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Fracking threatens Tory election hopes, Greenpeace warns

Greenpeace activists stage fracking protest outside David Camerons home in Oxfordshire

Analysis finds 77 per cent of targeted seats have been opened up for exploration, despite low levels of public support for fracking

29 Jul 2014

Kudos to Cameron for his carbon-cutting clarity

Chimney emitting pollution at Conesville power plant

The long-awaited decision to retain the fourth carbon budget provides investors with some much needed certainty, now government and business must deliver on it

22 Jul 2014

If Paterson's 'green blob' exists it is a lot bigger than he thinks

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Owen Paterson's attack on the environmental movement ignores both climate risks and the mainstream success of the green economy

21 Jul 2014

I was sacked by David Cameron to appease 'the green blob', says Paterson

Former environment secretary suggests he was removed from cabinet because of 'powerful, self-serving' environmental lobby

21 Jul 2014

Down with reshuffles!

Alan Whitehead praises out-going Climate Change Minister Greg Barker and argues that we need more Ministers with a long-standing interest in their brief

17 Jul 2014

Has Cameron quietly downgraded his government’s climate change minister?

DECC insists change from minister of state for climate change to undersecretary of state for climate change 'doesn't make any difference' to government's approach

16 Jul 2014

So, farewell then Greg Barker

Tributes paid as the hugely popular Energy and Climate Change Minister steps down

16 Jul 2014

A tale of two Tories

The departures of Owen Paterson and Greg Barker send conflicting signals about the direction of the Tory's green agenda decarbonisation

15 Jul 2014

Update: Amber Rudd appointed to DECC Ministerial role

George Osborne's former PPS to become Minister at Department of Energy and Climate Change

15 Jul 2014

Matt Hancock to replace Michael Fallon as Energy Minister

Business Minister steps up to take over from Fallon after his move to Defence Secretary

15 Jul 2014

Liz Truss appointed Environment Secretary

Education Minister replaces Owen Paterson

15 Jul 2014

Tory reshuffle shakes up of government's green ranks

Reports suggest Greg Barker is to step down as Owen Paterson faces the sack

14 Jul 2014

Poll: Voters prefer pro-wind farm MPs

ComRes survey challenges wisdom of Conservative Party's plan for a ban on onshore wind farms

11 Jul 2014

Tory ministers underscore commitment to green economy

Greg Barker outlines plans to build on Green Investment Bank success, as Michael Fallon stresses ongoing government support for offshore wind energy

11 Jun 2014

Reports: Eric Pickles to end renewables-blocking reign as Communities Secretary

Paper says Esther McVey could replace Pickles at DCLG, with the Communities Secretary moving to become Conservative Party Chairman

02 Jun 2014

Greens hail emergence as 'national party'

Party celebrates strong showing in council elections as seat count more than doubles to 29 and Greens emerge as "official opposition" in Liverpool and Solihull

23 May 2014

UKIP surge overshadows modest gains for Greens

Early results suggest Greens on track for marginal increase in council seats, as Lib Dem support collapses

23 May 2014

European Election: Who deserves the green business vote?

UKIP are dominating the headlines, the Greens are enjoying a surge in the polls, but who should secure your vote?

21 May 2014

Lord Howell warns government's fracking strategy is "much too optimistic"

Chancellor's father-in-law lists reasons why UK fracking will struggle to emulate the US, but insists that government should continue to pursue shale gas by focusing on northern areas with 'the worst historical scars'

14 May 2014

Guy Hands: Ukraine crisis underlines importance of UK renewable energy

City financier calls on government not to ignore energy security after instability in eastern Europe

12 May 2014

Going underground? Energy security goals face challenges from protestors on all sides

As survey highlights entrenched public opposition to fracking and political criticism of wind farms intensifies, the UK's energy security goals are under fire

06 May 2014

Where is the Tories' alternative decarbonisation strategy?

In responding to the UKIP threat by attacking wind farms, the Conservatives risk ending up with an incoherent energy strategy

28 Apr 2014

Vince Cable brands Tory onshore wind farm veto 'irrational and damaging'

Senior Liberal Democrats warn coalition partner's pledge will hit investor confidence and push up costs of meeting green energy goals

24 Apr 2014

Conservatives confirm plans to scrap onshore wind subsidies

Michael Fallon says there is enough wind constructed and in the planning system to meet 2020 renewables targets

24 Apr 2014

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