Electricity Market Reform articles

How to deal with people who complain about renewable subsidies at parties

Alan Whitehead MP

Alan Whitehead MP offers some sage advice for any green business exec who has ever been harangued about the cost of subsidising clean energy

17 Apr 2014

Europe set to shelve solar and wind state aid restrictions

Solar panels in the Canaries

Leaked draft document shows European Commission will no longer force 'deployed' renewables to compete in tech-neutral auctions

04 Apr 2014

Energy market competition probe - good or bad for green investment?

Offshore wind farm maintenance

Industry insiders divided over potential impact of competition review on clean energy investment

28 Mar 2014

Government finalises capacity market design

Details on incentive system to keep power plants as back-up generators published by Department of Energy and Climate Change

20 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Is the Government playing Jenga with the building blocks of energy policy?

Nina Skorupska warns that messing with the carbon price floor risks bringing the entire fragile edifice of government clean energy policy tumbling down

18 Mar 2014

Unconventional wisdom on energy policy

Policy Exchange's Guy Newey assesses the arguments behind the UK's increasingly interventionist energy policy - and finds them wanting

13 Mar 2014

Ministers must take care as they rush to deliver final energy policy building blocks

RenewableUK's Maf Smith worries government is risking mis-steps as it completes the last few pieces of the Electricity Market Reform jigsaw

19 Feb 2014

Green energy developers to get new route to market

Government proposes 'off-taker of last resort' mechanism offering backstop purchase agreements to smaller generators

12 Feb 2014

Sellafield nuclear site reports "elevated levels of radioactivity"

About 8,000 employees reportedly told to stay away from the site, although operator says radiation levels are not dangerous

31 Jan 2014

Community Windpower Ltd blames auction plans as two wind projects are shelved

Company pulls plug on two proposed wind farms, citing uncertainty created by proposed auctioning mechanism

31 Jan 2014

How shared data could help slash offshore wind costs

Developers say database storing performance and operational data from wind farms will help improve safety and reliability

31 Jan 2014

DECC hits back at npower claims electricity reforms will force up corporate energy costs

Government says green generation support schemes will increase bill by just a third of the £30/MWh npower claims

21 Jan 2014

Marine power warns UK funding boost may fail to spark industry

Wave and tidal sectors predict government plans to ring fence support under electricity market reforms will be insufficient to kick start the market

21 Jan 2014

Ed Davey holds out hope for Eggborough biomass scheme

Energy Secretary says £750m coal to biomass conversion could still gain support, but owner claims plant could shut in 2015

19 Dec 2013

UK renewables face subsidy battle under electricity market reforms

UK renewables set to compete for support under plan to drive £110bn of investment and create 200,000 green jobs

19 Dec 2013

Could auctions hold the key to low cost renewables?

Policy Exchange report argues that emulating Brazil and introducing clean energy auctions could help slash the cost of decarbonisation

16 Dec 2013

Renewable energy strike prices to deliver £40bn of new investment

Government confirms offshore wind, hydro and geothermal will see support boosted from 2015, but solar and onshore wind will be cut

04 Dec 2013

Labour underlines support for decarbonisation target in 10-point energy plan

Opposition to publish new Energy Green Paper, including commitment to introduce decarbonisation target and give Green Investment Bank borrowing powers

29 Nov 2013

Forget the "green crap", what are your top five green priorities?

Guy Newey of Policy Exchange warns that the green movement can not allow climate change rows to draw attention from wider, and related, environmental concerns

29 Nov 2013

Only efficiency can solve the energy "quadrillema"

Simon Graham explores the energy "quadrillema" and concludes energy efficiency should provide the answer

18 Nov 2013

Gas industry employee seconded to draft UK's energy policy

Documents reveal Decc's head of capacity market design comes from ESB, which owns three gas-fired power plants

11 Nov 2013

UK green energy attracted six Olympic Stadiums worth of investment in 2012

EY energy sector report finds renewables accounted for around a third of private sector investment in the UK energy sector last year

05 Nov 2013

Davey: UK on track to meet emissions goals and deliver low carbon investment

Government consults on plans to bring forward £110bn of investment in energy system and says it will cut CO2 34 per cent by 2020

11 Oct 2013

Nuclear plans edge forward as government seeks to finalise Energy Bill

Reports suggest long-running negotiations over the proposed new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point are close to completion

10 Oct 2013

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