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How the Caribbean plans to become a green energy powerhouse


Existential threat from climate change and high electricity costs are driving Caribbean Development Bank programme to boost clean energy investment

23 Jul 2014

Could crowd-funding and Green ISAs help raise $1tr?

Julia Groves

BusinessGreen Leaders Awards Entrepreneur of the Year Julia Groves reveals Trillion Fund's ambitious plans for the future of clean energy investment

17 Jul 2014

Greg Barker: 'Climate change and care for our planet is the cause of my life'


Former Climate Change and Energy Minister suggests he may work with Environmental Defense Fund after quitting politics next year

16 Jul 2014

Atlantis set to put tidal energy on the map

Company expects first power from world's largest tidal array to be delivered in 2016, as it eyes new sites in China, Canada and Wales

14 Jul 2014

Lush founder: Green businesses should not be scared of making profits

Mark Constantine talks to BusinessGreen about passion, profits, and his loathing of three-for-two offers

10 Jul 2014

Yingli's World Cup goals include solar 'legacy'

Chinese company is not only first renewable energy company to sponsor the World Cup, but also its first carbon-neutral sponsor

04 Jul 2014

Minding the GAP - Andy Deacon on the future of Global Action Plan

Incoming managing director aims to expand the charity's behavioural change programmes at home and abroad

25 Jun 2014

LEDs, rebound effects, and investment prospects

Peter Michaelis of Alliance Trust Investments reveals why those who think green investment requires them to forego attractive returns could not be more wrong

23 Jun 2014

Eco2 warns policy reforms are chopping down UK biomass market

Welsh company says changes to subsidy regime will make many planned sustainable biomass power plants unviable

18 Jun 2014

UK data centres poised to power up emissions savings

Sector expected to sign first agreements to improve efficiency in return for carbon tax rebates later this year

17 Jun 2014

James Smith: 'This generation has the opportunity to put the world on a sustainable footing'

The Carbon Trust chair and former Shell boss reckons the oil industry can decarbonise, but only if it starts to take carbon capture and storage seriously

16 Jun 2014

How CDP heralded a new age of carbon reporting

Paul Dickinson: "I do not believe we are a factor in the construction of this system, I believe we are the system"

04 Jun 2014

How Interserve is building the low carbon business case

Company grew by 50 per cent after acquiring Initial, but it is still determined to meet goal of halving emissions by 2020

03 Jun 2014

Even amid recalls, GM declares climate change a positive disrupter

A year after signing the Climate Declaration, and with a new CEO, GM sticks to its guns on harnessing climate change to innovate

30 May 2014

Natalie Bennett calls on main parties to face down UKIP climate scepticism

Buoyant Green Party Leader prepares to demand place in pre-election TV debates, as Party celebrates gains at European and Council level

27 May 2014

Felipe Calderón: The world is moving towards the sacrifice stone and only the green economy can save us

Former Mexican president reveals how his New Climate Economy initiative aims to demonstrate that economic growth and decarbonisation are compatible

20 May 2014

Colonel Sanders plucks up the courage to deliver KFC's sustainable fast food plan

BusinessGreen Plus grills KFC's head of CSR Ian Hagg on the firm's plans to slash energy use and carbon emissions

12 May 2014

In the Green Room with Schneider Electric's Stuart Thorogood

UK president of the energy management company urges businesses to include their employees in more decisions to deliver a sustainable strategy

06 May 2014

UN official: The world is ready for a Paris climate deal

Richard Kinley, deputy director of the UNFCCC, explains why he is holding out hope for a climate deal in Paris in 2015

30 Apr 2014

Assertive PassivSystems plots expansion plan

With a £12m IPO in the pipeline the UK-based building energy management specialist is preparing to heat up the green home market

16 Apr 2014

Vireol opens new US biofuel plant after struggling for UK finance

Bioethanol producer found EU biofuels wrangle unsettled investors, but still aims to build advanced fuels plant in Grimsby

14 Apr 2014

Tesco makes case for stricter carbon reporting rules

Tesco's Caroline Sindrey reveals how the retail giant gets value from reporting on its carbon emissions

09 Apr 2014

Taking green property into the mainstream

Julie Hirigoyen of JLL reveals how her position as head of sustainability is allowing her to embed green principles right across the property giant

09 Apr 2014

Greg Barker: Solar energy should be default option for UK businesses

Energy and Climate Change Minister says new strategy will provide a major boost to commercial solar rooftop sector

04 Apr 2014

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