Low Carbon Economy articles

10 lessons from the green car revolution

Nissan Leaf electric vehicle charging

From stable policies to constant innovation, the auto sector demonstrates that clean technology can deliver decarbonisation

17 Apr 2014

Reports: China poised to beef up national Environmental Protection Law

Boat in China

Reuters' reports suggest reforms to national environmental law will provide officials with sweeping new powers to tackle polluters

16 Apr 2014

James Cameron: Clean tech has to promise an alluring transformation

James Cameron

Climate Change Capital chairman argues that the exciting clean technologies offered by the automotive sector prove green products can be better than the alternatives they replace

16 Apr 2014

Coalition beefs up Garden Cities plan

New prospectus and funding aims to help local communities move forward with garden city proposals

15 Apr 2014

IPCC Report: And now, for some good news

IPCC report confirms a better and sustainable future is possible, the onus is now on political and business leaders to make it happen

14 Apr 2014

The economics of climate change: quite often, just silly

Ahead of the IPCC's report on Sunday, David Powell of Friends of the Earth argues we cannot solely rely on economic models to provide the case for climate action

11 Apr 2014

Unilever boss reveals company already being impacted by climate change

Paul Polman warns that "left unchecked, climate change has the potential to become a significant barrier to our growth strategy, and that of just about every other company"

09 Apr 2014

Energy market competition probe - good or bad for green investment?

Industry insiders divided over potential impact of competition review on clean energy investment

28 Mar 2014

Have we reached the clean energy tipping point?

Distributed energy and the rise of net-zero buildings are slashing fossil fuel use, says Clean Edge in its 2014 trends report

28 Mar 2014

Could Siemens deliver the clean energy watershed the green economy has been waiting for?

Siemens vote of confidence in the UK's clean energy sector promises to deliver a major boost to the green economy as a whole

25 Mar 2014

The Isle of Man - Could electric cars unlock the island's clean tech potential?

Friends of the Earth ventures to the Isle of Man and finds a community boasting huge clean energy potential and worrying fossil fuel lock-in

25 Mar 2014

EU leaders must act now to put Europe on the right path towards a competitive future

The CBI's Nicola Walker argues that only an ambitious EU climate change package can deliver investor certainty the business community needs

20 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: The need for a real green industrial policy has never been clearer

Osborne's decision to help out heavy industry and coal power begs one question - how will we decarbonise carbon intensive firms?

19 Mar 2014

Green Budget 2014: As it happened

BusinessGreen runs down all the Budget announcements that will impact the green economy as they happen

19 Mar 2014

Could Budget 2014 deliver a surprise green infrastructure boost?

Reports suggest Treasury is to unveil new £50bn list of infrastructure projects seeking private investment, including numerous high profile low carbon developments

19 Mar 2014

TripAdvisor green hotels scheme books in to Europe

GreenLeaders programme highlighting environmentally-friendly hotels expands into 19 European countries including UK and Ireland

17 Mar 2014

UK public: Sceptical on fracking, supportive of offshore wind, and clued-up about climate

Major new government poll finds sizeable majority of people are concerned about the environment and are supportive of renewable energy

17 Mar 2014

Climate Makers and Takers

Tom Burke argues that for too long green economic debates have been dominated by "climate makers" - it is time for the "climate takers" to fight back

17 Mar 2014

Unconventional wisdom on energy policy

Policy Exchange's Guy Newey assesses the arguments behind the UK's increasingly interventionist energy policy - and finds them wanting

13 Mar 2014

Lib Dems' "Green Manifesto" aims to provide "backbone" to 2015 pitch to voters

Tim Farron promises "wholehearted support" for push to include green policies at heart of Party's 2015 election manifesto

11 Mar 2014

The transformational change imperative

Business and government must work together to promote transformational change, writes Unilever's Paul Polman

11 Mar 2014

Green business set to drive a third of UK growth in 2014, says top diplomat

Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai tells Indian firms UK low carbon sector offers huge opportunities for growth

07 Mar 2014

Chief execs call on Cameron to end carbon budget uncertainty

Top execs at Shell, Unilever, BT, EDF Energy, and Kingfisher amongst those urging Prime Minister to leave the fourth carbon budget alone

06 Mar 2014

Don't make business go it alone

For all the ambitious sustainability improvements that are possible at a corporate level, such efforts will still be undermined by inconsistent statements from the Government, writes Sir Ian Cheshire

06 Mar 2014

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