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Climate adaptation lobby is reckless, dangerous, and (partly) right


The latest argument from climate sceptics that we can manage escalating risks may be flawed, but it could still aid those who want to see more climate action

01 Apr 2014

IPCC Report: Business groups lead calls for ambitious action to tackle worsening climate risks

Onshore wind turbine construction

Leading business groups renew calls for bolder steps to deliver climate mitigation and resilience

31 Mar 2014

Climate change 'already affecting food supply' – UN


Report by climate change panel says global warming is fuelling not only natural disasters, but potentially famine – and war

31 Mar 2014

Fresh reports highlight escalating climate risks

Ahead of the launch of latest IPCC report, Met Office and Oxfam publish new studies warning of increasing climate impacts

26 Mar 2014

Why the UK needs a Climate Change Impacts Fund

Bob Ward explains why he has launched a new petition calling for a tax avoidance crackdown to create a dedicated fund to combat climate impacts

05 Mar 2014

Davos: Climate impacts pose severe global economic risk

Annual World Economic Forum Global Risk report again highlights climate change and extreme weather as big risks for economy over the next decade

20 Jan 2014

The world does not end in 2100

Why is there so little engagement with the concept of historic legacy when it comes to climate change?

10 Jan 2014

Flood-hit UK must prepare for more extreme weather, says climate adviser

Sir David King says government needs to increase spending on flood defences, as storms continue to cause disruption

06 Jan 2014

Planet likely to warm by 4C by 2100, scientists warn

New climate model taking greater account of cloud changes indicates heating will be at higher end of expectations

02 Jan 2014

US utilities urged to boost climate resilience or risk blackouts

White House report warns that power outages caused by extreme weather are costing the US between $18bn and $33bn a year

13 Aug 2013

NFU claims extreme weather poses biggest threat to British farming

Erratic swings from floods to heatwaves and drought caused by climate change is devastating harvests, says NFU president

29 Jul 2013

Climate change poses grave threat to security, says UK envoy

Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, special representative to foreign secretary, says governments can't afford to wait for 100% certainty

01 Jul 2013

Erratic US 'weather whiplash' accounts for billions of dollars in global losses

Frequent and intense weather events in the US cited in climate studies as series of natural disasters plague region

30 May 2013

Reports offer stark warnings over rising climate threats

Major new US and European reports again warn urgent action needed to tackle mounting climate risks and economic impacts

14 Jan 2013

Climate change a factor in spiralling weather disaster costs

Munich Re says North America has racked up losses of over $1,000bn over the last 30 years because of extreme weather

18 Oct 2012



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