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Maps show fracking risk to drinking water

Greenpeace fracking protestors erect a drilling rig outside council offices in Preston - photo Steve Morgan Greenpeace

British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency publish data showing proximity of shale deposits to major aquifers

04 Jul 2014

London commuters urged to turn to tap water to slash carbon emissions

Water chiller at Hammersmith station

Hammersmith Bus Station and Thames Water pilot new HydraChill Water Refilling station

27 Jun 2014

Corporates should be forced to value 'vast' environmental impact, researchers say

Two boys in a boat examining the obvious pollution in a river

New study by University of East Anglia finds too few companies are measuring full costs of their resource use

25 Jun 2014

How Ford is motoring ahead with a water scarcity strategy

The automaker reveals how it reduced its global water use by 61 per cent to keep its factories running in water stressed regions

24 Jun 2014

Addressing fresh water deficiency

Johan Widheden of AkzoNobel says the way we think about commodity of fresh water may ultimately have to change

16 Jun 2014

World Cup to kick off on greener, resource efficient pitches

Brazil v Croatia curtain-raiser and England against Uruguay to be played on resource efficient Desso hybrid grass system

12 Jun 2014

Water reforms promise to help tackle escalating climate risks

Defra says new Water Act will ensure more sustainable abstraction and add £2bn in benefits over 30 years

16 May 2014

Four ways the Water Bill will make businesses more sustainable

Mark Powles says bringing England in line with the Scottish system will have huge benefits for businesses willing to capitalise

12 May 2014

Brighton University offers boost to Sussex's green SMEs

New £3m Green Growth Platform aims to help Brighton become an "economic powerhouse" in ecological technologies

09 May 2014

Bacardi downs environmental impact with Good Spirited plan

Sustainability strategy marries founding principles of 152-year-old company with modern realities of scarce resources

02 May 2014

How businesses can avoid the coming water crisis

Peter Knight of Context outlines how companies can prepare for predicted future water shortages and disruptions

25 Apr 2014

Coal power: Polluting and thirsty

New report from the World Resources Institute reveals how the coal industry is increasing water stress globally

22 Apr 2014

IPCC climate impacts report: At a glance

BusinessGreen Plus runs down the key findings from the latest IPCC report examining the risks the world faces from a changing climate

31 Mar 2014

UN: Water supplies at risk from growing energy demand

Water used for energy production set to rise by a third to 20 per cent of total withdrawal by 2035

21 Mar 2014

Inside Levi's water recycling strategy

A first-of-its-kind pilot in China is expanding quickly. Now, the jeans maker is sharing its experience with other apparel companies

21 Mar 2014

Study: Wind power saves Europe €2.4bn worth of water each year

New report calls on governments to factor water efficiency gains into energy policy decisions

12 Mar 2014

Innovators tap the value of wastewater

Cambrian Innovation and WaterFX are testing the viability of energy-positive water treatment approaches

07 Mar 2014

Xeros aims to clean up with near-waterless washing machines

UK start-up set for £100m IPO to support potentially game-changing green washing technology

27 Feb 2014

China announces $330bn water clean-up effort in latest environmental crackdown

State media reports major funding to be made available to help tackle water pollution crisis

18 Feb 2014

The impact of waste water treatment on the future of our blue planet

Environmental Screening and Separation touts the benefits of water recycling

20 Jan 2014

20 sustainability apps that made waves in 2013

Nike, eBay and others led the charge on designing apps and services that helped to drive change over the past year

19 Dec 2013

Defra reforms promise crackdown on wasteful water use

Government proposes linking abstraction to water supply and expediting water trading, but green groups want earlier action

17 Dec 2013

Nike fires starting gun on water-less dye factory

New DyeCoo facility in Taiwan aims to save hundreds of billions of tonnes of water per year and reduce the need for chemicals

03 Dec 2013

Updated: UK and Poland could work together to protect shale gas market

New Polish environment minister says fracking rules will be top priority as Water UK and British shale gas industry form new alliance

27 Nov 2013

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