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Threat of Obama veto hangs over Keystone XL pipeline

Stop Keystone protester

Controversial bill supporting project will be debated in the Senate after winning House approval, but President is expected to veto it

17 Nov 2014

10 lessons for the green economy from the US Midterms

Capitol building in Washington DC

A Republican-controlled Congress spells bad news for the green economy and UN climate change talks, but will it prove as disastrous as some environmentalists fear

05 Nov 2014

Obama attacks Republicans for appeasing climate deniers


President says members of congress are feigning ignorance of science because they fear backlash from 'fringe elements'

26 Jun 2014

The Lorax, steroids, and Congressional climate denial – Could Democrat all-nighter revive US climate action?

Senators promise that all night debate on climate change will be followed by renewed push to eventually deliver Congressional action

11 Mar 2014

Virginia spill causes political rift over environmental regulations

Republicans reject calls for tougher chemical regulations, despite latest toxic spill

16 Jan 2014

Obama climate change plan gets first airing in front of House sceptics

EPA asserted authority to move forward without new laws from Congress at hearing where contrarian views were on display

19 Sep 2013

Keystone pipeline: House votes to bypass Obama for approval

Representatives approve bill declaring that controversial oil pipeline from Canada does not need president's permission

23 May 2013

Ernest Moniz to be sworn in as US Energy Secretary

MIT physicist replaces Steven Chu with unanimous Senate backing

21 May 2013

US weather clean-up bill eclipses education and transport spend

NRDC estimates $100bn was needed to deal with the aftermath of droughts, floods and fires in 2012, representing the biggest non-defence spend in the US budget

15 May 2013

General Motors calls on Congress to rev up climate action

Climate Declaration secures 40th corporate signatory, as auto giant calls on Washington to deliver ambitious environmental policy

02 May 2013

Obama campaign calls out 'climate deniers' as US cities ditch dirty investments

Campaign group aims to increase pressure on Republican climate deniers blocking Congressional action on emissions

26 Apr 2013

Senators seek to revive bipartisan energy efficiency bill

Watered down bill aims to navigate Congressional barriers

19 Apr 2013

Senators debut plans for $20 a ton US carbon tax

Proposal to target most polluting facilities in America would raise $1.2trn, 60 per cent of which would be returned to bill payers

15 Feb 2013

Senators to debut Valentine’s Day Climate Change Bill

Senators Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders slated to unveil comprehensive climate change legislation following Presidential ultimatum

14 Feb 2013

Obama: 'If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will'

President pledges to take executive action to slash greenhouse gas emissions and outlines plan for new Energy Security Trust

13 Feb 2013

GOP to renew attack on climate regulations this week

Republicans seek to counter Obama's 'war on coal'

17 Sep 2012

Electric car chargers coming to Capitol Hill

Supporters hope for an uptick in demand for electric cars after President Obama signs bill to install charging points near Congress

27 Aug 2012

Congress ups ante in row over EU aviation emissions rules

Key Senate Committee approves controversial bill that could block US airlines from complying with EU regulations

01 Aug 2012

US wind industry warns 37,000 jobs at risk if tax credit lapses

American Wind Energy Association urges Congress to extend tax credit after measure is excluded from payroll tax bill

17 Feb 2012

Obama budget proposal promises surge in clean tech investment

Election battlelines drawn as budget calls for end to oil subsidies and increase in clean energy spending

14 Feb 2012

Congress to pass bill opposing EU aircraft emissions rules

Latest move likely to heighten transatlantic tensions over charges for emitting CO2

01 Feb 2012

Fisker hails good Karma repairs after battery fire fears

Majority of firm's plug-in hybrids have been repaired after fears battery leaks could cause fires sparked recall

03 Jan 2012

Obama threatens to veto pro-polluter payroll tax bill

As House approves controversial bill, administration says president will veto move to bounce him into Keystone XL pipeline approval

14 Dec 2011

Anti-emissions trading bill could turn US airlines into 'outlaws'

House of Representatives approves bill to fine carriers that comply with EU plans for aviation carbon trading

25 Oct 2011

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