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Jeremy Leggett: Fossil fuel CEOs are ‘increasingly barmy' about climate change

Jeremy Leggett founder and chairman of Solarcentury

Charitable foundations urged to divest shares in fossil fuel majors and shift funds towards low carbon economy

15 Sep 2014

Should we "green up" dirty energy technologies?

Tar sands in Canada

Companies and activists alike are working to make processes like fracking and tar sands oil production more environmentally responsible - should we beat them up or cheer them on?

29 Aug 2014

Carbon Tracker: Billions of oil projects threatened by crude prices

Oil rig

NGO argues oil majors should cancel at least $91bn of projects that need high oil prices to succeed, although over $500bn is at risk

15 Aug 2014

Europe stuck with coal unless UK takes action, campaigners warn

Sandbag Report calls on legislators in Brussels and Westminster to change tack as coal emissions continue to rise

24 Jul 2014

Updated: Celtique Energie’s Sussex fracking application rejected

West Sussex County Council throws out plans for exploratory drilling near Wisborough Green

22 Jul 2014

Anglican churches to divest fossil fuel assets

World Council of Churches, representing 300 institutions including the Church of England, set to phase out oil, gas, and coal holdings

11 Jul 2014

Shell accused of misrepresenting climate warnings to investors

Carbon Tracker says oil major is wrong to dismiss carbon bubble theory, as Lego comes under pressure to end partnership with Shell

09 Jul 2014

Doctors prescribe more green energy and no fossil fuels

In a world-first move, the British Medical Association vows to end its investment in fossil fuel companies

30 Jun 2014

Here's why oil is poised for disruption

In the new land of opportunity, oil is no longer in the picture as it is now

27 Jun 2014

Australian states hand out $18bn in mining and fossil fuel subsidies

Figures highlighted in report by The Australia Institute does not include Federal Government support

25 Jun 2014

Catholic university ditches fossil fuels

University of Dayton's $670m endowment fund is largest yet to to join divestment movement

24 Jun 2014

The terrifying trends concealed in BP's Statistical Review

Oil prices remain near record highs, the world is reliant on the US gas boom, and renewables make up just a fraction of the energy mix - for BP this is evidence of 'the strength' of the global energy system

17 Jun 2014

James Smith: 'This generation has the opportunity to put the world on a sustainable footing'

The Carbon Trust chair and former Shell boss reckons the oil industry can decarbonise, but only if it starts to take carbon capture and storage seriously

16 Jun 2014

Doubling global green energy could save $740bn a year

IRENA report says renewable energy supplying 36 per cent of the world’s energy consumption by 2030 is possible and affordable

06 Jun 2014

Peaking Chinese coal demand risks billions in stranded assets

Latest Carbon Tracker Institute report warns shift to greener power could leave 40 per cent of Chinese coal power plants stranded by 2020

05 Jun 2014

World not moving fast enough on renewable energy, says IEA

Energy supply investment at $1.6trn annually but needs to rise to $2trn to stop dangerous global warming, energy think tank finds

04 Jun 2014

Reports: Shell mulls carbon price hike in face of new climate regs

Royal Dutch Shell CO2 executive reveals company currently prices carbon at $40 per tonne

02 Jun 2014

Obama to unveil historic climate change plan to cut US carbon pollution

Proposed regulations could cut carbon pollution by up to 25 per cent but President still faces potential opposition from Republicans

30 May 2014

US carbon emissions rising again after five-year decline

Government-backed figures reveal emissions rose in 2013 for the first time since 2007

29 May 2014

Energy security plan keeps EU hooked on fossil fuel imports, warn green groups

Campaigners says package designed to reduce dependence on foreign oil and gas gives insufficient weight to indigenous clean energy sources

29 May 2014

Shell rejects 'alarmist' carbon bubble risks

Oil major joins rivals BP and ExxonMobil in downplaying potential threat of stranded assets in carbon constrained future

20 May 2014

Report: UK fossil fuel reserves will be gone in five years' time

Report warns of increasing dependence on imports if UK and other European countries do not accelerate clean energy deployment

16 May 2014

New Zealand city becomes latest to divest from fossil fuels

Council votes to ditch NZ$2m investments in fossil fuels, as it also divests from munitions, tobacco, gambling and pornography

14 May 2014

Stanford University ditches coal investments

Board of Trustees says existence of less harmful alternatives means it will no longer invest $18.7bn endowment in coal mining

07 May 2014

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