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Car clubs driving down UK emissions, report finds

Co-Wheels car club

Survey reveals the nation's 168,850 car club members travel less frequently and in more fuel-efficient cars

03 Apr 2014

Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid priced from £28,249

Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid

Drivers offered 32 mile all-electric range for same price as diesel automatic version

02 Apr 2014

Ford accelerates electric car charging network for staff

Ford Focus electric - photo Ford

Company to roll out GE chargers at almost 60 facilities in bid to grow low-emissions market

24 Mar 2014

UK new car emissions drop almost four per cent

Increase in availability of fuel-efficient vehicles sees emissions drop to 128.3g/km, beating the 130g/km mark required by 2015 under EU rules

14 Mar 2014

Toyota to recall 1.9 million Prius hybrids

Company says faulty software could cause the car to slow down suddenly

12 Feb 2014

Green car sales outpace rivals

Industry figures show registrations of new electric and hybrid cars in the UK are up 25 per cent on last year

06 Feb 2014

FirstGroup hails green buses with £70m order

Company announces orders for 274 new hybrid vehicles and see all electric buses, in a bid to slash fuel costs and carbon emissions

17 Jan 2014

Toyota hybrid sales grew 43 per cent in 2013

Automaker increases European market share to 4.7 per cent thanks to boost in hybrid sales

15 Jan 2014

Reports: Battle for control of Fisker Automotive heats up

Court set to decide whether to sell company to Hong Kong group or stage auction that would allow rival bids

03 Jan 2014

Green company car calendar: What to expect in 2014

Next year will be a busy one at the low-CO2 end of the automotive market, as Lem Bingley reports

27 Dec 2013

Asda buys into LNG to reduce fleet emissions

Supermarket orders 50 Volvo hybrid tractors for its new Avonmouth distribution centre

09 Dec 2013

Blind people demand louder electric cars

European Blind Union (EBU) says legislation must be strengthened to protect vulnerable pedestrians from silent running vehicles

05 Dec 2013

Vantage Power hails hybrid bus opportunity

UK start-up prepares to unveil retrofit technology capable of slashing emissions from old buses by 40 per cent

04 Dec 2013

£90,000 Porsche gets low-carbon government grant

Porsche's hybrid Panamera S with electric motor and petrol engine will get £5,000 off the pricetag, thanks to a public subsidy

28 Nov 2013

VW Group promises over €56bn of investment in green vehicle transition

Automotive giant announces two-thirds of its new investment will focus on the development of a more efficient and environmentally friendly fleet

25 Nov 2013

Could businesses improve community engagement through low emission vehicles?

Commercial Group's Simon Graham argues more and more businesses are seeing that the benefits associated with switching to cleaner fleets extend beyond the bottom line

08 Nov 2013

US military tipped to drive electric vehicle demand

Research predicts Department of Defense will acquire nearly 100,000 electric vehicles by the end of the decade, as states set goal of putting 3.3 million zero emission cars on the road

04 Nov 2013

Ecotricity aims to drive green electricity uptake with Volkswagen deal

VW and Audi electric car customers to be offered 100 per cent renewable electricity package at point of sale

09 Oct 2013

Electric car charger sales set to top 4.3 million by 2022

Research firm Navigent predicts rapid growth in the market from around 64,000 public charging points available worldwide today

03 Oct 2013

Vehicle efficiency in cars: an investment theme

Mike Appleby, Alliance Trust Investments, explores how developments in green car technologies are sparking the interest of investors

13 Sep 2013

All new cars will be ultra low emission from 2040, UK vows

Government strategy sets out plans to almost entirely decarbonise road transport by the middle of the century

05 Sep 2013

Enterprise and Energy Saving Trust accelerate low carbon fleet reviews

Organisations team up to offer Enterprise customers analysis of whether electric or hybrid cars best meet their fleet requirements

04 Sep 2013

Auto-giants back Japanese electric vehicle charge point roll out

Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi to part-fund planned five-fold expansion of country's recharging network

30 Jul 2013

Government launches £10m electric car development prize

Danny Alexander opens up new competition to help UK become 'the global leader in ultra-low emission vehicles'

24 Jul 2013

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