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Supermarkets must curb food security risks, MPs urge

A Sainsbury's supermarket in London Colney

New report calls on government to protect consumers from food shortages that could result from extreme weather events

01 Jul 2014

M&S takes next step on sustainability journey with new 2020 goals

Front of a Marks and Spencer shop

Update to pioneering Plan A strategy contains 100 commitments with focus on engaging customers, employees and suppliers

06 Jun 2014

Blue chips demand ambitious green building standards for landlords

Wind turbine at Sky offices - photo Sky

Marks & Spencer, Whitbread, Mitsubishi and others demand clarity over private rental sector energy standards ahead of Queen's Speech today

04 Jun 2014

M&S puts a green spin on beach litter

Retailer launches Frisbee made of recycled plastic cleared from UK beaches

25 Apr 2014

UK companies have an opportunity to save lives while reducing their carbon impact

Lord Ashdown outlines the benefits to UK firms of a UNICEF project to provide low pollution cook stoves to poor households in Bangladesh

23 Apr 2014

The five drivers of green growth

The demands of corporate and national competitiveness allied to an increasingly well-informed public places resilience centre stage for business leaders and policy makers, writes Sir Stuart Rose

03 Mar 2014

Fast fashion industry tailors new sustainability goals

Marks & Spencer, Next, and Arcadia Group among those striving to meet new voluntary targets as part of Sustainable Clothing Action Plan

11 Feb 2014

Pepsi, M&S, and Unilever urge farmers to measure carbon impact

Cool Farm Institute calls for greater collaboration to boost uptake of online carbon calculator

22 Jan 2014

How sustainable is your mince pie (and its palm oil)?

Waitrose scores best in study examining sustainability of palm oil in Christmas treats

24 Dec 2013

A Big Shift at M&S

Forum for the Future's Jonathon Porritt argues high quality offsets have a major role to play in the shift towards sustainable business models

18 Dec 2013

M&S and Starbucks chill emissions with new freezer trucks

Liquid nitrogen cooling system developed by Linde promises to cut carbon by 19 per cent

27 Nov 2013

Prince Charles: Businesses must do more to tackle deforestation

Prince of Wales warns against corporate 'greenwash', calling for more efforts by businesses to deliver integrated reporting

21 Nov 2013

M&S unveils plan to protect 5,000 acres of the Amazon

New investment with Cool Earth will pay indigenous communities in Peru to manage forests sustainably

12 Nov 2013

M&S backs Cheshire Oaks to sow seeds for new crop of sustainable stores

Technologies that helped flagship outlet use 42 per cent less energy will be rolled out to carbon-intense Simply Food stores

04 Oct 2013

M&S heads carbon management rankings for second year in a row

Retailer found to have best carbon management policy in FTSE100 in rankings compiled by Carbon Clear

03 Oct 2013

How M&S is making sustainability pay - part two

Sustainable business chief Mike Barry details what's next for M&S and Plan A in part two of our in-depth feature

06 Aug 2013

How M&S is making sustainability pay - part one

Mike Barry says despite the pioneering Plan A strategy already driving profits, M&S has still only completed 15 per cent of its sustainability journey

05 Aug 2013

M&S settles on ‘world’s most sustainable’ sofa

UK-manufactured £899 sofa made from coconuts set to hit shops in October

27 Jun 2013

Scaling up - The brave new world for green certifications and standards

Mike Barry, head of sustainable business at Marks & Spencer, calls on certification standards to evolve as the challenge of scale becomes the new reality

27 Jun 2013

Al Gore: "The way we define growth is functionally insane"

Former Vice-President says shift to longer-term thinking will help businesses identify future threats and opportunities

14 Jun 2013

Sainsbury's reaches zero waste to landfill milestone

Supermarket giant confirms that all waste produced in store is now diverted away from landfill

13 Jun 2013

This World Oceans Day it's time to call for more to be done on sourcing seafood sustainably

Sourcing sustainable seafood is an essential step more businesses should take in order to ensure the future of ocean life, argues Marks & Spencer Head of Sustainable Business Mike Barry

07 Jun 2013

M&S Plan A sustainability savings reach £135m

Retailer records 29 per cent year-on-year increase in net benefit of pioneering green strategy and edges closer to 2015 goals

07 Jun 2013

Why supermarkets must prepare for the march of the plastic tax

Northern Ireland's new plastic bag levy cranks up the pressure on the UK government to legislate - BusinessGreen Plus investigates

09 Apr 2013

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