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Maps show fracking risk to drinking water

Greenpeace fracking protestors erect a drilling rig outside council offices in Preston - photo Steve Morgan Greenpeace

British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency publish data showing proximity of shale deposits to major aquifers

04 Jul 2014

Scotland primed for shale gas exploration

Shale gas site picture by DECC

Government wants test drilling to confirm study findings of 80 trillion cubic feet of gas and six billion barrels of oil in Midland Valley

30 Jun 2014

Allow fracking in national parks, says Environment Agency chief

fracking shale gas site

Chris Smith, EA's outgoing chairman, dismisses campaigners' claims over impact when process 'done properly'

30 Jun 2014

Fracking row: Green groups hit back over allegations of Russian infiltration

Nato secretary-general suggests Russia is supporting anti-fracking protests in a bid to keep Europe hooked on its gas supplies

20 Jun 2014

Tread lightly as you frack Wales, MPs warn

Welsh Affairs Committee inquiry finds shale gas should not come at expense of environment or renewables industry

16 Jun 2014

Cuadrilla's Lancashire fracking plans edge forward

Preston New Road plans validated by local council, as Egdon secures approval to acquire new licence areas

12 Jun 2014

Energy Department: US gas exports unlikely to help cut emissions

Government-backed report questions claims that shale gas boom will help to curb global greenhouse gas emissions

10 Jun 2014

Report: Centrica seeks to dampen UK fracking hype

Senior executive tells the Telegraph gas giant will not rush into purchasing additional licences for fracking development

09 Jun 2014

Government faces fresh warnings over fracking safety

Friends of the Earth report aims to highlight gaps in regulations around shale gas extraction

06 Jun 2014

Queen's Speech: the green business reaction

Green economy leaders respond to today's announcements on fracking, zero-carbon homes, plastic bags and climate change

04 Jun 2014

Queen's Speech: UK to "champion a global agreement on climate change"

Opening of parliament confirms government plans to boost fracking, charge for plastic bags, and deliver zero-carbon homes

04 Jun 2014

Greenpeace targets David Cameron's home in latest fracking protest

Campaigners erect fence around the Prime Minister's country residence and declare: 'We apologise for any inconvenience we may cause while we frack under your home'

04 Jun 2014

Queen's Speech: Greens blast move to ease fracking planning rules

Caroline Lucas warns new infrastructure and competitiveness Bill would undermine efforts to tackle climate change and counter public opinion of shale gas

03 Jun 2014

Sir Paul McCartney leads new band of celebrity fracking campaigners

Former Beatle among those backing new campaign calling for a moratorium on UK fracking while the risks associated with shale gas exploration are re-assessed

02 Jun 2014

Cuadrilla applies for fracking permission in Lancashire

Company wants to drill four new exploratory wells at Preston New Road site to extract gas from shale rock

30 May 2014

Fracking payments raised as new oil reserves identified in southern England

Government set to allow drilling under homes without permission as it strives to access estimated 4.4 billion barrels of oil under southern counties

23 May 2014

Cuadrilla prepares next wave of fracking planning applications

Controversial company confirms it will submit applications to drill four exploration wells in Lancashire in the coming weeks

20 May 2014

British fracking support falls below 50 per cent, poll shows

Support for controversial process of extracting shale gas in the UK dips for third consecutive time

19 May 2014

Labour promises to prioritise green gas revolution

Flint: "There are no technical or safety barriers to delivering green gas which cannot be overcome"

15 May 2014

Caroline Flint speech to the Gas Industry Awards

"I agree entirely that what this country would benefit from is a long-term consensus on energy efficiency - But I cannot sign up to a consensus of mediocrity"

15 May 2014

Lord Howell warns government's fracking strategy is "much too optimistic"

Chancellor's father-in-law lists reasons why UK fracking will struggle to emulate the US, but insists that government should continue to pursue shale gas by focusing on northern areas with 'the worst historical scars'

14 May 2014

Labour slams government's ‘blanket' fracking tax breaks

Shadow Energy Minister Tom Greatrex accuses Chancellor of handing out a gift to his 'pet project'

13 May 2014

Is the government eyeing up cities as potential fracking hotbeds?

Ministers poised to unveil latest onshore oil and gas round, as Green Party campaigns against prospect of fracking in London

12 May 2014

Shale gas: campaigners attack Lords committee's call to accelerate fracking development

Green groups accuse peers of ignoring public opposition to fracking, as Lords' report argues shale gas should be "an urgent national priority"

08 May 2014

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