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Lib Dems must stand up to Tories over EU's pollution and waste laws, say green groups

Dan Rogerson MP

Dan Rogerson accused of 'weasel words', after he fails to demand air quality and circular economy packages are retained

16 Dec 2014

Green groups hit back at BusinessEurope over attack on environmental ‘red tape'

EU flag

Coalition of civil society groups voices opposition to industry lobby group's 'worrying deregulatory tendency'

08 Dec 2014

Government accused of 'losing the plot' over clean energy

Lightsource 5MW utility scale solar plant close to the village of Waterbeach in Cambridgeshire

Green businesses and NGOs accuse ministers of eroding confidence in UK renewable energy market

07 Nov 2014

Crossing the great nuclear divide

Avowed nuclear power supporter Kirsty Gogan wades into the recent row over Friends of the Earth's stance towards the technology and argues a shift is now needed

09 Oct 2014

Friends of the Earth calls for EU rethink on renewables state aid guidance

EXCLUSIVE: NGO warns 'under the radar' change to EU rules designed to boost competition in the clean energy market could have the opposite effect

08 Oct 2014

Climate march: Ethos, pathos, and a new impetus for change

Friends of the Earth's Craig Bennett reflects on the implications of last week's inspiring marches

29 Sep 2014

Primary schools to compete for 'crowd-funded' solar panels

Friends of the Earth launches new competition offering schools the opportunity to wind a solar array

09 Sep 2014

Which MP is the Cabinet's solar champion?

Friends of the Earth compiles rankings of the sunniest Cabinet Ministers - and it's not good news for Ed Davey

20 Jun 2014

Little wonder the Treasury's a block on green policies

Have you ever wondered why the Treasury doesn't appear to give much of a hoot about climate change? Check the small print for the answers

18 Jun 2014

Our forests are not for sale

Friends of the Earth warns that biodiversity offsetting could undermine the value of nature

09 Jun 2014

Government faces fresh warnings over fracking safety

Friends of the Earth report aims to highlight gaps in regulations around shale gas extraction

06 Jun 2014

The economics of climate change: quite often, just silly

Ahead of the IPCC's report on Sunday, David Powell of Friends of the Earth argues we cannot solely rely on economic models to provide the case for climate action

11 Apr 2014

Renewables not fracking is the best answer to energy security

Donna Hume questions David Cameron's claims that shale gas offers Europe a chance to reduce its dependence on oil and gas imports from Russia

27 Mar 2014

The Isle of Man - Could electric cars unlock the island's clean tech potential?

Friends of the Earth ventures to the Isle of Man and finds a community boasting huge clean energy potential and worrying fossil fuel lock-in

25 Mar 2014

Reports: EU state aid probe for Drax biomass plans

Brussels launches "preliminary investigation" into £75m loan deal following Friends of the Earth complaint

25 Feb 2014

EU urged not to drag its feet over measuring land use footprint

Commission to launch communication next year on how to curb land use impacts, but campaigners want to see speedier action

19 Feb 2014

COP 19: Civil society groups quit Warsaw Climate Summit

"There are no jobs on a dead planet" warns International Trade Union Confederation

21 Nov 2013

How much carbon can the UK burn to stay within two degrees target?

Friends of the Earth analysis suggests shale gas explorations would force the UK to exceed its carbon budgets

25 Oct 2013

Apple seeks to boost recycling with new trade-in scheme

But Friends of the Earth says initiative fails to address broader environmental issues

16 Oct 2013

The Big Six are losing the plot

Craig Bennett argues the UK's major energy suppliers are in danger of becoming obsolete if they choose gas investments over low carbon

02 Oct 2013

Government unveils controversial biodioversity offset proposals

Campaigners angered by plans that would require firms to create new green spaces to "offset" impact of developments

06 Sep 2013

Treasury confirms 'secret meetings' with industry over shale gas tax breaks

Officials meet industry representative 19 times in less than 10 months to discuss 'generous' tax regime

29 Aug 2013

Do the government's biomass sustainability criteria go far enough?

Green groups line up to criticise new standards for failing to take account of indirect land use change and carbon sinks

23 Aug 2013

The top five reasons why drilling for shale gas is a fracking good idea

Ken Cronin of UKOOG hits back at Friends of the Earth's warnings over UK fracking

14 Aug 2013

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