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IEA: Renewables could power prosperity in Africa

Mauritania solar pv plant - photo Clement Tardif-Masdar

Unlocking huge hydro and solar resources, as well as wind and geothermal, key to driving economic growth, International Energy Agency says

13 Oct 2014

Global energy efficiency market worth $310bn and growing, IEA says


Report finds efficiency investments over the past 40 years have shed the equivalent of Europe's entire annual energy demand

08 Oct 2014

'World's largest' carbon capture plant to be launched in Canada

Boundary Dam power station - photo SaskPower

SaskPower's C$1.4bn Boundary Dam project shows technology is "not science fiction, but today's reality"

01 Oct 2014

Solar could be world's largest power source by 2050, IEA says

International Energy Agency says solar has potential to provide more than a quarter of global electricity with right policy framework

29 Sep 2014

IEA calls on policymakers to deliver "multiple benefits" of energy efficiency

International Energy Agency argues that so-called "hidden fuel" can boost economy, tackle poverty, and address climate risks

10 Sep 2014

IEA Renewables Report - At a glance

All the key stats from the International Energy Organisation's latest assessment of the global market

28 Aug 2014

Global green energy growth threatened by policy uncertainty, IEA warns

Latest renewables report finds growing risks to deployment if support wavers over cost concerns

28 Aug 2014

IEA: $80bn wasted on power for online devices in 2013

Study finds modems, set-top boxes, printers and games consoles using as much electricity when on standby as UK and Norway combined

02 Jul 2014

World not moving fast enough on renewable energy, says IEA

Energy supply investment at $1.6trn annually but needs to rise to $2trn to stop dangerous global warming, energy think tank finds

04 Jun 2014

Report: Global renewable energy jobs count tops 6.5 million

New study from the International Renewable Energy Agency reveals nearly one million renewable energy jobs were created during 2013

12 May 2014

IEA: electricity to rival oil in powering the world economy

Agency says current high carbon approach must be overhauled to ensure global shift to clean electricity

12 May 2014

IEA: Expanding wind and solar power does not mean additional costs

Transformation of power systems is needed to guarantee long-term flexibility, offering huge advantage for emerging economies

28 Feb 2014

IEA: Energy efficiency crucial to solving 'energy trillema'

New report warns world remains on track to exceed 2C global warming target

13 Nov 2013

IEA reveals recipe for global wind energy boost

Wind power could account for 18 per cent of planet's electricity production by 2050 if barriers to deployment can be removed

23 Oct 2013

IEA: Green light needed for urban transport overhaul

Report predicts more fuel efficiency and sustainable city transport networks could save global $70tr through to 2050, while slashing emissions and improving health

10 Jul 2013

IEA: Clean energy to overtake gas by 2016

Rapid growth of sector puts it in line to make up 25 per cent of global electricity production in five years' time

26 Jun 2013

Will the IEA's climate masterplan work?

The IEA's redrawn climate map is pragmatic and realistic, but will governments listen?

11 Jun 2013

IEA sets out global climate action plan

Redrawing the Energy Climate Map sets out four point plan that would curb global emissions ahead of 2020, while imposing no net cost on economy

10 Jun 2013

IEA: Clean energy progress has stalled

Agency warns clean tech investment is too slow to avoid worst impacts of global warming

17 Apr 2013

IEA chief: Biofuels output will 'stall' unless sustainability challenge is overcome

Global production matched UK crude oil in 2012, but industry needs internationally agreed standards to secure long-term future

14 Mar 2013

IEA chief: 'Fossil fuel subsidies are public enemy number one for green energy'

Fatih Birol says it does not make sense for governments to promote renewables at the same time as subsidising coal, oil and gas

04 Feb 2013

HSBC: Oil majors at risk from 'unburnable' reserves

HSBC study finds meeting international climate goals could strip 60 per cent of the value from companies such as BP, Shell, and Statoil

29 Jan 2013

IEA warns coal renaissance threatens climate crisis

New report argues that without drastic policy action coal will rival oil as dominant energy source by 2017

19 Dec 2012

IEA slams 'epic failure' of global energy efficiency policy

Report bemoans 'disappointingly slow' progress in tapping energy efficiency potential, as figures show 30 per cent rise in fossil fuel subsidies

12 Nov 2012

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