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Davey downplays fears EU climate strategy is vulnerable to Eurosceptic renaissance

EU flag

Energy and Climate Secretary confident European elections will not derail 2030 climate package

22 Apr 2014

Accenture slashes emissions by more than a third

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Consultancy giant's latest corporate citizenship report confirms emissions per employee have fallen 36 per cent since 2007

01 Apr 2014

EU leaders must act now to put Europe on the right path towards a competitive future


The CBI's Nicola Walker argues that only an ambitious EU climate change package can deliver investor certainty the business community needs

20 Mar 2014

David Cameron's EU performance tomorrow is more important to the UK's future than the Budget

Matthew Spencer and Nick Mabey argue the really critical long term policy signals for the green economy will not be found in the Chancellor's red box

19 Mar 2014

Chief execs call on Cameron to end carbon budget uncertainty

Top execs at Shell, Unilever, BT, EDF Energy, and Kingfisher amongst those urging Prime Minister to leave the fourth carbon budget alone

06 Mar 2014

Lord Deben: "The technique of those opposed to action on climate change is spreading doubt"

"Market capitalisation based on large scale fossil fuel reserves becomes much more questionable as we move into a new age of renewables and low carbon technology"

27 Feb 2014

Updated: UK confirms that it hit first carbon budget

But data shows emissions on the rise as economy recovers from recession

04 Feb 2014

Environmental orthodoxy remains a barrier to carbon cuts

Kirsty Alexander argues nuclear power's vital role in aiding decarbonisation is being hampered by "institutional bias"

03 Feb 2014

Aviva reveals concerns over fossil fuel industry's high capex projects

Corporate leaders signal support for ambitious carbon targets, as insurance giant reveals it has spoken to fossil fuel firms about climate risks

29 Jan 2014

Committee on Climate Change: Carbon targets do not harm competitiveness

Government advisory body reiterates defence of carbon budgets in the face of criticism from heavy electricity users

29 Jan 2014

Davey: Brussels’ 2030 targets strengthen case for UK’s fourth carbon budget

Energy and Climate Change Secretary predicts new EU proposals will bring other member states closer into line with UK ambition

23 Jan 2014

EU 2030 climate package confirms green growth is here to stay

By opting for an emission reduction target of 40 per cent Brussels can provide the foundations for the kind of deep emissions reductions that are needed

22 Jan 2014

Ed Davey hails "step in the right direction" for EU's green economy

"A 40 per cent greenhouse gas target for Europe is a good start which the UK fought hard for, and will lead to massive investment in low carbon energy, including many more renewables"

22 Jan 2014

EU 2030 climate package - at a glance

BusinessGreen analyses the key points from the European Commission's wide-ranging green policy proposals

22 Jan 2014

Why the EU's 2030 climate package matters to business

Everyone from the CBI to the New York Times agrees that ambitious EU climate policies are critical to the future of Europe's economy and the world's ability to overcome its environmental challenges

22 Jan 2014

Report: EU carbon target negotiations go down to wire

Draft text suggests officials could duck decision on binding emissions targets for 2030

21 Jan 2014

Ambitious climate policy can secure Europe's energy future

Leading investor groups urge Brussels to deliver the ambitious long term strategy needed to drive low carbon transition

21 Jan 2014

CO2 emissions are being 'outsourced' by rich countries to rising economies

Greenhouse gas output of China and elsewhere is increased by making goods that are then used in the US and Europe

20 Jan 2014

Study: Low cost measures could cut EU emissions 40 per cent by 2030

Potsdam Institute research suggests economic cost of meeting ambitious climate change targets would be less than 0.7 per cent of GDP

16 Jan 2014

Cameron slams "irrational" and "religious" shale gas critics

Prime Minister explains how he is not prepared to set a decarbonisation target until more information is available on whether carbon capture technologies can work

15 Jan 2014

Far from having 'to cost the earth', going green makes business sense

Nick Molho says today’s call by leading businesses, investors and trade associations shows the appetite for stable climate policies

11 Dec 2013

Climate Committee carbon budget report: At a glance

UK must not and cannot alter its carbon targets for 2023-2027, Committee on Climate Change says

11 Dec 2013

Confirm carbon budget to spur green investment, government told

Government 'should not and can not' change emissions reduction pathway that could save UK £200bn by 2050 says Committee on Climate Change

11 Dec 2013

Sainsbury's reveals secrets of "triple zero" stores success

Retail giant's new "carbon neutral" stores have embraced clean technologies, but is the company on track to meet its emissions targets

26 Nov 2013

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