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Feed-in tariff (FiT) - A popular means of incentivising renewable energy technologies that was pioneered in Germany and has since been adopted in numerous countries around the world, FiT's help make renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines competitive by providing them with guaranteed above market price payments for the energy they produce. Advocates of the approach argue tariffs can be reduced over time as renewable energy technologies become cost-competitive with grid power, but critics maintain these subsidies add to costs for energy bill payers.

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The green home market is poised for take-off, clean tech firms need to crank up the heat

The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is the final piece in the jigsaw for the government's green home package - green businesses need to respond

Have your say 09 Apr 2014

Solar sector beats floods to install 1GW before April subsidy cuts

News comes as Greg Barker and Michael Gove launch campaign to encourage more schools to fit solar arrays

Have your say 03 Apr 2014

Ethical goods more popular than cigarettes and alcohol

Green goods market bucks recession in 2012 with 12 per cent growth

Have your say 27 Mar 2014

Good Energy trials 'feed-in tariff made easy' app

Technology promises to help customers record and submit meter readings without need for lengthy online forms

Have your say 18 Mar 2014

Endurance signals high hopes for UK wind market with new factory

Company chief executive calls for more stable subsidy regime as Worcestershire manufacturing plant is officially inaugurated

Have your say 13 Mar 2014

How Ingenious is planning to boost on-site wind power

Investment fund seeks to raise £160m to back mid-sized wind, solar, and energy efficiency projects

Have your say 24 Feb 2014

Anaerobic digestion industry laments "slap in the face" for developers

Trade association warns bankruptcies a real possibility for companies specialising in small-scale AD projects

Have your say 20 Feb 2014

UK ‘scoring own goal’ by slashing small wind incentives

Government urged to rethink cuts to feed-in tariff over fears they could damage UK manufacturing

Have your say 05 Feb 2014

UK solar farm market tops European league table in 2013

New figures reveal UK installed 443MW of utility scale solar last year as PwC predicts up to 2GW could be constructed this year

Have your say 24 Jan 2014

Kingspan launches solar-for-business division

Kingspan Energy aims to help make solar technology deployment "effortless" for UK firms

Have your say 21 Jan 2014

UK solar panels reach half a million rooftop milestone

Government figures suggest British solar industry past major landmark last week, as installers work towards delivering one million roofs by 2015

Have your say 14 Jan 2014

Is the government missing the plot on solar power?

Leonie Greene says the bottom-up solar revolution is a global story but worries DECC is still ignoring its potential

Have your say 20 Dec 2013

Jeremy Leggett: It's flattering when people dismiss solar power

The founder of SolarAid pays tribute to Hermann Scheer, the architect of the feed-in tariff

Have your say 16 Dec 2013

Greg Barker predicts solar resurgence in 2014

Climate Change Minister pledges to knock down barriers faced by "under-deployed" commercial solar rooftop sector

Have your say 16 Dec 2013

Anaerobic digestion subsidies set to be reviewed in response to industry fears

Trade bodies welcome announcement of January consultation on measures to ensure small-scale projects remain economically viable

Have your say 29 Nov 2013

Thrifty government could derail renewables ambition, warns NAO

National Audit Office warns Treasury and DECC could be focusing on controlling costs at the expense of decarbonising energy sector

Have your say 28 Nov 2013

Report: Onsite renewables to save businesses £33bn through to 2030

Verdantix study calculates huge energy bill savings are on offer to companies that deploy renewable energy technologies

Have your say 06 Nov 2013

Should the UK replace green policies with a single carbon price?

Institute of Fiscal Studies calls for overhaul of government policies designed to curb CO2, but is its answer too simplistic?

Have your say 01 Nov 2013

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