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Reports: China poised to beef up national Environmental Protection Law

Boat in China

Reuters' reports suggest reforms to national environmental law will provide officials with sweeping new powers to tackle polluters

16 Apr 2014

Are China's coal emissions about to plummet?


New Greenpeace report predicts air pollution measures will also help tackle climate change

14 Apr 2014

UK defies slowdown in global renewables investment

Good Energy Delabole Wind Farm

New UNEP report shows worldwide investment in green energy fell 14 per cent last year as a result of political uncertainty and falling technology costs

07 Apr 2014

China and EU pledge joint climate action

Joint statement commits countries to "credible and verifiable domestic action" on emissions ahead of Paris climate summit

02 Apr 2014

Reports: Shanghai Stock Exchange mulls carbon index

Stock exchange considers demanding mandatory carbon reporting in order to establish new environmental benchmark

31 Mar 2014

Christine Lagarde urges China to bolster value of natural resources

IMF chief says China stands 'on the threshold of its next historic transformation'

25 Mar 2014

Chinese smog insurance: travel agency offers air pollution policies

China's largest online travel agency has launched a 'haze-travel insurance package' for tourists to claim compensation for trips ruined by pollution

20 Mar 2014

Beijing's smog-busting efforts conceal nationwide crisis

Attempts to rid the capital of the "airpocalypse" will have little effect on the rest of China, analysts warn

14 Mar 2014

Panasonic to pay Chinese workers pollution 'danger money'

Company becomes the first international firm to offer expat workers wage premium to compensate for impact of Chinese pollution

13 Mar 2014

China prepares next wave of environmental regulations

New report confirms plan to make polluters pay through strengthened environmental law

10 Mar 2014

Is Europe letting its solar market leadership slip?

Europe's solar market may be slowing at a time when huge opportunities for the technology are popping up all around the world

10 Mar 2014

UK and China seal £20m clean tech deal

Countries to work together on green manufacturing, low carbon cities, and offshore renewables projects

07 Mar 2014

Bloomberg: Solar installations set to hit record 45GW this year

Industry expects rapid growth as Chinese market thrives and problems posed by panel glut recede

27 Feb 2014

Reports: China shutters factories as latest smog crisis escalates

Cities across the country reportedly enact new emergency measures in desperate attempt to tackle air pollution

25 Feb 2014

Has China's coal boom hit the buffers?

State media reports that growth in coal consumption slowed significantly in 2013

24 Feb 2014

Report: China tops expanding global smart grid market

Bloomberg New Energy Finance study concludes that global smart grid investment set a new record in 2013, edging up to $14.9bn

21 Feb 2014

China announces $330bn water clean-up effort in latest environmental crackdown

State media reports major funding to be made available to help tackle water pollution crisis

18 Feb 2014

John Kerry calls for united front on climate change

US Secretary of State attacks climate sceptics and says window to tackle climate crisis and realise economic opportunities is closing

17 Feb 2014

Nottingham council bus fleet to go fully electric

City to roll out 50 zero-emission buses after receiving £1.5m to purchase a further 11 vehicles

10 Feb 2014

Kuala Lumpur airport lands 19MW solar system

Largest connected installation in Malaysia comes as countries all over the globe boost solar capacity

30 Jan 2014

Trade giants pledge to "achieve global free trade in environmental goods"

Leading trading powers use Davos Summit to quietly assert commitment to begin work on green trade negotiations

29 Jan 2014

Clean energy investment dips for second year

Bloomberg New Energy Finance figures reveal global investment topped $250bn in 2013, but still fell 12 per cent year-on-year

15 Jan 2014

Report: China to offer cash rewards to regions that cut smog

Over $1.65bn reportedly on offer to those regions that successfully cut air pollution levels

10 Jan 2014

China announces next wave of tough new air pollution targets

Local media reports that new air pollution goals have been imposed on key cities

08 Jan 2014

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