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Top university backtracks over wind turbine fire claims


Imperial College London admits it may have misled media over research analysing frequency and impact of wind industry fires

23 Jul 2014

Captured CO2 used to grow fish food


Technology Centre Mongstad pioneers pilot plant to grow algae rich in omega-3 for $10bn farmed fish industry

16 Jul 2014

The UK auto industry is booming, and it is largely thanks to clean technology

Nissan Leaf

New report details how co-ordinated and long term low carbon policies have been central to the recovery of the UK's automotive industry

15 Jul 2014

Could a floating turbine cut offshore wind costs by almost half?

Energy Technologies Institute-backed study suggests innovative floating turbine design could cut offshore wind costs to £85/MWh

11 Jul 2014

EU and industry team up for multi-billion Euro clean tech push

Major new funding drive announced for clean tech industries with cash earmarked for biofuels, fuel cells and greener materials research

10 Jul 2014

Why innovation isn't always the answer

The clean tech sector loves innovation, but being regarded as innovative can be a mixed blessing

08 Jul 2014

The sustainable innovation evolution

Stephanie Draper of Forum for the Future explores some of the best projects named in Sustainia's Innovation 100

04 Jul 2014

How tofu could help create the ultimate green solar panel

Liverpool University scientists replace cadmium-containing salt with magnesium chloride to cut costs and toxins

01 Jul 2014

Build out, build up, but don’t replace, say solar competition entrants

Solar Decathlon aims to revive inefficient buildings with innovative solar retrofits

27 Jun 2014

Corporates should be forced to value 'vast' environmental impact, researchers say

New study by University of East Anglia finds too few companies are measuring full costs of their resource use

25 Jun 2014

GM and Europe: We are in this together

The Green Party's Natalie Bennett warns that the latest European Council compromise on GM crops could serve as a "Trojan horse" for the controversial technology

23 Jun 2014

UK CCS Research Centre dishes out £2.5m funding boost

Funding awarded to 14 projects, as Energy Minister Michael Fallon officially opens UK's latest CCS research facilities

23 Jun 2014

Nissan ZEOD RC sets electric car speed record at Le Mans

Plug-in hybrid exceeds 300km/h as its sets new Le Mans speed record

17 Jun 2014

Could coffee perk up the biofuels sector?

New research from University of Bath suggests old coffee grinds could be collected to make biodiesel

17 Jun 2014

New Catapult to bring driverless electric 'pods' to streets of Milton Keynes

Vince Cable cuts ribbon on new Transport Systems Catapult in a bid to help small businesses commercialise cutting edge smart technologies

12 Jun 2014

Could engines running on thin air be the answer to the UK's air pollution problem?

New study finds liquid air fuelled vehicles could save UK £115m and curb CO2 emissions by more than one million tonnes by 2025

11 Jun 2014

Innovative wind turbine foundation trial aims to sink offshore energy costs

'Suction bucket' to be tested at three planned offshore wind farm sites as part of £6.5m pilot project

11 Jun 2014

Heinz hurls tomatoes at Ford's latest green car project

New collaboration aims to use unwanted tomatoes to create bioplastics

11 Jun 2014

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