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US solar tariffs on Chinese imports will 'hinder' deployment, industry warns

Solar manufacturing at Bosch

Levies of more than 165 per cent imposed after anti-dumping complaint threaten to re-ignite US-China trade spat

28 Jul 2014

BRICS group announce plan for $100bn sustainable development bank

Solar photovoltaic panels in La Reunion

"We reiterate our belief that renewable and clean energy, research and development of new technologies and energy efficiency, can constitute an important driver to promote sustainable development"

18 Jul 2014

China wants 30 per cent of state cars to be low carbon


Government makes latest move to tackle hazardous smog in major cities

14 Jul 2014

Atlantis set to put tidal energy on the map

Company expects first power from world's largest tidal array to be delivered in 2016, as it eyes new sites in China, Canada and Wales

14 Jul 2014

Report: Electric vehicle market to hit $500bn by 2025

As China announces major new tax breaks for electric cars, new research suggests the global market for electric vehicles is poised for rapid growth

10 Jul 2014

Yingli's World Cup goals include solar 'legacy'

Chinese company is not only first renewable energy company to sponsor the World Cup, but also its first carbon-neutral sponsor

04 Jul 2014

China nuclear safety threat spells danger for the UK

Tom Burke warns the UK's new nuclear programme may go up in flames if China's 'overwhelmed' nuclear regulators fail to prevent an accident

30 Jun 2014

China boosts solar exports to developing countries as trade tension with US mounts

United Nations report finds China accounts for around 30 per cent of renewable energy trade to developing nations as market expands

27 Jun 2014

UK and China ink 'landmark' civil nuclear agreement

Major new deal builds on climate action alliance and paves way for Chinese companies to own and operate UK nuclear power plants

18 Jun 2014

UK and China to "redouble" joint climate efforts

Joint statement promises greater cooperation on clean energy and policies and a coordinated push towards a global climate deal in 2015

17 Jun 2014

Worldwide wind power set to double by 2020

New GlobalData analysis also suggests UK was third biggest wind power market in 2013

12 Jun 2014

Lord Deben: Chinese emissions cap could put an end to climate action naysayers

Committee on Climate Change hails major pledges this week from China and USA

05 Jun 2014

Peaking Chinese coal demand risks billions in stranded assets

Latest Carbon Tracker Institute report warns shift to greener power could leave 40 per cent of Chinese coal power plants stranded by 2020

05 Jun 2014

China to limit carbon emissions for first time, climate adviser claims

Absolute cap to come into effect from 2016, top official says on the day after US announces ambitious carbon plan

03 Jun 2014

Would a 'carbon tariff' on solar panels solve EU-China trade spat?

Researchers call for new tax that would take account of significantly bigger carbon footprint of Chinese solar modules

02 Jun 2014

UK can help China become world leader in offshore wind

New Carbon Trust reports predict China can deliver 5GW of offshore wind capacity by using British expertise

02 Jun 2014

China to remove five million vehicles in latest anti-smog drive

Cabinet outlines plans to scrap millions of cars that fail to meet fuel standards in push to improve air pollution

27 May 2014

UK-China deal opens up £200m green building opportunity

Building Research Establishment to set up new facility in Shenzhen to tap into growing Chinese green building market

26 May 2014

China aims for 70GW of solar in race to ditch coal

New target aims to more than triple current installed capacity as China continues clean energy investment drive

19 May 2014

Ex-WSP consultants continue global push with SecondNature buyout

Anthesis Group acquires fourth specialist green consultancy in bid to create global services powerhouse

12 May 2014

Report: Global renewable energy jobs count tops 6.5 million

New study from the International Renewable Energy Agency reveals nearly one million renewable energy jobs were created during 2013

12 May 2014

China's green drive could squeeze out coal before 2020

Research paper by Lord Stern suggests China may start to reduce coal consumption from 2016 - a huge fillip for a global climate deal

12 May 2014

Chinese coal production drops as environmental rules start to bite

New industry figures confirm Chinese coal production fell by more than 1.3 per cent last month

09 May 2014

Smog suffocated my marriage

Beijing man files for divorce after air pollution drives his wife out of the city

02 May 2014

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