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Danny Alexander urges green businesses to "get behind" clean energy strategy

Oldbaum Services deploying a LiDAR wake monitoring system at Rodsand 2 offshore wind farm in Denmark

Chief Secretary to the Treasury argues UK is now one of the best countries in the world for renewables investment, and green firms should celebrate that fact

11 Apr 2014

Twilight of the wind energy independents?


Nathan Goode of Grant Thornton navigates the maze of EMR, LCF, CfDs and PPAs, and finds that onshore wind developers could end up getting lost in the policy labyrinth

11 Apr 2014

New EU state aid reforms promise shake-up for decarbonisation efforts

EU flag

Wide-ranging reforms aim to accelerate transition towards market-based support for renewable energy projects

09 Apr 2014

Independent Scotland faces £1.8bn bill to meet its green targets – Ed Davey

Energy secretary joins referendum debate, claiming Scotland's plans for 100 per cent green electricity rely on UK taxpayer subsidies

08 Apr 2014

Norway pledges to ramp up wealth fund's renewables investment

Campaigners warn promise to increase investment in clean energy does not go far enough

07 Apr 2014

David Cameron's EU performance tomorrow is more important to the UK's future than the Budget

Matthew Spencer and Nick Mabey argue the really critical long term policy signals for the green economy will not be found in the Chancellor's red box

19 Mar 2014

Is the UK failing to keep up with EU renewables targets?

New European Commission figures reveal that UK is among the lowest performing countries on the path to 2020

12 Mar 2014

Ambitious green energy target could save EU €260bn

Wind industry argues that 30 per cent 2030 target would save countries billions in avoided fuel imports

11 Mar 2014

State of Green Business: Buildings and companies go positive

The "net positive" movement heralds promising change for buildings, water and products - but it needs to move beyond the buzzword

28 Feb 2014

Low carbon sources dominate EU's domestic energy production

Nuclear and renewables were the two largest sources of primary energy production last year, outperforming fossil fuels, EU figures show

20 Feb 2014

Interface confirms 100 per cent renewable-powered factory has come online

Pioneer in sustainable business practices announces that Dutch facility is now producing carpet tiles using renewable power

07 Feb 2014

Why targets alone won't build a green economy

Jonny Hazell of the Green Alliance reckons clean technology targets help, but they need to be backed up by co-ordinated policies

05 Feb 2014

Aiming without a target - The implications of removal of nationally binding renewable energy targets

Munir Hassan and Louise Dalton of law firm CMS argue the watering down of the EU's renewables targets could have a major impact on the industry

28 Jan 2014

EU 2030 climate package confirms green growth is here to stay

By opting for an emission reduction target of 40 per cent Brussels can provide the foundations for the kind of deep emissions reductions that are needed

22 Jan 2014

Ed Davey hails "step in the right direction" for EU's green economy

"A 40 per cent greenhouse gas target for Europe is a good start which the UK fought hard for, and will lead to massive investment in low carbon energy, including many more renewables"

22 Jan 2014

EU 2030 climate package - at a glance

BusinessGreen analyses the key points from the European Commission's wide-ranging green policy proposals

22 Jan 2014

Why the EU's 2030 climate package matters to business

Everyone from the CBI to the New York Times agrees that ambitious EU climate policies are critical to the future of Europe's economy and the world's ability to overcome its environmental challenges

22 Jan 2014

Report: EU carbon target negotiations go down to wire

Draft text suggests officials could duck decision on binding emissions targets for 2030

21 Jan 2014

Ambitious climate policy can secure Europe's energy future

Leading investor groups urge Brussels to deliver the ambitious long term strategy needed to drive low carbon transition

21 Jan 2014

Would this government back renewables without binding 2030 targets?

REA Chief Executive Dr Nina Skorupska asks what life would be like without binding 2030 renewables targets

20 Jan 2014

BP: Global emissions to soar 29 per cent by 2035

Energy Outlook report predicts that while renewable capacity will grow at over six per cent a year, emissions are set to keep climbing

15 Jan 2014

Is Labour preparing to u-turn on an EU renewables target?

As shadow minister’s comments suggest weakening of support for separate EU renewables target, sources insist Opposition’s formal position has not been finalised

02 Jan 2014

UK opposition to new EU green energy targets could risk 'half a million jobs'

Britain's demand to keep nuclear option open to reduce emissions will mean potential job losses, leaked report shows

02 Jan 2014

Knight Frank promises to bring 100 per cent renewable power to its managed properties

Company inks deal to deliver clean energy to all of the properties it manages in the UK

20 Dec 2013

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