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Could Boris Johnson position himself as next 'green' Tory leader?

Boris Johnson

Mayor of London aims thinly veiled swipe at George Osborne's lack of support for the low carbon economy, arguing "you can have growth that is environmentally friendly"

11 Aug 2014

Government confirms fourth carbon budget


FT reports that Chancellor George Osborne has been forced to back down over his opposition to current post-2020 carbon targets

22 Jul 2014

Blindfolds, robots, and the Treasury's flawed climate modelling

A HM Treasury sign

New study reveals how the Treasury modelling being used to justify opposition to ambitious carbon budgets is staggeringly flawed

02 May 2014

Committee on Climate Change downplays impact of carbon price floor freeze

Committee accused of putting "blind faith" in EU emissions trading scheme to tackle coal industry renaissance

02 Apr 2014

Green Budget 2014: At a glance

BusinessGreen runs through the key announcements for the green economy in today's Budget

19 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Critics claim increased flood defence spending fails to hit the mark

Osborne pledges £140m to help keep the tides at bay, but industry insiders warn it will fail to plug funding gap

19 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Osborne's carbon price freeze sparks green investment fears

Chancellor unveils £7bn support package to help industry with rising energy costs, fueling concerns decarbonisation efforts could be undermined

19 Mar 2014

Green Budget 2014: As it happened

BusinessGreen runs down all the Budget announcements that will impact the green economy as they happen

19 Mar 2014

Could Budget 2014 deliver a surprise green infrastructure boost?

Reports suggest Treasury is to unveil new £50bn list of infrastructure projects seeking private investment, including numerous high profile low carbon developments

19 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Where is the climate of urgency?

Cameron and Osborne have recently highlighted the importance of action on climate change - you would expect today's Budget to build on that commitment, but sadly it won't

19 Mar 2014

Budget 2014 – The green business wishlist

Retaining carbon taxes, boosting energy efficiency, and tackling climate change are among the issues George Osborne should address

19 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Carbon Price Floor row to overshadow new green investment

Renewables industry warns heavily trailed decision to freeze carbon price floor could see £4bn of clean energy investment put at risk

18 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Is the Government playing Jenga with the building blocks of energy policy?

Nina Skorupska warns that messing with the carbon price floor risks bringing the entire fragile edifice of government clean energy policy tumbling down

18 Mar 2014

Renewables industry warns carbon price floor freeze could chill clean energy investment

RenewableUK wades into row over the future of the carbon price floor with stark warning about the impact on investor confidence

12 Mar 2014

Budget 2014 - Stand by your Mechanism George

RenewableUK's Maria McCaffery warns any freeze of the carbon price floor would hit clean energy investment

12 Mar 2014

Dear George Osborne, we all want cost-effective climate action

The Chancellor is right to want cost-effective action to tackle climate change, but that means delivering the policies that accelerate decarbonisation

21 Feb 2014

Osborne backs "cheap" climate action

Chancellor warns man-made climate change is happening and action is needed to prevent it

21 Feb 2014

Conservative council chiefs reject Osborne's fracking sweeteners

Councils reiterate call for a greater share of fracking revenues to go to local communities

16 Jan 2014

Going green doesn't cost the earth, not going green does

The Chancellor's insistence he wants to deliver low cost green progress is completely contradicted by the policies he is pursuing

05 Dec 2013

Autumn Statement 2013 dubbed a missed opportunity for green growth

George Osborne warned cutting departmental spending and offering tax cuts to shale gas operators could undermine the green economy

05 Dec 2013

Autumn Statement 2013: As it happened

BusinessGreen offers instant reaction and analysis to the environmental and energy news from Chancellor George Osborne's latest Autumn Statement

05 Dec 2013

Autumn Statement: The green business wish list

Leading figures in the green economy outline what path the Chancellor should take in Thursday's economic update

04 Dec 2013

Reports: Osborne poised to extend energy intensive compensation

Manufacturers warn of 'carbon leakage' without more measures to protect them from climate change policies

02 Dec 2013

MPs urge government to cut fossil fuel subsidies, not energy efficiency schemes

Environmental Audit Committee warns George Osborne short term bill savings will be reversed if he scales back insulation initiatives

02 Dec 2013

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