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Scrapping carbon tax helped women, says Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott Australian Prime Minister

Australian Prime Minister accused of being out of touch after he claims women are more focused on household budget

23 Dec 2014

Tax pollution not income to boost EU economy, say NGOs

Smoking chimney emitting pollution

New organisation Green Budget Europe established to push the case for rebalancing EU fiscal policy

06 Nov 2014

Carbon tax demise leading to large rise in emissions, says academic

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott

Removal of carbon price has led to a surge in the use of brown coal generators in Australian electricity sector, analysis shows

04 Nov 2014

IMF: Getting energy prices right will drive economic benefits

New study argues rebalancing fiscal policy to reflect true cost of energy could drive down emissions and make tax system fairer

01 Aug 2014

Abbott finally kills off Australian carbon tax

Australian Prime Minister accused of 'short-sighted, opportunistic selfish politics' as controversial carbon pricing scheme is axed

17 Jul 2014

Murdoch on climate change: 'The Maldives might disappear or something'

As Australian government edges towards repealing carbon tax, media magnate gives voice to his climate scepticism

14 Jul 2014

Tony Abbott: Not very repealing

Tony Abbott's ongoing failure to repeal Australia's carbon tax contains a serious message on the general direction of global climate policy

11 Jul 2014

Australia falters in plan to repeal carbon tax

Colourful senator Clive Palmer withdraws his party's support for controversial amendment at 11th hour

11 Jul 2014

Manufacturers and the carbon conundrum

Richard Warren says last month's Budget marked a move towards more cost-effective climate policies vital to winning public acceptance

25 Apr 2014

Come back to us when you've got some LEDs

The UK needs to boost its energy efficiency, industry compensation should be linked to clean tech investment

22 Apr 2014

Committee on Climate Change downplays impact of carbon price floor freeze

Committee accused of putting "blind faith" in EU emissions trading scheme to tackle coal industry renaissance

02 Apr 2014

Budget 2014: Where is the climate of urgency?

Cameron and Osborne have recently highlighted the importance of action on climate change - you would expect today's Budget to build on that commitment, but sadly it won't

19 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Carbon Price Floor row to overshadow new green investment

Renewables industry warns heavily trailed decision to freeze carbon price floor could see £4bn of clean energy investment put at risk

18 Mar 2014

The Carbon Price Floor and the UK's industrial energy strategy

Tim Rotheray of the CHPA argues that disagreements over the carbon floor price are a red herring, the government's focus should be on boosting competitiveness and efficiency

11 Mar 2014

Gas sector battles coal power over carbon price floor

Independent gas generators warn mooted freezing of levy in the Budget as advocated by coal industry will lead to blackouts

10 Mar 2014

Coal industry joins calls for carbon price floor rethink

Charge will devastate coal industry, trade body warns, following similar appeals by the CBI and EEF

10 Mar 2014

Carbon tax cuts Australian corporate emissions as climate debate rages

Government figures show a seven per cent drop in emissions in the first year of the levy, which is set for the chop next year

10 Mar 2014

Business groups intensify calls for green energy policy rethink

CBI and EEF insist they are committed to building a low carbon economy, but warn action must be taken to tackle high industrial energy costs

05 Mar 2014

Climate policy row escalates as Australian temperatures soar

Labor slams Prime Minister Tony Abbott as key business advisor attacks climate science "delusion"

06 Jan 2014

We need a strong and sustained carbon price to combat climate change

Chris Hope responds to Tom Burke's claim an obsession with carbon pricing is distracting politicians from climate action

05 Dec 2013

Making the case for CCL+

Bob Ward explores the recent report on carbon pricing and argues that a consolidation of carbon pricing policies is long overdue

06 Nov 2013

Why the Carbon Floor Price tax should be scrapped

Gareth Stace of the EEF argues the "green levy" review offers the perfect opportunity to axe a tax that is distorting markets and failing to deliver on environmental goals

31 Oct 2013

OECD chief carbon pricing speech - in full

"Governments need to put together the optimal policy mix to eliminate emissions from fossil fuels in the second half of the century"

09 Oct 2013

OECD: Carbon pricing must be the cornerstone of climate policy

Secretary-general calls for worldwide coherent approach to carbon trading and warns there is no "climate bailout" option

09 Oct 2013

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