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How (and why) Esri is driving geospatial literacy


US mapping technology specialist Esri reveals how the app revolution could help tackle long-standing environmental challenges

28 Nov 2014

Apple to power Upp hydrogen charger market

A business traveller using the Upp at the airport

IT giant announces UK retail launch of Intelligent Energy's Upp hydrogen fuel cell device charging unit

19 Nov 2014

Step up to renewable smartphone power

Three eco-rated phones in the grass

Phone users could charge up their batteries just by walking around

16 Oct 2014

The Phone Co-op debuts Fairphone 'ethical' smartphone

Mobile phone co-operative secures exclusive deal to stock 'the most ethical mobile handset on the market'

15 Oct 2014

How O2 is mainstreaming charger-free phones

BusinessGreen Leaders waste project of the year set to put an end to the 'spaghetti' of chargers lying around our offices

13 Oct 2014

O2 and Vodafone move to create mobile phone eco label

Eco Rating 2.0 will be joined by Orange in 2015, says Forum for the Future

03 Oct 2014

Iconic London phone boxes inspire first 'solarbox'

Traditional phone box on Tottenham Court Road given green makeover, as it is converted into a free solar-powered mobile phone charging point

01 Oct 2014

Hudson Yards: A connected neighborhood grows in Manhattan

A central part of the $20bn Hudson Yards community will be a vast sensor network to track air quality, traffic, energy, waste processes and more

13 Jun 2014

Pocket fuel cell promises green mobile charge 'Upp' on the go

Intelligent Energy confirms that Upp personal energy device has secured crucial technology certification

02 May 2014

Why your business should be recycling more

30 Apr 2014

EU dials up plan for standardised phone chargers

Manufacturers likely to have to offer European customers a common charger from 2017

17 Mar 2014

Solar power: Not just for rooftops

BusinessGreen looks at the many innovative ways solar photovoltaics are being deployed to help boost energy security and cut carbon

27 Jan 2014

Intelligent Energy inks deal to deliver clean fuel cells to Indian telco sector

UK clean tech firm signs "multi-million dollar, multi-year agreement" that promises to slash costs and carbon emissions for fast-expanding Indian mobile phone network

14 Jan 2014

Phone out of battery? Intelligent Energy says there's an Upp for that

New portable fuel cell charging device launched in Africa with a view to giving more people access to mobile technologies

12 Nov 2013

Apple struggles to take a bite out of new iPhone carbon footprint

Latest iPhone 5s and 5c models show lifetime carbon emissions exceed iPhone 4s, even as company touts adherence to environmental policies

12 Sep 2013

O2 prepares to take on 4G energy challenge

Company reveals plan to assess whether energy intensive 4G networks can help deliver net emissions savings

12 Sep 2013

How Sprint collects and resells millions of cell phones

The wireless company buys back millions of phones a year with the help of up-to-the-minute values from eRecyclingCorps

15 Aug 2013

Friends of the Earth slams ‘cowardly’ Apple for not admitting to Indonesian tin use

BlackBerry, Sony, LG, Nokia and Motorola all acknowledge concerns raised by Friends of the Earth

31 Jul 2013

O2 expands smart approach to phone chargers

Nokia 301 becomes the first 'mass market' phone to be sold without mains charger

31 Jul 2013

Pocket planet savers: Five great eco apps

BusinessGreen rounds up a clutch of the best free smartphone apps to help you reduce your carbon footprint

19 Jul 2013

EPEAT adds green ratings to mobile phones

Green electronics standards body branches out through new partnership with UL Environment

17 Jul 2013

Crowdfunded Fairphone goes into production

New phone aims to draw attention to dire conditions in the electronics supply chain

10 Jun 2013

Telcos unveil plan to slash networks' energy footprint

New report from GreenTouch consortium to reveal how emerging technologies and protocols can drastically reduce energy consumption by up to 90 per cent

13 May 2013

Landfill bans could save £2.5bn a year

Green Alliance report highlights benefit of extending restrictions on cars and mobile phones to food, clothes, wood, and plastic

27 Mar 2013

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