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Greg Barker appointed as Prime Minister's climate change envoy

Energy and climate change minister Gregory Barker

Former Climate Minister takes up role days ahead of New York Summit

19 Sep 2014

David Cameron urges shoppers to buy from ethical businesses ahead of 'Social Saturday'


New government-backed survey finds significant demand for socially responsible products

12 Sep 2014

Sceptical about Conservative scepticism

Richard Black

The problem with opinion surveys is that the answers they produce are only as good as the questions they ask and the samples they survey

11 Sep 2014

David Cameron set to attend New York Climate Change Summit

Prime Minister due to represent UK along with Energy and Climate Secretary Ed Davey

10 Sep 2014

Cameron can't insulate himself from blame over green job losses

The insulation industry, the fuel poor, and the planet all deserve better than this energy efficiency policy fiasco

05 Sep 2014

Cameron defends latest proposed solar subsidy cuts

Prime minister says solar power is 'priority' in renewable energy mix, but refuses to meet with industry to discuss looming subsidy changes

19 Aug 2014

Kudos to Cameron for his carbon-cutting clarity

The long-awaited decision to retain the fourth carbon budget provides investors with some much needed certainty, now government and business must deliver on it

22 Jul 2014

Has Cameron quietly downgraded his government’s climate change minister?

DECC insists change from minister of state for climate change to undersecretary of state for climate change 'doesn't make any difference' to government's approach

16 Jul 2014

Greenpeace targets David Cameron's home in latest fracking protest

Campaigners erect fence around the Prime Minister's country residence and declare: 'We apologise for any inconvenience we may cause while we frack under your home'

04 Jun 2014

Where is the Tories' alternative decarbonisation strategy?

In responding to the UKIP threat by attacking wind farms, the Conservatives risk ending up with an incoherent energy strategy

28 Apr 2014

Cameron's proposed wind farm ban is costly, statist, and probably unworkable?

Given the government is already cutting subsidies for onshore wind farms and enforcing tough planning rules, there is no case for a blanket ban on development

07 Apr 2014

Fresh details emerge of proposed Tory onshore wind farm ‘ban'

Guardian reports post-2020 crackdown on onshore wind energy increasingly likely to feature in Conservative election manifesto

07 Apr 2014

Tories plan new attack on windfarms

David Cameron considers 2015 manifesto commitment to curb onshore turbines, but Nick Clegg says Lib Dems will block it from coalition programme

02 Apr 2014

Renewables not fracking is the best answer to energy security

Donna Hume questions David Cameron's claims that shale gas offers Europe a chance to reduce its dependence on oil and gas imports from Russia

27 Mar 2014

David Cameron's EU performance tomorrow is more important to the UK's future than the Budget

Matthew Spencer and Nick Mabey argue the really critical long term policy signals for the green economy will not be found in the Chancellor's red box

19 Mar 2014

Cameron offers £45m funding boost for climate-tackling "internet of things"

Prime Minister: Internet of Things promises "huge transformative development" that will save energy, boost productivity and help address climate change

10 Mar 2014

Chief execs call on Cameron to end carbon budget uncertainty

Top execs at Shell, Unilever, BT, EDF Energy, and Kingfisher amongst those urging Prime Minister to leave the fourth carbon budget alone

06 Mar 2014

Government's own green goals at risk, as energy efficiency scandal worsens

Andrew Warren, director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy, reveals how the government's energy efficiency blind spot has now hit Whitehall's own energy-saving efforts

04 Mar 2014

Business leaders demand "far-sighted" climate response

Bosses from 11 top companies write to FT, calling on all political parties to "demonstrate their commitment to creating a low-carbon economy"

27 Feb 2014

Cameron warns climate change is one of biggest threats facing world

Prime Minister and Labour leader battle it out over who is more committed to curbing greenhouse gas emissions

26 Feb 2014

Cameron fleshes out new flood response schemes

Detailed plan published setting out how government plans to deliver funding commitments to flood-hit homes and businesses

21 Feb 2014

Miliband calls on government to give flood victims council tax break

Cameron responds with government commitment to fund councils that give council tax rebates to people whose homes have been flooded

19 Feb 2014

UK floods: Downing Street to hold clear-up summit with insurers

Flood clear-up summit comes amid fears over costs for those left out of 'Flood Re' scheme as PM faces plunging approval ratings

18 Feb 2014

Flood hit businesses offered £10m compensation package

David Cameron confirms new support measure that will offer around £2,500 to flooded small businesses

17 Feb 2014

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