

03 Jun 2013

Google completes search for first African solar project

SolarReserve, the Kensani Group, and Intikon Energy close $260m financing for 96MW Jasper Power Project

03 Jun 2013

How solar panels are leading the fight against malaria

Kenyan island aims to become free of the disease thanks to solar-powered, insecticide-free mosquito traps

26 Apr 2013

Masdar unveils Africa's largest solar PV plant

15MW power station in Mauritania will account for 10 per cent of the country's energy capacity

19 Apr 2013

Chinese fishing fleet in African waters reports nine per cent of catch to UN

Researchers say a new way to estimate the size and value of catches shows the extent of looting of Africa

04 Apr 2013

Solarcentury targeting African corporate customers

Newly appointed international business director tells BusinessGreen Plus of the UK company's expansion plans across the continent

28 Mar 2013

First Solar beefs up Desertec role

Solar giant becomes a shareholder in project to import solar power from North Africa to Europe

12 Mar 2013

In the Green Room with Azuri's Simon Bransfield-Garth

Chief executive of solar company Azuri Technologies talks about his ambitions to provide light for a million African households

04 Mar 2013

Solar developers power up Africa's off-grid market

SunnyMoney predicts 320,000 sales of solar lamps for 2012/13 as Solar Way seeks partners for phone charger

27 Feb 2013

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