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Solar revolution drives negative electricity prices in Australia

Brixton solar rooftop scheme

Coal industry threatened by rooftop solar as it competes with daytime power provision

07 Jul 2014

Old coal mines set to be transformed into solar farms


Anesco announces plans for up to 30MW of solar capacity at collieries in Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire

24 Jun 2014

UK CCS Research Centre dishes out £2.5m funding boost

Smoking chimney emitting pollution

Funding awarded to 14 projects, as Energy Minister Michael Fallon officially opens UK's latest CCS research facilities

23 Jun 2014

From coal mine to wind farm: Partnerships for Renewables cuts ribbon on pioneering project

New 4MW wind farm at Oakdale Colliery expected to deliver annual carbon savings of 4,400 tonnes

05 Jun 2014

Peaking Chinese coal demand risks billions in stranded assets

Latest Carbon Tracker Institute report warns shift to greener power could leave 40 per cent of Chinese coal power plants stranded by 2020

05 Jun 2014

Seven reasons to celebrate Obama's coal crackdown

And one reason why it does not go nearly far enough

02 Jun 2014

USA clean power plan: the reaction

BusinessGreen runs down all the latest reaction to new proposals to cut power sector emissions by 30 per cent

02 Jun 2014

US confirms plans to curb power emissions by 30 per cent

Environmental Protection Agency reveals much-anticipated targets designed to tackle climate change and save up to $93bn

02 Jun 2014

Obama considers tougher than expected power plant emissions caps

Reports suggest utilities may face mandated cuts of up to 25 per cent that could require investments in clean energy

20 May 2014

China aims for 70GW of solar in race to ditch coal

New target aims to more than triple current installed capacity as China continues clean energy investment drive

19 May 2014

Report: UK fossil fuel reserves will be gone in five years' time

Report warns of increasing dependence on imports if UK and other European countries do not accelerate clean energy deployment

16 May 2014

China's green drive could squeeze out coal before 2020

Research paper by Lord Stern suggests China may start to reduce coal consumption from 2016 - a huge fillip for a global climate deal

12 May 2014

Chinese coal production drops as environmental rules start to bite

New industry figures confirm Chinese coal production fell by more than 1.3 per cent last month

09 May 2014

Stanford University ditches coal investments

Board of Trustees says existence of less harmful alternatives means it will no longer invest $18.7bn endowment in coal mining

07 May 2014

Coal power: Polluting and thirsty

New report from the World Resources Institute reveals how the coal industry is increasing water stress globally

22 Apr 2014

Are China's coal emissions about to plummet?

New Greenpeace report predicts air pollution measures will also help tackle climate change

14 Apr 2014

IPCC climate mitigation report: At a glance

BusinessGreen outlines the latest findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's mitigation report

13 Apr 2014

Government finds "no value for money" in keeping coal pits open

Closure of two UK Coal deep pits leaves "no long-term future for the production of coal resources in the UK", experts say

10 Apr 2014

Committee on Climate Change downplays impact of carbon price floor freeze

Committee accused of putting "blind faith" in EU emissions trading scheme to tackle coal industry renaissance

02 Apr 2014

Let them eat coal

The coal industry is about to launch a major push to bring dirty energy to the world's developing countries, Kirsty Gogan argues that green businesses need a credible response

02 Apr 2014

New wind power blows UK green electricity to record levels

Huge rise in offshore and onshore wind energy pushes overall green generation to 15 per cent of UK mix

27 Mar 2014

Government finalises capacity market design

Details on incentive system to keep power plants as back-up generators published by Department of Energy and Climate Change

20 Mar 2014

Budget 2014: Carbon Price Floor row to overshadow new green investment

Renewables industry warns heavily trailed decision to freeze carbon price floor could see £4bn of clean energy investment put at risk

18 Mar 2014

Study: Wind power saves Europe €2.4bn worth of water each year

New report calls on governments to factor water efficiency gains into energy policy decisions

12 Mar 2014

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