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Leggett launches campaign to mobilise green philanthropic investment

Solar array promens rooftop site beccles 3

Clean tech entrepreneur and author reveals plan for new declaration calling on leading charitable foundations to wade into the climate change battle

21 Aug 2014

When clean tech tribes go to war

Guy Newey

Policy Exchange's Guy Newey argues technology tribalism is understandable but counter-productive, which is why we need a market-based approach to decarbonisation

21 Aug 2014

Renewables records reveal how clean energy is starting to light up the world

Amonix solar panel field

The renewables revolution is fast gathering pace and we are now just a few pieces of the jigsaw away from an ultra-low emission grid

19 Aug 2014

BSI unveils new flurry of environmental standards

Standards body publishes new standards for water footprints and sustainable cities, while revealing plans to expand environmental portfolio

15 Aug 2014

The 198 people who can transform the US electric grid

Changing how electricity is generated, bought and sold in the United States begins with a small handful of individuals in each state who set the rules

15 Aug 2014

Central America poised for clean tech investment boom

New figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance reveal how Mexico and its neighbours are emerging as a clean tech powerhouse

13 Aug 2014

Truly progressive businesses must challenge this flawed neo-liberalism

Friends of the Earth's Craig Bennett argues that businesses admirable green initiatives are being hampered by a failure to push back against dinosaur corporate lobbyists

11 Aug 2014

Wow, look, a Tesla

Trewin Restorick argues we need a new approach to communicating green opportunities - and a cutting edge electric car might just hold the answer

08 Aug 2014

Why big ideas on climate are the oxygen for UK growth

Richard Templer of Climate-KIC UK argues that a Cleantech 2.0 scene is starting to drive a new wave innovation and growth

29 Jul 2014

Green policy takes two steps forward, one step back

The green economy is making great progress and new carbon targets promise a further boost, but constant policy setbacks are not helping

25 Jul 2014

Sky’s the limit: Drone makers target sustainability

As the FAA prepares rules for drones, these companies are landing serious interest from the likes of Amazon, Boeing, BP and Google

18 Jul 2014

DECC report reveals how renewables investment is dominating the energy market

As the government announces new business energy efficiency programme, report reveals investment in clean energy is an order of magnitude larger than anticipated shale gas spending

18 Jul 2014

Could an Environmental Goods Agreement unlock a surge in green growth?

Critical talks are underway to bring an end to import tariffs on green goods and services, ending clean tech trade wars

10 Jul 2014

Why innovation isn't always the answer

The clean tech sector loves innovation, but being regarded as innovative can be a mixed blessing

08 Jul 2014

Intelligent Energy raises £55m in stellar clean tech IPO

Fuel cell specialist completes London floatation that values the company at £639m

07 Jul 2014

The most important, inspiring and exciting sector in the world

James Murray's speech to the fourth annual BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

03 Jul 2014

James Smith: 'This generation has the opportunity to put the world on a sustainable footing'

The Carbon Trust chair and former Shell boss reckons the oil industry can decarbonise, but only if it starts to take carbon capture and storage seriously

16 Jun 2014

Scaling up sustainability

Innovative pilot projects may grab the headlines, argues Forum for the Future's Steph Draper, but it is scaling up effective technologies that holds the key to decarbonisation

22 May 2014

Campaigners step up calls for Trans-Atlantic Trade talks re-think

Fresh from warnings over the potential impact on environmental regulations, campaign groups slam proposed treaty as "threat to democracy"

21 May 2014

Environmental and health challenges dominate Longitude Prize shortlist

Public asked which global problem they want to make eligible for £10m prize

19 May 2014

EU ploughs €100m into clean tech R&D initiatives

Green homes, sustainable cities, carbon capture and utilisation, and climate risk the big winners as Climate-KIC awards fresh funding

16 May 2014

The green economic consensus: it's stronger than you think

Forget what detractors say - many of the world's corporate and political leaders are united in their urgent desire to build a green economy

07 May 2014

G7 calls for clean tech-focused "step change" in energy security

Energy ministers highlight how low carbon economy can make "a key contribution to enduring energy security"

07 May 2014

UK and Japan pledge joint climate action

Countries agree to promote low carbon business opportunities and collaborate on clean technology

02 May 2014

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