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James Cameron: Clean tech has to promise an alluring transformation

James Cameron

Climate Change Capital chairman argues that the exciting clean technologies offered by the automotive sector prove green products can be better than the alternatives they replace

16 Apr 2014

Global clean tech investment enjoys encouraging first quarter

Mainstream wind farm in Chile

Latest figures from Clean Energy Pipeline reveal 14 per cent increase in investment during first three months of the year

15 Apr 2014

IPCC Report: And now, for some good news


IPCC report confirms a better and sustainable future is possible, the onus is now on political and business leaders to make it happen

14 Apr 2014

Revolymer aims to deliver cleaner ships, in every sense of the word

Technology Strategy Board announces funding for two year project to develop innovative polymers that help get the barnacles off the boat

14 Apr 2014

Solar Impulse unveils around-the-world solar plane

Solar Impulse 2 sets March 2015 launch date for solar-powered circumnavigation of the globe

10 Apr 2014

Potočnik: EU can become "global leader in sustainability and competitiveness"

Environment Commissioner highlights how eco-industries have grown about seven per cent a year throughout the financial crisis

08 Apr 2014

Role of the EU Industry to lead the green economy

Janez Potočnik's speech to the opening of the Industrial GreenTec Fair - in full

08 Apr 2014

Wave Hub fills final testing berth as welcome mat laid out for Carnegie Wave Energy

UK's position as one of the world's leading marine energy hubs underlined as Australian firm signs up to Cornish test facility

02 Apr 2014

Navigating the green export opportunity

Matthew Farrow of the Environmental Industries Commission argues that overseas markets offer huge potential for UK clean tech firms

01 Apr 2014

Have we reached the clean energy tipping point?

Distributed energy and the rise of net-zero buildings are slashing fossil fuel use, says Clean Edge in its 2014 trends report

28 Mar 2014

Focus on low carbon technology, says former UN climate chief

Quarrels over science and policy are undermining the fight against climate change

10 Mar 2014

Green entrepeneurs invited to bid for €500,000 prize fund

Green Postcode Lottery Challenge will also offer four Open University Scholarships to sustainability students

10 Mar 2014

How manufacturers can use brain scanning technology to slash their energy use

Scientists at Cambridge University use MRI scans to help chemical engineers develop more efficient reactors

04 Mar 2014

How Tim Cook's attack on Apple's climate sceptic investors got it wrong

The Apple chief executive was right to call out his climate sceptic critics, but, as he already knows, the case for green investment is financial as well as ethical

03 Mar 2014

Carbon budgets and green manifestos big winners as climate consensus renewed

It has been a good few weeks for the green economy; now business and political leaders need to build on their recent momentum

27 Feb 2014

Greetings from green geek heaven

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory demonstrates the art of the possible for the clean tech industry – policymakers and business leaders should make the journey

11 Dec 2013

Libelium pours its smart tech into wine production

The Spanish startup's wireless technology is being used by winemakers for improved agricultural production

06 Dec 2013

Tesla backer: Clean tech investors need to see the big picture

Ira Ehrenpreis of Technology Partners argues clean tech naysayers are the descendants of those who dismissed the automobile and the computer

03 Dec 2013

There is no need to wait for competitive clean tech, it is already here

As multinationals are proving, countless clean technologies make sense right now - waiting for an indeterminate R&D breakthrough is a waste of time

20 Nov 2013

Value of listed clean tech firms soars 18 per cent in 2013

Strong growth in China is helping public pure-play clean energy companies rebound strongly, according to new EY study

08 Aug 2013

How graphene breakthrough is revolutionising green technology

Ultra-efficient solar panels, cost-effective battery technologies, electric cars that can recharge in seconds - all could be made possible by emerging graphene-based technologies

18 Jul 2013

Innovating to drive change in the transportation sector

Andre Veneman, Corporate Director for Sustainability and HSE at AkzoNobel, reveals how pioneering new paint technology is boosting fuel efficiency

13 Jun 2013

Green Skills for Green Jobs Summit

Crucial summit to explore how businesses and government can deliver a green skills boost

29 May 2013

Some light in clean tech investing, despite the gloom

The vast majority of clean energy investment not coming from VCs is actually a positive indicator for the maturation of clean energy markets

23 May 2013

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