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European Parliament votes to slash plastic bag waste

marks and spencer carrier bag

MEPs back new laws to crack down on plastic bags, despite opposition from Conservative MEPs

17 Apr 2014

Pickles takes further steps to block onshore wind farms

Little Cheyne Windfarm owned by RWE

RenewableUK warns decision to extend recovery powers is a "costly mistake", as new report warns Tory wind farm cap would push up costs of decarbonisation

10 Apr 2014

Tory Chairman says "wind is moving" towards anti-wind farm manifesto commitment


Grant Shapps gives clearest indication yet that Tory manifesto will include commitment to shift wind energy development offshore

08 Apr 2014

Tory-Lib Dem wind farm wars are catching clean energy investors in the cross fire

Labour's Julie Elliott argues that investors desperately needs to see a consistent line on energy policy from the government

08 Apr 2014

Cameron's proposed wind farm ban is costly, statist, and probably unworkable?

Given the government is already cutting subsidies for onshore wind farms and enforcing tough planning rules, there is no case for a blanket ban on development

07 Apr 2014

Fresh details emerge of proposed Tory onshore wind farm ‘ban'

Guardian reports post-2020 crackdown on onshore wind energy increasingly likely to feature in Conservative election manifesto

07 Apr 2014

Tories plan new attack on windfarms

David Cameron considers 2015 manifesto commitment to curb onshore turbines, but Nick Clegg says Lib Dems will block it from coalition programme

02 Apr 2014

Reports: Lib Dems block Conservative onshore wind farm veto

Nick Clegg tells David Cameron he will not back moves to end new onshore wind farm development

01 Apr 2014

Sustainable Energy Election Watch 2015

Discuss sustainable energy's role in the next election at this free to attend event

19 Mar 2014

The transformational change imperative

Business and government must work together to promote transformational change, writes Unilever's Paul Polman

11 Mar 2014

Don't make business go it alone

For all the ambitious sustainability improvements that are possible at a corporate level, such efforts will still be undermined by inconsistent statements from the Government, writes Sir Ian Cheshire

06 Mar 2014

The five drivers of green growth

The demands of corporate and national competitiveness allied to an increasingly well-informed public places resilience centre stage for business leaders and policy makers, writes Sir Stuart Rose

03 Mar 2014

Carbon budgets and green manifestos big winners as climate consensus renewed

It has been a good few weeks for the green economy; now business and political leaders need to build on their recent momentum

27 Feb 2014

Cameron warns climate change is one of biggest threats facing world

Prime Minister and Labour leader battle it out over who is more committed to curbing greenhouse gas emissions

26 Feb 2014

Conservatives harness top execs to "explode the myth" that environmentalism is anti-business

Sir Stuart Rose, Michael Gove and Arnold Schwarzenegger just some of the names to feature in "ground-breaking" collection of essays on how the centre right can drive environmental action

26 Feb 2014

Dear George Osborne, we all want cost-effective climate action

The Chancellor is right to want cost-effective action to tackle climate change, but that means delivering the policies that accelerate decarbonisation

21 Feb 2014

Ranks of green Tories depleted as Tim Yeo deselected

Yeo becomes second Conservative committee chair in the past week to be deselected by local party

03 Feb 2014

Laura Sandys: We need to ditch this 19th Century economic model

Latest report from 2020 Group of Tory modernisers calls for fundamental rethink of how the UK measures economic success

03 Feb 2014

David Cameron pledges to rip up green regulations

Prime minister says plans to scrap or amend more than 3,000 regulations will save businesses £850m a year

27 Jan 2014

Tory MPs warn government over Eggborough power plant closure

Yorkshire MPs including Nigel Adams and Chris Heaton-Harris call on Energy Secretary to rethink biomass subsidy scheme

17 Dec 2013

Labour dismisses claim of Heathrow third-runway U-turn

Interim report from airports commission set to announce a shortlist of options for expansion in the south-east

12 Dec 2013

Reports: Government calls on energy companies to freeze prices

BBC reports that energy giants have been asked to hold prices at current levels through to mid-2015

29 Nov 2013

Forget the "green crap", what are your top five green priorities?

Guy Newey of Policy Exchange warns that the green movement can not allow climate change rows to draw attention from wider, and related, environmental concerns

29 Nov 2013

Has the low carbon political consensus really been shattered?

New polling shows clear majority of MPs still broadly in favour of low carbon transition and energy efficiency measures

27 Nov 2013

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