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EDF cuts ribbon on Teeside offshore wind farm and Nottinghamshire gas plant


Energy giant highlights major investment in new low carbon energy infrastructure

17 Apr 2014

IPCC climate mitigation report: At a glance

A picture of a wind turbine against a blue sky

BusinessGreen outlines the latest findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's mitigation report

13 Apr 2014

Is US wind energy already as cheap as shale gas?

Wind turbine under construction - photo Triodos Renewables

Senate Finance Committee approves latest extension of wind production tax credit as reports show how policy can stand in for carbon tax

08 Apr 2014

Norway pledges to ramp up wealth fund's renewables investment

Campaigners warn promise to increase investment in clean energy does not go far enough

07 Apr 2014

New wind power blows UK green electricity to record levels

Huge rise in offshore and onshore wind energy pushes overall green generation to 15 per cent of UK mix

27 Mar 2014

European leaders ask Obama to allow increased exports of US shale gas

EU seeks to break Russian stranglehold on energy supplies – but US president says Europe must step up its own fracking

27 Mar 2014

Government finalises capacity market design

Details on incentive system to keep power plants as back-up generators published by Department of Energy and Climate Change

20 Mar 2014

Shell admits climate policy threat to profits

Oil major's 2013 Strategic Report highlights company will face project delays and higher costs unless it can reduce emissions

14 Mar 2014

Study: Wind power saves Europe €2.4bn worth of water each year

New report calls on governments to factor water efficiency gains into energy policy decisions

12 Mar 2014

The Carbon Price Floor and the UK's industrial energy strategy

Tim Rotheray of the CHPA argues that disagreements over the carbon floor price are a red herring, the government's focus should be on boosting competitiveness and efficiency

11 Mar 2014

Gas sector battles coal power over carbon price floor

Independent gas generators warn mooted freezing of levy in the Budget as advocated by coal industry will lead to blackouts

10 Mar 2014

Peterhead carbon capture and storage project snares UK funding

Ed Davey confirms "multi-million pound contract" for project trapping CO2 from gas-fired power station and burying it under the North Sea

24 Feb 2014

Blow to anaerobic digestion industry as subsidy rethink ruled out

Exclusive: Cuts to support levels for anaerobic digestion plants to take effect from April, but ministers hint improvements to policy regime could be in pipeline

19 Feb 2014

New anaerobic digestion standards promise market boost

Environment Agency publishes Quality Protocol designed to make it easier for biogas projects to sell fertiliser by-products

12 Feb 2014

Green gas sector handed timely regulation boost

Environment Agency's new Quality Protocol for biomethane set to simplify costly regulations for producers

31 Jan 2014

European utilities "ditched €6bn of gas plant last year"

Smith School study calls on governments to revamp their energy policies to ensure utilities can cope with low carbon transition

17 Jan 2014

Shock-warning - The Energy of Nations and the prospect of economic catastrophe

Jeremy Leggett's new book warns things could "get much worse before they get better" - it is a sobering alarm call about the very real prospects of oil shocks and climate crises

15 Jan 2014

US carbon emissions up two per cent as coal fights back

Shift towards gas and renewables stalls, with carbon intensive coal making modest recovery

14 Jan 2014

No fracking for the Magic Kingdom? Disney abandons oil-sponsored schools programme

Radio Disney ditches partnership with initiative that sought to educate children on fossil fuel technologies

13 Jan 2014

Well-managed fracking poses 'low' health risks

Public Health England report confirms properly run and regulated shale gas projects should only pose a low risk to public health

01 Nov 2013

Could accountants deflate the 'carbon bubble'?

Report from Carbon Tracker and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants argues sector has key role to play in tackling climate-related investment risks

18 Oct 2013

ETI calls for gas carbon capture solutions

Organisations asked to submit proposals for technologies that can cut the cost of trapping emissions from gas-fired power stations

17 Sep 2013

Biogas firms seek to tear down barriers to deployment

ENER-G and SEaB Energy both announce moves designed to make it easier for businesses to take advantage of anaerobic digestion technology

11 Sep 2013

Fracking industry boss: Expect to see 50 to 60 test sites

Ken Cronin, chief executive of the UK Onshore Operators Group, makes case for domestic shale gas as a key component in the UK's low carbon transition

05 Sep 2013

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