Customers and sustainability - ways towards a better understanding

Could discount vouchers help drive consumer interest in green products?

15 Jan 2013, 00:05


A lifestyle revolved around sustainability is one that most people would claim to aspire to.

But there are a multitude of reasons why so many people still don't follow the green path. In most cases, it is not because consumers are not interested in creating a better world or the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions, but because the respective goods and items are, more often than not, more expensive than mass-produced products.

For the majority of consumers, the purchasing decision still comes down to price.

Getting people to broaden their thinking

This poses a challenge for green businesses. Persuading the general public that it is worth paying a little more for more sustainable products and services can be a slow process.

This is where discount voucher websites that offer everything from leisure vouchers to coupons for sustainable products can help. They can be a great marketing option, especially for newer businesses looking to raise their profile.

People love to feel they are getting a great deal, and if that deal can help to improve the environment, so much the better.

Websites such as groupon allow users to try out high quality businesses in their local vicinity at a reduced rate – and this can be as true for green businesses as it is for more mainstream enterprises.

Although sustainable products tend to be a little more pricey, the payback is better quality. Giving customers the opportunity to experience this first hand is just one way to help shift consumer attitudes in favour of greener products and services.

This article was written by groupon

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