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US 'banks profit' from clean tech loans criticised by Republicans

The White House

Department of Energy report forecasts $5bn return from Federal programme Republicans tried to end after collapse of Solyndra

17 Nov 2014

US government revs up electric car investment

Tesla Model S and Roadster - photo Tesla

Department of Energy hands out $55m to 31 projects aimed at improving efficiency and performance of electric vehicles

18 Aug 2014

Ernest Moniz to be sworn in as US Energy Secretary

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz

MIT physicist replaces Steven Chu with unanimous Senate backing

21 May 2013

Green energy makes up half of new US capacity in 2012

More wind power capacity was added last year than any other fuel, according to new government statistics

17 Jan 2013

First large-scale US CCS plant reaches capture milestone

Illinois Basin-Decatur Project has stored 317,000 metric tons of CO2 from an adjacent ethanol plant in an underground reservoir

26 Nov 2012

SoloPower set for $197m Solyndra-style US loan guarantee

Government support for start-up solar company likely to raise spectre of bankrupt Solyndra

25 Sep 2012

GOP to renew attack on climate regulations this week

Republicans seek to counter Obama's 'war on coal'

17 Sep 2012

US takes the plunge with first tidal energy array

First grid-connected, commercial-scale tidal device set to come online in October off the coast of Maine

26 Jul 2012

Need a recharging point now? You're just a click away

New system gives drivers real time data on which charging points are available in eight countries

09 Feb 2012

DOE: Rare earth shortages may damage clean tech growth

Report identifies five minerals used to make wind turbines and electric cars that are likely to face supply challenges through to 2015

06 Jan 2012

Chu takes to the stand to defend Solyndra loan

Energy secretary spends more than five hours facing House Committee questions, hours after bankrupt solar company postpones sale until next year

18 Nov 2011

'Monster' 2010 greenhouse gas rise is largest ever

Governments and businesses to face fresh calls to agree an emission-cutting plan at the forthcoming Durban summit

04 Nov 2011

Ignore the GOP critics, US loan guarantees offer template for the world

The US government's loan programme is encouraging new technology and creating sustainable jobs - the UK should follow suit

04 Oct 2011

Curtain falls on US loan guarantee scheme with $5bn solar blow out

Three solar plants and a nationwide rooftop scheme net billion dollar deals ensuring controversial programme ends with a bang

03 Oct 2011

DoE hands out $1bn in loan guarantees, as Solyndra scandal rumbles on

Two solar plants finalise deals before end of week deadline, as details emerge of bankrupt Solyndra's whistling robots

29 Sep 2011

US backs $150m project to cut solar manufacturing costs

New project said to cut production costs in half, while wind and thermal projects also receive Federal funding

09 Sep 2011

Giant California solar thermal plant raises $935m

Department of Energy finalises $852m loan guarantee for 250MW Genesis Solar project, with additional funds from private industry

30 Aug 2011

NRG snaps up Arizona solar plant following $937m loan guarantee award

US developer completes $800m equity investment in First Solar's Agua Caliente photovoltaic project

09 Aug 2011

AEP: Lack of climate regulation killed $668m CCS project

Government's failure to bring in emissions limits left commercial-scale trial uneconomic

18 Jul 2011

California goldrush continues as First Solar nets $4.5bn loan guarantees

Department of Energy will back construction of three thin film solar plants with a combined 1.3GW capacity

01 Jul 2011

Obama unveils $120m energy efficiency scheme

US government to fund development of new processes and materials, while separate programme hands out $11.3m for geothermal projects

27 Jun 2011

Nationwide solar rooftop scheme bags $1.4bn DoE backing

Project Amp will install the equivalent of all the PV fitted in the US in 2010 on 750 warehouses across the country

24 Jun 2011

DoE announces $275m to help halve PV panel prices

Government's latest loan guarantee to support expansion of Calisolar's cheap and energy efficient silicon purification technology

17 Jun 2011

Total secures SunPower stake in $1.3bn deal

French oil giant completes acquisition of 60 per cent stake in US solar panel manufacturer

16 Jun 2011

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