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EDF seeks to beef up power plant climate resilience


Nuclear giant awarded contract from Energy Technologies Institute to explore natural hazards to new infrastructure

09 Jul 2014

EDF in line for £800m windfall from subsidy scheme to keep lights on


Energy firm which operates most of UK nuclear power plants could undercut competitors at auction launch capacity market

07 Jul 2014

Toshiba closes deal to build new UK reactors by 2024

Cooling tower at a nuclear power plant

Company buys 60 per cent stake in NuGen, aiming to build largest nuclear facility in Europe

30 Jun 2014

China nuclear safety threat spells danger for the UK

Tom Burke warns the UK's new nuclear programme may go up in flames if China's 'overwhelmed' nuclear regulators fail to prevent an accident

30 Jun 2014

France prioritises renewables with sweeping new energy legislation

New energy bill aims to provide a major boost to renewables as government proposes nuclear power cap

23 Jun 2014

UK and China ink 'landmark' civil nuclear agreement

Major new deal builds on climate action alliance and paves way for Chinese companies to own and operate UK nuclear power plants

18 Jun 2014

Clean switch

It is possible to switch from an anti- to a pro-nuclear position, argues Kirsty Gogan, and some influential commentators are making the transition

20 May 2014

Cumbrian nuclear dump 'virtually certain' to be eroded by rising sea levels

One million cubic metres of waste near Sellafield are housed at a site that was a mistake, admits Environment Agency

22 Apr 2014

Let them eat coal

The coal industry is about to launch a major push to bring dirty energy to the world's developing countries, Kirsty Gogan argues that green businesses need a credible response

02 Apr 2014

Seven ways to make nuclear cheaper (than it already is)

Why do the costs of building nuclear appear to be rising over time, instead of coming down, as you would expect from other technologies?

20 Mar 2014

Hinkley nuclear plant returns raise state aid queries

Carbon Connect report finds investors can expect up to 21 per cent return on investment from the UK's newest reactor

18 Mar 2014

Study: Wind power saves Europe €2.4bn worth of water each year

New report calls on governments to factor water efficiency gains into energy policy decisions

12 Mar 2014

Russian state nuclear firm in talks to build power station in the UK

Rosatom meeting Whitehall officials but experts say a Russian VVER reactor is unlikely to open in UK for at least 10 years

12 Mar 2014

Japan retains role for nuclear in new energy strategy

Nuclear power has an "important" role in electricity generation, according to first energy plan published since Fukushima disaster

26 Feb 2014

Labour confirms backing for EDF nuclear deal

Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Caroline Flint insists Labour would not seek to renegotiate controversial contract with nuclear developer

24 Feb 2014

GE Hitachi backs PRISM to solve UK's nuclear waste problem

Consortium aims to capitalise on government recognition of plan to use plutonium for electricity alongside other disposal options

24 Feb 2014

Obama's climate week overshadowed by Keystone saga

Flurry of green policy announcements welcomed by campaigners, but concerns remain recent progress could be undermined by pipeline approval

20 Feb 2014

Scientists hail nuclear fusion breakthrough

Experiment successfully produces energy from fusion reaction, although self-powering systems remain a long way off

13 Feb 2014

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