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Osborne plans HS3 high-speed rail line to link Northern cities

Railway workers

Chancellor says cutting journey times between Manchester and Leeds can help build vision of 'Northern Powerhouse' economy

23 Jun 2014

Government rejects MPs' calls for a greener HS2


Environmental Audit Committee bemoans 'wasted opportunity', as government dismisses calls for a more ambitious programme of biodiversity offsetting

19 Jun 2014

Dutch wind turbines to power electric trains

A train passes a windmill in Holland - photo Eneco

Railway signs deal to source 100 per cent of electricity for its trains from wind farms by 2018

19 May 2014

Tesco's rail and sea voyages cut transport emissions 14 per cent

Supermarket cut more than eight million freight transport miles from UK roads last year

02 May 2014

Slow HS2 trains to cut emissions, MPs say

Committee calls on government to step up efforts to deliver carbon savings from high speed rail line

07 Apr 2014

Network Rail's £38bn investment plan aims to boost climate resilience

Chief executive says last winter's storms highlight need to improve rail network's ability to cope with extreme weather

31 Mar 2014

HS2 boss calls for project acceleration as cost concerns escalate

Sir David Higgins argues that building link to northern England earlier than planned could maximise the benefits from the controversial project

17 Mar 2014

Blackfriars Solar Bridge - in pictures

Network Rail has opened the world's largest solar powered bridge in the heart of London

22 Jan 2014

 Video Solarcentury and Network Rail push button on world’s largest solar bridge

Blackfriars station secures half its power from solar panels as pioneering solar roof comes online

22 Jan 2014

California governor defends high-speed rail investment

Controversial rail link the main beneficiary as Governor Brown unveils $850m green project budget

10 Jan 2014

Drax steams ahead with £700m biomass conversion

Yorkshire power plant's green transformation continues as new systems to support first biomass unit are opened

09 Dec 2013

Can a sustainability plan get HS2 back on track?

Agency HS2 Ltd hopes wide-ranging sustainability plan will help make the case for the controversial high-speed rail project

30 Oct 2013

HyperLoop high-speed rail project accelerates investment drive

$6bn network designed to cut journey time between San Francisco and Los Angeles to 30 minutes has turned to crowdfunding sites

30 Sep 2013

All aboard! Scotch whisky makers trade in lorries for trains

Pilot project involving Diageo and Chivas Brothers aims to slash carbon emissions using greener transport

16 Sep 2013

Energy-saving lighting pulls into Clapham Junction

New control system adjusts light levels to match train timetable and passenger numbers, cutting lighting use 35 per cent

02 Sep 2013

HS2 project is grand folly, says Institute of Directors

Business leaders claim there is no business case for the line linking London with Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds

27 Aug 2013

National Rail on track with electric minibus roll out

Company takes on two Mercedes Vito E-Cell to transport employees to a local train station

14 May 2013

Industry group launched to promote the Electrification of Surface Transport

Alstom, Nissan, and rail industry among the members of new group aiming to promote the environmental and economic case for electric transport

19 Mar 2013

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