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Electricity Market Reform articles

Green policy takes two steps forward, one step back

Nick Clegg and Ed Davey

The green economy is making great progress and new carbon targets promise a further boost, but constant policy setbacks are not helping

25 Jul 2014

EU green lights key mechanisms in UK clean energy market overhaul

London Array offshore wind farm

Contracts for Difference and Capacity Market mechanism secure state aid approval, as critics warn reforms throw a lifeline to dirty coal power

23 Jul 2014

Drax celebrates biomass subsidy court victory


High Court rules coal-to-biomass conversion project was eligible for government subsidy support

14 Jul 2014

Labour: CCS is a necessity, not an option

Opposition publishes policy paper outlining its plans to rapidly expand the UK's fledgling carbon capture and storage industry

10 Jul 2014

National Grid sets out "plausible and credible" decarbonisation path

Major new report sets out competing scenarios for the future of the UK energy industry

10 Jul 2014

EDF in line for £800m windfall from subsidy scheme to keep lights on

Energy firm which operates most of UK nuclear power plants could undercut competitors at auction launch capacity market

07 Jul 2014

UK seeks to avoid 'energy crunch' with 53GW of back-up power

Energy Secretary confirms first auction on capacity market will take place in December

30 Jun 2014

Green energy contracts too generous, National Audit Office says

Industry moves to defend contracts for offshore wind and biomass projects against NAO claim they may have inflated costs for consumers

27 Jun 2014

Government presses ahead with electricity market reforms

Secondary legislation laid in Parliament for programme designed to attract £100bn of investment into UK energy sector

23 Jun 2014

Eco2 warns policy reforms are chopping down UK biomass market

Welsh company says changes to subsidy regime will make many planned sustainable biomass power plants unviable

18 Jun 2014

Consumer group Which? questions virtue of green energy subsidies

Which? warns planned green energy subsidies may not be value for money, as more cost effective options may be overlooked

12 Jun 2014

Green energy auctions may damage renewables development, industry warns

Plans for established renewable energy technologies to compete for subsidies could harm smaller developers and unsettle investors, government told

13 May 2014

Breaking: DECC unveils shock changes to solar farm subsidies

Government confirms drastic reforms to solar subsidy regime, as fears mount over impact of solar farm development on clean energy budget

13 May 2014

Why has SSE's Beatrice wind farm bagged a government power contract?

Vince Cable dismisses speculation that surprise decision was linked to Scottish independence referendum

24 Apr 2014

UK heralds 'green energy investment boom' with boost for major projects

Five offshore wind and three biomass schemes first to be awarded long-term contracts under electricity market reforms

23 Apr 2014

How to deal with people who complain about renewable subsidies at parties

Alan Whitehead MP offers some sage advice for any green business exec who has ever been harangued about the cost of subsidising clean energy

17 Apr 2014

Europe set to shelve solar and wind state aid restrictions

Leaked draft document shows European Commission will no longer force 'deployed' renewables to compete in tech-neutral auctions

04 Apr 2014

Energy market competition probe - good or bad for green investment?

Industry insiders divided over potential impact of competition review on clean energy investment

28 Mar 2014

Government finalises capacity market design

Details on incentive system to keep power plants as back-up generators published by Department of Energy and Climate Change

20 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Is the Government playing Jenga with the building blocks of energy policy?

Nina Skorupska warns that messing with the carbon price floor risks bringing the entire fragile edifice of government clean energy policy tumbling down

18 Mar 2014

Unconventional wisdom on energy policy

Policy Exchange's Guy Newey assesses the arguments behind the UK's increasingly interventionist energy policy - and finds them wanting

13 Mar 2014

Ministers must take care as they rush to deliver final energy policy building blocks

RenewableUK's Maf Smith worries government is risking mis-steps as it completes the last few pieces of the Electricity Market Reform jigsaw

19 Feb 2014

Green energy developers to get new route to market

Government proposes 'off-taker of last resort' mechanism offering backstop purchase agreements to smaller generators

12 Feb 2014

Sellafield nuclear site reports "elevated levels of radioactivity"

About 8,000 employees reportedly told to stay away from the site, although operator says radiation levels are not dangerous

31 Jan 2014

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