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IPCC Report: Business groups lead calls for ambitious action to tackle worsening climate risks

Onshore wind turbine construction

Leading business groups renew calls for bolder steps to deliver climate mitigation and resilience

31 Mar 2014

IPCC Report: Wrestling with the green utopian-dystopian paradox

Hurricane from a satellite's view

The IPCC report confirms the scale of the climate challenge is daunting, but environmentalists need to shed their cognitive dissonance and get behind the vision for a positive green future

31 Mar 2014

Climate change 'already affecting food supply' – UN


Report by climate change panel says global warming is fuelling not only natural disasters, but potentially famine – and war

31 Mar 2014

UN: 13 of 14 hottest years on record occurred since 2000

World Meteorological Organization annual statement finds 2001-2010 was the warmest decade ever recorded

24 Mar 2014

Reports: Climate change could wipe trillions off world’s economy

Draft IPCC report and American Association for the Advancement of Science study warns of increasing pressure on natural resources from global warming

18 Mar 2014

Study: Climate impacts to hit crop yields from 2030s

University of Leeds research suggests 2C of warming will quickly have a detrimental impact on crop yields

16 Mar 2014

Innovators tap the value of wastewater

Cambrian Innovation and WaterFX are testing the viability of energy-positive water treatment approaches

07 Mar 2014

Obama announces plan for $1bn climate resilience fund

Fiscal 2015 budget to include new climate resilience funding, as California provided with fresh funds to tackle crippling drought

18 Feb 2014

Calls grow for 'step change' in corporate water management

CDP report reveals many big businesses are failing to adequately track water-related risks

01 Nov 2013

CDP: Hurricane Sandy driving US businesses to cut emissions

New report finds extreme weather is top of the list of risks driving companies into climate action

23 Sep 2013

AT&T toolkit 'can help businesses cut water use 40 per cent'

Telco shares lessons learnt in water-saving drive in new online tool developed with Environmental Defense Fund

22 Aug 2013

Businesses urged to brace for extreme heat waves

Study warns extreme heat waves likely to become the new normal by 2040

15 Aug 2013

Climate change poses grave threat to security, says UK envoy

Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, special representative to foreign secretary, says governments can't afford to wait for 100% certainty

01 Jul 2013

World Bank: Developing economies face "alarming" climate threats

Major new report warns urgent action needed to stop climate change derailing development efforts

19 Jun 2013

James Balog: "We need to understand nature is off its rocker right now"

BusinessGreen Plus talks to the Chasing Ice director about climate risk, scepticism, and his next film

10 Jun 2013

New guide to help sustainability managers make case for climate adaptation investment

Environment Agency and IEMA team up to offer new best practice guide

05 Jun 2013

Erratic US 'weather whiplash' accounts for billions of dollars in global losses

Frequent and intense weather events in the US cited in climate studies as series of natural disasters plague region

30 May 2013

World faces 'self-inflicted' water shortages within a generation

Coalition of 500 scientists says businesses and government must work together to solve water mismanagement

24 May 2013

US weather clean-up bill eclipses education and transport spend

NRDC estimates $100bn was needed to deal with the aftermath of droughts, floods and fires in 2012, representing the biggest non-defence spend in the US budget

15 May 2013

Six of the best climate adaptation projects

BusinessGreen Plus highlights some of the most ambitious efforts to enhance Europe's climate resilience

02 May 2013

Adapt faster to changing climate, Europe warned

Cities around Europe may have to erect flood defences similar to the Thames Barrier as tidal surges become more likely

30 Apr 2013

Climate change will threaten wine production, study shows

Global warming will make it difficult to raise grapes in traditional wine country, but will shift production to other regions

09 Apr 2013

Climate change making extreme events worse in Australia – report

Country faces more frequent and more severe weather events if it fails to make deep and swift cuts to carbon emissions

03 Apr 2013

BusinessGreen Guide to Climate Risk Management

How-to guides, top tips and case studies detailing how best to develop a climate risk strategy

08 Mar 2013

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