Biofuel articles

DECC dishes out reeds-to-energy wetland funding


Three companies become the latest firms to be awarded a share of over £1.3m to support development of wetlands bio-energy technology

17 Apr 2014

BA clears Essex waste-to-fuel plant for take off

Various grounded British Airways airplanes

Solena Fuels and British Airways confirm for Essex plant capable of turning landfill waste into green jet fuel

16 Apr 2014

Vireol opens new US biofuel plant after struggling for UK finance

Vireol Hopewell bioethanol plant

Bioethanol producer found EU biofuels wrangle unsettled investors, but still aims to build advanced fuels plant in Grimsby

14 Apr 2014

Fuels from waste could power 16 per cent of EU road transport

Study finds huge potential for sustainable advanced biofuels to cut emissions and fossil fuel imports, but warns EU must get policy right

26 Feb 2014

UK biofuels sector 'flat lining', industry warns

Renewable Energy Association says investment pipeline is drying up as UK falls short of interim green fuel target

06 Feb 2014

EU climate package: Commission urged to retain green fuel targets

Frustration at proposals to remove sustainable transport goals creates unlikely alliance between biofuels sector and green groups

23 Jan 2014

Etihad expects biofuel flights within five years

Company teams up with Total, Boeing, and Masdar to develop sustainable aviation biofuel industry in the United Arab Emirates

21 Jan 2014

Research: Climate impacts could push up food prices by 25 per cent

New studies from Potsdam Institute suggest expanding bio-energy industry would put less upward pressure on food prices than adapting to climate impacts

20 Jan 2014

Could the UK become an advanced fuels hub?

New consultation urges businesses to help shape the government's second-generation biofuel strategy

13 Dec 2013

Biofuels industry faces months of uncertainty after EU vote

Energy ministers reject proposed changes to biofuels legislation leaving trade body calling for introduction of domestic targets

12 Dec 2013

From Royal trains to jet planes - Green Fuels prepares for take-off

UK biofuel pioneer seeks fresh funding to build new distribution and jet biofuel business model

03 Dec 2013

EU hits Indonesian, Argentinian and Chinese renewables firms with fresh trade duties

European Biodiesel Board and REA welcome move by European Union to protect bloc from high export taxes

27 Nov 2013

Virgin Atlantic and Lanzatech prepare 'low carbon jet fuel' for take-off

Sir Richard Branson hails 'revolutionary new fuel', as Chinese jet biofuel plant becomes the first in world to secure sustainability certification

19 Nov 2013

London's buses set to be powered by chip fat

Stagecoach introduces biofuel blend on 10 routes to slash well-to-wheel emissions by 15 per cent

08 Nov 2013

EU biofuel regulations set to be delayed until 2015

Advanced biofuels producers criticise "bad day for industry and investors" as Environment Committee vote pushes back debate on new rules

18 Oct 2013

Second generation comes of age as world's largest advanced biofuel plant opens

Beta Renewables' Crescentino facility set to produce 75 million litres of bioethanol a year from straw and energy crops

09 Oct 2013

Report: biofuels could cut CO2 'cheaper than electric cars'

Same emissions reductions possible at a fraction of the cost, BP-backed report claims

18 Sep 2013

Breaking: MEPs vote to tackle biofuel emissions from 2020

European Parliament approves proposals to measure indirect emissions from biofuels production and cap levels of crop-based fuels

11 Sep 2013

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