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US shale boom blamed for contaminated drinking water


Study finds faulty well casings are the source of methane leaks in Texas and Pennsylvania

16 Sep 2014

Biogas boost as M&S buys green gas certificates

The front of a Marks and Spencer shop

Retail giant purchases 35,000 megawatt hours of biomethane certificates in latest bid to cut its carbon footprint

09 Sep 2014

Analyst: New clean tech investment vehicles needed to enable $5tr fossil fuel divestment


New report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance reveals huge scale of the challenge faced by global divestment campaign

26 Aug 2014

Biogas sector welcomes reassurances over future of anaerobic digestion policy

Letter from Climate Change Minister Gregory Barker promises "bright and sustainable future for the biomethane to grid industry"

10 Jul 2014

UK seeks to avoid 'energy crunch' with 53GW of back-up power

Energy Secretary confirms first auction on capacity market will take place in December

30 Jun 2014

We are living through a slow motion global energy crisis - and only clean tech can save us

BP's latest statistical report should be a wake-up call, that it is not suggests we are sleep-walking into a climate and energy disaster

20 Jun 2014

UK and China ink 'landmark' civil nuclear agreement

Major new deal builds on climate action alliance and paves way for Chinese companies to own and operate UK nuclear power plants

18 Jun 2014

Russia cuts off Ukraine gas supplies as European energy security concerns escalate

Gazprom confirms it will only supply gas to Ukraine if the country pays upfront for any imports

16 Jun 2014

Report: UK fossil fuel reserves will be gone in five years' time

Report warns of increasing dependence on imports if UK and other European countries do not accelerate clean energy deployment

16 May 2014

Shale gas: campaigners attack Lords committee's call to accelerate fracking development

Green groups accuse peers of ignoring public opposition to fracking, as Lords' report argues shale gas should be "an urgent national priority"

08 May 2014

Asda supplier cuts ribbon on food waste-to-energy plant

QV Foods and Tamar Energy announces official launch of 1.5MW anaerobic digestion facility

07 May 2014

G7 Energy Security Joint Statement - in full

"We are committed to initiate a systematic and enduring step change to improve energy security at national, regional and global levels"

07 May 2014

G7 countries aim to cut energy ties to Russia

Ed Davey says ministers will consider package of measures to reduce dependence on Russian oil and gas at meeting next week

22 Apr 2014

EDF cuts ribbon on Teeside offshore wind farm and Nottinghamshire gas plant

Energy giant highlights major investment in new low carbon energy infrastructure

17 Apr 2014

IPCC climate mitigation report: At a glance

BusinessGreen outlines the latest findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's mitigation report

13 Apr 2014

Is US wind energy already as cheap as shale gas?

Senate Finance Committee approves latest extension of wind production tax credit as reports show how policy can stand in for carbon tax

08 Apr 2014

Norway pledges to ramp up wealth fund's renewables investment

Campaigners warn promise to increase investment in clean energy does not go far enough

07 Apr 2014

New wind power blows UK green electricity to record levels

Huge rise in offshore and onshore wind energy pushes overall green generation to 15 per cent of UK mix

27 Mar 2014

European leaders ask Obama to allow increased exports of US shale gas

EU seeks to break Russian stranglehold on energy supplies – but US president says Europe must step up its own fracking

27 Mar 2014

Government finalises capacity market design

Details on incentive system to keep power plants as back-up generators published by Department of Energy and Climate Change

20 Mar 2014

Shell admits climate policy threat to profits

Oil major's 2013 Strategic Report highlights company will face project delays and higher costs unless it can reduce emissions

14 Mar 2014

Study: Wind power saves Europe €2.4bn worth of water each year

New report calls on governments to factor water efficiency gains into energy policy decisions

12 Mar 2014

The Carbon Price Floor and the UK's industrial energy strategy

Tim Rotheray of the CHPA argues that disagreements over the carbon floor price are a red herring, the government's focus should be on boosting competitiveness and efficiency

11 Mar 2014

Gas sector battles coal power over carbon price floor

Independent gas generators warn mooted freezing of levy in the Budget as advocated by coal industry will lead to blackouts

10 Mar 2014

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