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Cumbrian nuclear dump 'virtually certain' to be eroded by rising sea levels


One million cubic metres of waste near Sellafield are housed at a site that was a mistake, admits Environment Agency

22 Apr 2014

IPCC Report: Business groups lead calls for ambitious action to tackle worsening climate risks

Onshore wind turbine construction

Leading business groups renew calls for bolder steps to deliver climate mitigation and resilience

31 Mar 2014

IPCC Report: Wrestling with the green utopian-dystopian paradox

Hurricane from a satellite's view

The IPCC report confirms the scale of the climate challenge is daunting, but environmentalists need to shed their cognitive dissonance and get behind the vision for a positive green future

31 Mar 2014

Climate change 'already affecting food supply' – UN

Report by climate change panel says global warming is fuelling not only natural disasters, but potentially famine – and war

31 Mar 2014

IPCC climate impacts report: At a glance

BusinessGreen Plus runs down the key findings from the latest IPCC report examining the risks the world faces from a changing climate

31 Mar 2014

Homeowners and government unprepared for worsening flood risks, warns PwC

New YouGov poll reveals nearly two-fifths of people are unwilling to pay for flood insurance and adaptation measures

31 Mar 2014

Poll: Half of voters could switch parties based on green policies

WWF survey finds this year's floods and storms have boosted voters' desire for climate change action

26 Mar 2014

Poll: Government must do more to protect UK from climate change and flooding

New survey of people living in flood-hit parts of the UK reveals climate change is becoming a growing concern

20 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Critics claim increased flood defence spending fails to hit the mark

Osborne pledges £140m to help keep the tides at bay, but industry insiders warn it will fail to plug funding gap

19 Mar 2014

Reports: Climate change could wipe trillions off world’s economy

Draft IPCC report and American Association for the Advancement of Science study warns of increasing pressure on natural resources from global warming

18 Mar 2014

Builders urge Osborne to ensure new Garden City embraces clean technology

Builders urge Chancellor to ensure development incorporates tough new green standards

17 Mar 2014

Flooding insurance payouts reach £446m

Association of British Insurers reveals industry received 17,500 flood claims this winter as total costs to the industry expected to clear £1.1bn

13 Mar 2014

Innovators tap the value of wastewater

Cambrian Innovation and WaterFX are testing the viability of energy-positive water treatment approaches

07 Mar 2014

As businesses warn flood costs could clear £830m, advisers call for flood management overhaul

Committee on Climate Change sets out five-point plan for tackling escalating flood risks faced by the Somerset Levels

07 Mar 2014

Sydney Opera House and Statue of Liberty 'will be lost to sea level rise'

Nearly one-fifth of world cultural heritage sites would be affected by global warming of a further 3C, scientists warn

05 Mar 2014

Petition launched for UK Climate Change Impacts Fund

Bob Ward seeks 100,000 signatures to support call for the creation of a dedicated fund to help the UK cope with escalating climate change threats

05 Mar 2014

Why the UK needs a Climate Change Impacts Fund

Bob Ward explains why he has launched a new petition calling for a tax avoidance crackdown to create a dedicated fund to combat climate impacts

05 Mar 2014

Home computers to help scientists assess climate role in UK's wet winter

Spare computer time lent to researchers at Oxford University will allow intensive climate modelling of 2013-14 conditions

04 Mar 2014

Flood damage cost to rise fivefold across Europe, study says

Increasingly intense downpours driven by climate change will see flood damages rise from €4.5bn to €23bn a year by 2050

03 Mar 2014

Statistics watchdog contradicts government claims over flood spending

UK Statistics Authority backs Commons library's assessment that funding has been cut by £247m in real terms

26 Feb 2014

The day sustainable drainage became interesting

As the flood waters recede, Trewin Restorick asks if the UK is ready for a radical rethink about climate resilience

26 Feb 2014

Farming flood recovery fund to open Friday

Government confirms latest phase of flood response, as new £10m fund prepares for launch

26 Feb 2014

UK floods: Raise roads and redesign houses, engineers say

Redesigned houses, energy-generating coastal defences and raised roads preferable to dredging or tree-planting

25 Feb 2014

Cameron fleshes out new flood response schemes

Detailed plan published setting out how government plans to deliver funding commitments to flood-hit homes and businesses

21 Feb 2014

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