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Ed Miliband: "You cannot divorce an environmental strategy from an economic strategy"

Ed Miliband of the Labour party

Labour Leaders' speech to Green Alliance 35th birthday party - in full

21 Nov 2014

We are now getting close to creating wealth worth having

James Cameron

James Cameron argues the US-China climate deal will help usher in new economic opportunities as the world shifts to a low carbon energy system

19 Nov 2014

The pursuit of green freedom


The environmental movement needs a more effective means of communicating its goals and its transformative potential - could the language of freedom and justice hold the answer?

19 Nov 2014

Steven Chu warns UK its nuclear plans risk becoming financial drain

Former US energy chief and Nobel physicist says UK plan to build various types of reactors is expensive and time-consuming

17 Nov 2014

'Green tape' can boost growth, study finds

Grantham Institute report says environmental regulations can drive economic growth by encouraging business innovation

14 Nov 2014

Mayor Boris appoints Greg Barker as chair of London Sustainable Development Commission

Former Energy and Climate Change minister to chair capital's green advisory body with brief to boost London's low carbon industries

13 Nov 2014

2071: Uplifting, depressing, soporific, and enthralling

The latest evening of climate change theatre from the Royal Court has divided critics, but James Murray is left impressed by a powerful exploration of the climate crisis

13 Nov 2014

Seven key lessons from the US-China Climate Pact

Historic US-China climate change agreement promises to deliver huge boost to the global green economy

12 Nov 2014

Happy Birthday BusinessGreen

As BusinessGreen celebrates its seventh year it is clear the green economy is continuing to go from strength to strength

12 Nov 2014

Green energy 'creates more jobs than fossil fuels', study says

Investing in renewables adds half a job per gigawatt hour of electricity generated, report claims, with around 10 jobs created for every £1m invested

10 Nov 2014

Inside Paul Hawken’s audacious plan to 'drawdown' climate change

Joel Makower talks to Paul Hawken about his bold proposals for reducing, not just stabilising, atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases

07 Nov 2014

Why we need an independent energy infrastructure planning body

Richard Coackley of URS explains why so many businesses want to see a longer term approach to low carbon infrastructure

05 Nov 2014

Three-quarters of Brits offer overwhelming support for renewable power

Latest government survey again confirms strong support for renewable power, as opposition to fracking exceeds support for the first time

04 Nov 2014

CBI calls for energy efficiency to be made infrastructure priority as supply fears escalate

Leading business body underlines support for electricity market reform, but warns political rhetoric is hampering crucial infrastructure investment

03 Nov 2014

Apple's Lisa Jackson: ‘We are swinging for the fences’

Apple's VP of Environmental Initiatives hopes she has inspired home runs, starting with renewable energy

31 Oct 2014

10:10 renews call for a dose of climate optimism

ComRes poll suggests people more likely to back climate action if they are better informed about the clean technologies that can deliver decarbonisation

29 Oct 2014

It's not perfect, but the EU energy and climate package is great news for the green economy

The targets and policies delivered by the EU energy and climate change package prove that decarbonisation efforts are now firmly part of the political and business mainstream

28 Oct 2014

WTO environmental goods liberalization - not just green, but also good

It may not have commanded the same attention as the controversial TTIP talks, but as Tatjana Sachse explains efforts to agree a green trade deal could have huge implications for the low carbon economy

23 Oct 2014

How car sharing accelerates sustainability

Susan Shaheen, the co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center, focuses on furthering behavioral change

17 Oct 2014

Paterson's rant at the Climate Change Act will fail to win business (or public) support

As the former Environment Secretary attacks the UK's climate strategy it is important to remember that it remains a howl from the margins of British politics

16 Oct 2014

Report: Global clean energy investment jumps 11 per cent

Clean Energy Pipeline predicts 2014 will see clean energy investment recovery as third quarter delivers strong showing

15 Oct 2014

US climate action can drive growth and reduce emissions, report says

World Resources Institute call for "right policy environment" to help scale up investment in low carbon technologies that save money

13 Oct 2014

Sustainable investments outpace industry average, report says

Sector has grown 132 per cent in places since 2011 compared to 22 per cent posted by broad European investment market

10 Oct 2014

Crossing the great nuclear divide

Avowed nuclear power supporter Kirsty Gogan wades into the recent row over Friends of the Earth's stance towards the technology and argues a shift is now needed

09 Oct 2014

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