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Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) - Emissions Trading or cap-and-trade schemes aim to drive investment in clean technologies by putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions. Economists argue they represent one of the most efficient means of decarbonising economy as they allow market forces to determine the most cost effective means of cutting emissions. Cap-and-trade schemes such as the flagship EU ETS set an emissions cap that businesses cannot exceed and issue or sell firms with emissions allowances to cover their carbon footprint. Firms that go over the cap have to purchase additional emissions allowances, while those that operate below their cap can sell their excess allowances to others, providing companies with a clear financial incentive to stay within their emissions limit.

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EU accused of "compromise too far" as it ditches aviation emissions rules

European Parliament approves plan for airlines to only submit carbon allowances for flights between EU airports

Have your say 03 Apr 2014

EU carbon price rides the "rollercoaster" as emissions fall

New figures from Thomson Reuters Point Carbon estimate EU industrial emissions fell 3.1 per cent last year, prompting carbon market bullishness

Have your say 02 Apr 2014

David Cameron's EU performance tomorrow is more important to the UK's future than the Budget

Matthew Spencer and Nick Mabey argue the really critical long term policy signals for the green economy will not be found in the Chancellor's red box

Have your say 19 Mar 2014

EU rows back on aviation emissions charges

Campaigners urge MEPs to reject new proposal where airlines would only have to submit carbon allowances for flights between EU airports

Have your say 05 Mar 2014

Report: Global carbon markets set to hit €64bn in 2014

Analysts predict a temporary restriction of allowances will trigger a surge in the value of CO2 in Europe next month

Have your say 28 Feb 2014

Backloading carbon market fix poised to become law

EU Ministers confirm no objection to withdrawal of 900 million allowances, meaning backloading could begin in March

Have your say 25 Feb 2014

EU carbon market backloading fix set for March - but will it work?

MEPs approve early implementation of plan to withhold 900 million allowances from auction in bid to boost flagging carbon price

Have your say 07 Feb 2014

EU 2030 climate package confirms green growth is here to stay

By opting for an emission reduction target of 40 per cent Brussels can provide the foundations for the kind of deep emissions reductions that are needed

Have your say 22 Jan 2014

EU 2030 climate package - at a glance

BusinessGreen analyses the key points from the European Commission's wide-ranging green policy proposals

Have your say 22 Jan 2014

Reports: South Korea confirms carbon market launch date

The Korea Exchange said to have won contract to operate world's second largest emissions trading scheme from start of 2015

Have your say 15 Jan 2014

California carbon cap and trade scheme off to strong start

New report from Environmental Defense Fund hails "well constructed" emissions trading scheme's successful first year

Have your say 09 Jan 2014

Why Angela Merkel holds the key to saving the world's carbon market

New Reuters Point Carbon report shows carbon market value sank 38 per cent in 2013, despite strong growth in North America and emerging pilots in China

Have your say 03 Jan 2014

Guangdong launches world's second largest carbon market

Price of permits opens at a bullish €7, as China prepares to roll out similar schemes next year in Hubei, Chongqing, and Tianjin

Have your say 23 Dec 2013

As backloading passes, Davey promises push for "structural reform" of carbon market

European Council provides final rubberstamp for EU emissions trading scheme backloading, but campaigners promise to step up calls for wider reforms

Have your say 17 Dec 2013

EU carbon price expected to jump 35 per cent following "backloading" vote

But experts warn delay to auctioning of carbon allowances represent a temporary fix to oversupply in the market

Have your say 10 Dec 2013

Reports: Osborne poised to extend energy intensive compensation

Manufacturers warn of 'carbon leakage' without more measures to protect them from climate change policies

Have your say 02 Dec 2013

Could a Carbon Market Policy Committee save the carbon market?

Think tank calls for the creation of an independent committee to help manage EU carbon market and avoid future price collapses

Have your say 25 Nov 2013

Manufacturers urge Chancellor to slash carbon policy costs

EEF sets out policy wishlist ahead of Chancellor's Autumn Statement next month

Have your say 19 Nov 2013

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