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Davey downplays fears EU climate strategy is vulnerable to Eurosceptic renaissance

EU flag

Energy and Climate Secretary confident European elections will not derail 2030 climate package

15 Apr 2014

Independent Scotland faces £1.8bn bill to meet its green targets – Ed Davey

Scotland and UK flags

Energy secretary joins referendum debate, claiming Scotland's plans for 100 per cent green electricity rely on UK taxpayer subsidies

08 Apr 2014

Britain must take lead in global warming battle, says Ed Davey

Ed Davey Energy and Climate Change Secretary

Lib Dem energy and climate change secretary speaks out on eve of publication of major UN report on environment

31 Mar 2014

Ed Davey warns Scotland over energy independence: speech in full

The Energy and Climate Change's speech to the Scottish Renewables Conference in full

19 Mar 2014

Ed Davey: Scots independence would push up low carbon costs

Energy and Climate Change Secretary rejects SNP claim England and Wales would continue to pay for Scottish renewables under independence

19 Mar 2014

Green social change: building an Energy Saving Society

Ed Davey speech to the LSE calls for a national focus on improving energy efficiency

12 Mar 2014

Labour accuses government of leaving 54,000 homes out in the cold following ECO reforms

Freedom of Information requests reveal that local authorities have suspended or cancelled energy efficiency improvements for over 54,000 households

12 Mar 2014

Ed Davey Ecobuild Speech - in full

"Our shared ambition is to build one of the least wasteful, most energy efficient, most climate friendly societies in the developed world"

06 Mar 2014

Davey promises revamp for Green Deal and ECO

Long-awaited consultation on changes to the Energy Company Obligation published, as Davey promises more streamlined Green Deal

06 Mar 2014

UK backs EU-wide green energy goal

But renewable energy industry calls for individual binding targets for member states

03 Mar 2014

Ed Davey invites firms to generate revenue by curbing power demand

Energy and Climate Secretary calls on businesses to take part in new £20m demand reduction pilot

28 Feb 2014

Get paid for investing in energy efficiency

Ed Davey urges businesses to take part in the government's new demand reduction pilot project

28 Feb 2014

Peterhead carbon capture and storage project snares UK funding

Ed Davey confirms "multi-million pound contract" for project trapping CO2 from gas-fired power station and burying it under the North Sea

24 Feb 2014

Davey turns fire on Labour over "seriously flawed" energy price freeze plan

Energy and Climate Change Secretary may have led with his attack on climate sceptics, but much of his ire was reserved for the opposition

13 Feb 2014

Ed Davey Energy and Climate Change Speech - in full

"This type of climate change denying conservatism is wilfully ignorant, head in the sand, nimbyist conservatism"

13 Feb 2014

Obama and Hollande pledge joint climate action

Statement from US and French presidents promises clean energy partnerships and pursuit of a global climate deal at next year's Paris Summit

11 Feb 2014

Government eyes crowdfunding to drive community energy revolution

Ministers see crowdfunding as key strand of drive to finance and increase participation in community projects

28 Jan 2014

Government Community Energy Strategy: The Reaction

BusinessGreen Plus runs down all the latest reaction to the Department for Energy and Climate Change's new community renewables strategy

27 Jan 2014

Davey: Brussels’ 2030 targets strengthen case for UK’s fourth carbon budget

Energy and Climate Change Secretary predicts new EU proposals will bring other member states closer into line with UK ambition

23 Jan 2014

Ed Davey hails "step in the right direction" for EU's green economy

"A 40 per cent greenhouse gas target for Europe is a good start which the UK fought hard for, and will lead to massive investment in low carbon energy, including many more renewables"

22 Jan 2014

DECC ministers set out interconnector and solar priorities

Davey and Barker hint at plans for the New Year designed to help accelerate the roll out of clean power while curbing energy costs

02 Jan 2014

Ed Davey holds out hope for Eggborough biomass scheme

Energy Secretary says £750m coal to biomass conversion could still gain support, but owner claims plant could shut in 2015

19 Dec 2013

Scotland misses out on fast-tracked offshore wind support

But Ed Davey maintains three Scottish projects are now in prime position to secure contracts next year

19 Dec 2013

Tory MPs warn government over Eggborough power plant closure

Yorkshire MPs including Nigel Adams and Chris Heaton-Harris call on Energy Secretary to rethink biomass subsidy scheme

17 Dec 2013

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