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The green bonds market may be soaring but there is a long way to go


Bridget Boulle of the Climate Bonds Initiative reveals how green bonds will prove critical to global efforts to decarbonise

22 Jul 2014

DECC report reveals how renewables investment is dominating the energy market

E.ONs Scroby Sands offshore wind farm

As the government announces new business energy efficiency programme, report reveals investment in clean energy is an order of magnitude larger than anticipated shale gas spending

18 Jul 2014

The UK auto industry is booming, and it is largely thanks to clean technology

Nissan Leaf

New report details how co-ordinated and long term low carbon policies have been central to the recovery of the UK's automotive industry

15 Jul 2014

Lobbying for Good - the much needed ‘next big thing' in corporate responsibility

Paul Monaghan argues that not all lobbyists deserve a bad press, they can help deliver a greener economy

15 Jul 2014

Could an Environmental Goods Agreement unlock a surge in green growth?

Critical talks are underway to bring an end to import tariffs on green goods and services, ending clean tech trade wars

10 Jul 2014

EU and industry team up for multi-billion Euro clean tech push

Major new funding drive announced for clean tech industries with cash earmarked for biofuels, fuel cells and greener materials research

10 Jul 2014

UN issued with roadmap on how to avoid climate catastrophe

Report is the first of its kind to prescribe concrete actions that the biggest 15 economies must take to keep warming below 2C

09 Jul 2014

The sustainable innovation evolution

Stephanie Draper of Forum for the Future explores some of the best projects named in Sustainia's Innovation 100

04 Jul 2014

EU outlines plans for green jobs boost

Commission backs up proposals for new recycling targets with a new initiative to highlight green job opportunities across the continent

03 Jul 2014

Decoupling: Not just for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Kirsty Gogan says rising consumption is 'de-coupling' from environmental impact, creating a new eco-modernist paradigm for humans and nature

02 Jul 2014

Here's why oil is poised for disruption

In the new land of opportunity, oil is no longer in the picture as it is now

27 Jun 2014

We are living through a slow motion global energy crisis - and only clean tech can save us

BP's latest statistical report should be a wake-up call, that it is not suggests we are sleep-walking into a climate and energy disaster

20 Jun 2014

Green Growth Group urges EU to revamp energy security strategy

Major new report, backed by the UK and Germany, highlights the economic and energy security gains on offer from an ambitious EU decarbonisation strategy

19 Jun 2014

European Commission launches latest funding push for climate action projects

LIFE Climate Action programme offers €44m to support wide range of climate change initiatives

19 Jun 2014

UK and China to "redouble" joint climate efforts

Joint statement promises greater cooperation on clean energy and policies and a coordinated push towards a global climate deal in 2015

17 Jun 2014

Obama accuses opponents of action on climate change of posing "a serious threat to everybody's future"

As President announces new $1bn to improve climate resilience, he likens those who reject climate science to people who believe the moon is "made of cheese"

16 Jun 2014

James Smith: 'This generation has the opportunity to put the world on a sustainable footing'

The Carbon Trust chair and former Shell boss reckons the oil industry can decarbonise, but only if it starts to take carbon capture and storage seriously

16 Jun 2014

A powerhouse corporate climate coalition says, ‘We Mean Business’

We're about to find out what happens when the lions and lionesses of sustainable business come together to advocate for saner policies and combat climate change

13 Jun 2014

Hillary Clinton hails potential for US to become "21st century clean energy superpower"

Clinton backs Obama's emissions reduction plan and warns that world faces "consequential challenges" from climate change and resource depletion

13 Jun 2014

Corporate leaders demand EU climate ambition to help tackle energy security

Europe is at a 'crossroads' and must choose low-carbon system or risk becoming increasingly uncompetitive, business leaders warn

13 Jun 2014

CEOs understand sustainability can be a source of competitiveness - The job is to prove it

Accenture's Bruno Berthon argues that attitudes towards sustainability are changing in the boardroom, but now businesses need to draw on the lessons of the digital revolution

12 Jun 2014

Is Scotland really on track to hit its climate change targets?

Scotland's 2020 Climate Group urges businesses to ramp up carbon-cutting efforts after figures reveal 2012 emissions rose

11 Jun 2014

Eco-engineering, Dutch flood prevention, and the future of estuaries

Speaking ahead of next month's Global Estuaries Forum, Victor Beumer reveals how a new approach to engineering could help protect cities against climate threats

11 Jun 2014

EY: Decarbonisation promises to slash European energy import dependence

Major new report warns business-as-usual strategy is loaded with energy security risks and infrastructure costs

10 Jun 2014

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