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Waste-to-energy - An umbrella term used to cover a range of different technologies that generate electricity and heat from various waste streams, waste-to-energy plants are proving increasingly popular as a means of both cutting emissions and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. Technologies include both incinerators that burn waste materials and have been consistently opposed by green groups, cleaner gasification plants that use advanced technologies to convert waste material to synthetic gases, and anaerobic digestion plants that convert organic waste into fertiliser and biogas, which can then be burnt to generate electricity and heat.

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End to tax relief for anaerobic digestion puts £130m potential investment at risk

Industry hits out at Chancellor's plans to exclude technology from investment tax breaks, warning emerging sector will be hit hard

Have your say 15 Dec 2014

London's Olympic Park boasts world-leading green features, so why does it have some of the worst recycling rates in the UK?

Jessica Shankleman reveals how even new developments are failing to improve London's abysmal recycling rates

Have your say 25 Nov 2014

Green Investment Bank backs £110m waste wood to energy project

Widnes power plant expected to save 1.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

Have your say 24 Nov 2014

Green Investment Bank backs £320m waste recycling and energy plant

Yorkshire facility set to process 320,000 tonnes of waste each year, producing 203GWh of electricity

Have your say 04 Nov 2014

Why renewable methane fuel smells like a rose

Forming a closed-loop system, renewable natural gas is the most sustainable fuel available. How can we get a big RNG initiative moving?

Have your say 10 Oct 2014

ReFood launches ReGrow as food waste goes full cycle

Anaerobic digestion operator unveils branded sustainable fertiliser that aims to close the cycle for food waste

Have your say 01 Oct 2014

Global waste management market to double in pursuit of zero-waste goals

Frost & Sullivan report predicts global industrial waste management services market to hit $750bn by 2020

Have your say 18 Sep 2014

The universal language of food waste

WRAP's Dr Richard Swannell explores why governments around the world are starting to wake up to the food waste scandal

Have your say 15 Sep 2014

Beyond energy: Maximising the value of renewable resources

The REA's Dr Nina Skorupska explores the many varied materials that renewable technologies produce and the role of certification in building markets for these products

Have your say 27 Aug 2014

Green Investment Bank pumps £64m into Derby energy-from-waste plant

Long term loan financing to turn city's waste into enough low carbon power for 14,000 homes

Have your say 21 Aug 2014

Wales flicks switch on largest food waste to energy plant

Biogen's £7.5m Waen plant in Denbighshire set to produce enough electricity to power city of St Asaph

Have your say 05 Aug 2014

Green Investment Bank delivers Northern Ireland biogas funding push

Two on-farm anaerobic digestion plants to share £6.5m in new funding

Have your say 03 Jul 2014

Could coffee perk up the biofuels sector?

New research from University of Bath suggests old coffee grinds could be collected to make biodiesel

Have your say 17 Jun 2014

UK firm celebrates £300m waste-to-energy UAE export deal

Chinook Sciences predicts 850 jobs could be created after inking major infrastructure deal with the United Arab Emirates

Have your say 28 May 2014

Labour promises to prioritise green gas revolution

Flint: "There are no technical or safety barriers to delivering green gas which cannot be overcome"

Have your say 15 May 2014

Caroline Flint speech to the Gas Industry Awards

"I agree entirely that what this country would benefit from is a long-term consensus on energy efficiency - But I cannot sign up to a consensus of mediocrity"

Have your say 15 May 2014

Green Investment Bank finances £15m London waste-to-energy plant

New 1.2MW plant will turn 30,000 tonnes of food waste into electricity and domestic garden waste into compost

Have your say 13 May 2014

Asda supplier cuts ribbon on food waste-to-energy plant

QV Foods and Tamar Energy announces official launch of 1.5MW anaerobic digestion facility

Have your say 07 May 2014

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