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Energy efficiency - Widely regarded as the easiest and most cost effective means of cutting carbon emissions and reducing energy costs, energy efficiency measures typically deliver pay back for businesses within a few years. Popular improvements, include switching to LED lighting or Green IT systems, installing insulation or upgrading HVAC systems, and adopting automated building energy management technologies.

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Breaking: EU Commission proposes energy efficiency goal for 2030

30 per cent target designed to curb emissions and boost energy security amid Ukraine crisis

Have your say 23 Jul 2014

What will happen to the Big Six ECO "windfall"?

Energy industry declares "there is no windfall" and hints any savings could take years to filter through to customers, as energy efficiency sector calls for savings to be reinvested in insulation

Have your say 23 Jul 2014

Government trims Green Deal home improvement incentives as scheme passes £50m milestone

Government reports 12,200 applications have been received by Green Deal energy efficiency incentive scheme

Have your say 23 Jul 2014

Government proposes legal target for tackling fuel poverty, but critics warn of loopholes

Potential loopholes and anger over latest windfall for the Big Six mean many within the energy efficiency sector remain less than impressed at latest proposals

Have your say 22 Jul 2014

BBC broadcasts its carbon-cutting success

Corporation reveals it has cut energy consumption by 20 per cent thanks to switch to greener studios, but carbon impact of travel keeps climbing

Have your say 22 Jul 2014

Germany tops global energy efficiency league table

New report reveals huge opportunities for energy efficiency improvements globally

Have your say 21 Jul 2014

Juncker eyes 30 per cent minimum energy savings target

New European Commission President highlights need for ambitious and binding energy efficiency target

Have your say 16 Jul 2014

Have the Lib Dems celebrated the wrong victory on Zero Carbon Homes?

Dr Nina Skorupska of the REA argues that despite some encouraging progress the government's Zero Carbon Homes strategy does not represent the victory the coalition claims

Have your say 08 Jul 2014

DECC to dish out a further £1m in Big Energy Saving Network funding

Charity and community groups invited to bid for latest round of funding to support energy-saving campaigns

Have your say 08 Jul 2014

How greener buildings could save the UK over £12bn a year

New Sustainable Energy Association manifesto calculates that an increased focus on energy saving and onsite generation could slash the cost of decarbonisation

Have your say 07 Jul 2014

Up to 600 jobs at risk at leading insulation company

EXCLUSIVE: Domestic & General Insulation withdraws from energy efficiency market, saying it has struggled to adapt to sweeping market changes

Have your say 04 Jul 2014

Ratings agency says UK energy crunch will be temporary

Moody's says energy efficiency, new wind power and the return of gas plants will keep power prices in check

Have your say 03 Jul 2014

IEA: $80bn wasted on power for online devices in 2013

Study finds modems, set-top boxes, printers and games consoles using as much electricity when on standby as UK and Norway combined

Have your say 02 Jul 2014

Study: US households use more consumer electronic devices but less power

Efficient flat-screen TVs shrinking power use, but new ultrahigh-definition devices and games consoles may drive consumption upwards

Have your say 01 Jul 2014

More than 9,000 organisations forced to count their kilowatt hours

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme to save £1.6bn but government refuses to give automatic approval to Carbon Trust Standard

Have your say 30 Jun 2014

£8.5m handed out in first two weeks of Green Deal cashback scheme

Industry figures show energy efficiency scheme is building on early success

Have your say 26 Jun 2014

Green Investment Bank backs £2m small business energy efficiency fund

Institution provides £1m towards initiative offering SMEs loans to cover cost of measures such as LED lighting and biomass boilers

Have your say 25 Jun 2014

Deadline for green computers in Europe draws near

Hardware firms must adhere to new energy consumption limits from 1 July

Have your say 25 Jun 2014

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