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Drax: Biomass plans still on track despite subsidy rule changes

Cooling towers at Drax power station

Government wants to change law so that it can reduce future subsidies for biomass co-firing plants under Renewable Obligation scheme

12 Dec 2014

Cameron defends latest proposed solar subsidy cuts

Conservative prime minister David Cameron

Prime minister says solar power is 'priority' in renewable energy mix, but refuses to meet with industry to discuss looming subsidy changes

19 Aug 2014

Government slashes red tape for sustainable biomass suppliers

Tree felling in Richmond Park for biomass energy centre at Heathrow Airport

DECC confirms exemptions for Timber Standard for arboricutural residues and land restoration projects

14 Aug 2014

British Solar and Santander sell solar farms for £73m

TRIG buys three solar farms as the market for completed projects heats up

08 Aug 2014

Infinis holds off on Scottish wind farms until after referendum

Developer waits to see policy outcomes of independence vote before starting construction on Galawhistle and A'Chruach wind farms

08 Aug 2014

How DECC found itself facing legal action over solar cuts once again

Four solar companies are seeking a judicial review over the government's plans to end Renewables Obligation subsidies to large solar farms - but how will it impact the industry?

07 Aug 2014

Northern Ireland maintains wind subsidies but cuts solar support

Minister unveils plans to keep small-scale wind support at 4 ROCs, but solar systems drop to 1.6 ROCs as technology costs plunge

07 Jul 2014

Solar industry set to hit 9GW in rush to meet subsidy deadline

Industry insiders predict changes solar developers could install 4-5GW over the next 12 months in a bid to avoid government policy changes

25 Jun 2014

More than 200 solar farms face uncertain future if subsidies slashed

NPD Solarbuzz reveals there are 215 schemes in the pipeline that are larger than 5MW in capacity

23 May 2014

Npower fined £125,000 by Ofgem for green energy reporting error

Company handed penalty by Ofgem after using incorrect data to calculate the amount of electricity supplied to customers

19 May 2014

Are solar farms really too costly for DECC's budget?

Industry accuses government of over-inflating cost savings from scrapping existing subsidies and refusing to consider less drastic reforms

15 May 2014

Solar industry accuses government of attempting to "strangle" development pipeline

But DECC insiders suggest ambition will actually increase, despite planning to close support for solar farms next year

13 May 2014

Solar sector beats floods to install 1GW before April subsidy cuts

News comes as Greg Barker and Michael Gove launch campaign to encourage more schools to fit solar arrays

03 Apr 2014

Updated: RES shelves £300m biomass scheme

Renewable energy developer blames government for creating uncertainty over support for dedicated biomass

06 Mar 2014

DECC rejects call for subsidy deadline extension for flood-hit solar parks

Industry warns weather could delay connections needed for higher ROC payments, but government rules out extension

19 Feb 2014

UK solar farm market tops European league table in 2013

New figures reveal UK installed 443MW of utility scale solar last year as PwC predicts up to 2GW could be constructed this year

24 Jan 2014

Thrifty government could derail renewables ambition, warns NAO

National Audit Office warns Treasury and DECC could be focusing on controlling costs at the expense of decarbonising energy sector

28 Nov 2013

Renewables support here to stay, says government

Green energy industry welcomes signal from government that renewables schemes will continue amid ongoing debate over future of environmental policies

31 Oct 2013

Fresh coalition battle looms over attempts to water down low carbon policies

FT reports carbon price floor, ECO, and renewables subsidies to be reviewed as Conservatives react to Labour's energy price freeze

07 Oct 2013

PensionDanmark venture snaps up straw-powered biomass plant

Eco2 sells Brigg renewable energy plant for £160m to Danish pension fund and Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor

15 Aug 2013

MPs to debate biofuel subsidies for power stations

New subsidies raise prospect of palm oil - blamed for fueling rainforest destruction - being used in UK power stations

06 Mar 2013

Breaking: Government strikes solar support compromise

Subsidy rates fall less than expected while new, higher banding for building-mounted systems is introduced

18 Dec 2012

Solarcentury gets green light for Eastleigh solar farm

More than 25,000 photovoltaic panels to be installed before April 2013

17 Dec 2012

Solar investment 'flounders' as government fails to confirm subsidy cuts

Government denies it has delayed latest Renewable Obligation decision, but industry says continued uncertainty is harming solar farm investment

06 Dec 2012

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