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How companies can plan for a more sustainable future

Bjorn Haugland of DNV addresses the group of industry experts and sustainability professionals at the roundtable in London

BusinessGreen and DNV GL's latest roundtable outlined how businesses must incorporate climate threats into their long-term strategies

11 Jul 2014

Analysts: Global climate change deal unlikely to prevent dangerous climate change

Globe showing carbon emissions

New analysis by Thomson Reuters Point Carbon suggests the world will blow its carbon budget by 2048, even if China and USA match the EU's 2030 pledges

11 Jul 2014

10 climate threats facing the UK today


From overheating hospitals to underfunded flood defences, the UK is already facing severe climate risks

09 Jul 2014

Businesses failing to prepare for climate change risks, report warns

Committee on Climate Change attacks government "underinvestment" on flooding and outlines future overheating threat for UK's aging population

09 Jul 2014

Climate resilience: Why slow and spread beats pave and pipe

Could eco-engineering concepts deliver the climate adaptation cities need, while boosting the economy and improving habitats?

03 Jul 2014

Roundtable: How long-term corporate planning holds the key to a more sustainable future - last chance to register

Event hosted in association with DNV GL takes place on Monday July 7 in London

03 Jul 2014

Europe facing €190bn climate change bill, EU Commission warns

Study outlines damage to a range of sectors if no action is taken to limit global temperature rise

26 Jun 2014

Former US Treasury Secretaries to warn of soaring climate risks

Bi-partisan 'Risky Business' group to warn of immense corporate risks presented by unmitigated climate change

23 Jun 2014

World's energy systems vulnerable to climate impacts, report warns

Generators from nuclear reactors to coal-fired power plants will feel the brunt of the weather changes

18 Jun 2014

Tourism losing climate change battle, warns Cambridge study

New report warns that climate impacts pose grave threat to global tourism industry

18 Jun 2014

Winter floods could batter England again if cuts not reversed, MPs warn

Funding doesn't reflect increased flood risk driven by climate change, report finds

17 Jun 2014

Tortured World Cup-climate change analogy alert

Infrastructure lock-in, climate risk, and playing football in the desert

11 Jun 2014

Eco-engineering, Dutch flood prevention, and the future of estuaries

Speaking ahead of next month's Global Estuaries Forum, Victor Beumer reveals how a new approach to engineering could help protect cities against climate threats

11 Jun 2014

Climate unity dealt blow as Australia and Canada put business first

Prime ministers Tony Abbott and Stephen Harper say they do not want to harm economy in the fight against climate change

10 Jun 2014

Should you worry about a climate tipping point?

Decision makers in business, government and even religion are changing the way they think about climate change

06 Jun 2014

UN: Sea-level rise could cost global economy trillions

Small island developing countries likely to be worse hit as climate change devastates tourism and fisheries

06 Jun 2014

Prince Charles calls for creation of a greener, inclusive capitalism

Heir to the throne warns that fundamental reforms to capitalism are urgently required to tackle escalating climate risks

28 May 2014

Global Estuaries Forum

Inaugural forum in Deauville, France will bring together experts from around the world to discuss the future of economically crucial estuary environments

27 May 2014

Green Climate Fund ready to open for business

Board meeting in Songdo finalises essential requirements, meaning UN-backed fund could start investing next year

22 May 2014

Climate change will hit sovereign credit ratings, S&P warns

Rating agency says impact of "mega trend" on economic performance will fall disproportionately on poorer nations

20 May 2014

Is sceptics' 'McCarthyism' spin their cleverest ploy yet?

The latest furore over the 'suppression' of climate-sceptic views seeks to conceal the recklessness inherent to their downplaying of climate risks

19 May 2014

DNV GL Roundtable: How long-term corporate planning holds the key to a more sustainable future

Hosted in association with DNV GL, this roundtable event aims to explore how businesses are developing the long-term strategies needed to deliver a safe and sustainable future

15 May 2014

Speaking with a forked tongue

Tom Burke explores how ExxonMobil's web of carefully worded caveats reveals how the oil major is still refusing to take climate risks seriously

14 May 2014

Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, scientists warn

Two separate studies confirm loss of ice sheet is inevitable, and will cause up to four metres of additional sea-level rise

13 May 2014

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