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Doha Climate Summit - all the latest

BusinessGreen keeps you up-to-date with all the news and analysis from the UN's annual climate change talks

Catch up with all the latest news from the UN's Climate Change Summit in Doha, Qatar.

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Doha: Kyoto extension unlikely to rescue carbon price

asia markets

Analysts say new commitment period is insufficient to tackle lack of demand for carbon credits

11 Dec 2012

Report: Belarus threatens to quit Kyoto agreement

Smoking chimneys

Reuters report that cluster of Eastern European states could ditch extended Kyoto Protocol in protest at emissions caps

11 Dec 2012

Doha Gateway: At a glance

Doha with boat and man

A round up of the major outcomes of the two-week climate summit

10 Dec 2012

Doha: Davey demands climate ambition after "modest step forward"

Doha in Qatar

Summit closes with agreements on climate aid, Kyoto Protocol and procedure, but green groups unhappy with "polluter's charter"

10 Dec 2012

Doha Gateway: The reaction

doha coffee pot

Green groups slam lack of ambition as ministers finalise historic climate deal

09 Dec 2012

Doha climate change deal clears way for 'damage aid' to poor nations

Christiana Figures  at Cop 18 talks in Doha

EU, Australia and Norway also sign up to new carbon-cutting targets as fortnight-long conference in Qatar closes

09 Dec 2012

Updated: Doha deal in balance as “Loss and Damage” text tabled

Doha offices

US resisting new commitment to recognise climate "loss and damage" faced by poorer nations, as Poland accused of blocking final deal

08 Dec 2012

Diplomats urged to deliver "Doha Climate Gateway" deal tonight

Christiana Figures  at Cop 18 talks in Doha

But COP18 talks likely to continue into tomorrow as negotiators attempt to tie together key strands

07 Dec 2012

Qatar comes under fire as climate talks 'flounder'

Doha with boat and man

Delegates call on host nation to drive talks towards a successful close, as fears mount that no deal will be reached today

07 Dec 2012

Rare note of harmony at Doha as action agreed on black carbon

Doha offices

The 25 members of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition have agreed to vastly reduce black carbon, methane and ozone

07 Dec 2012

UK and Germany launch new fund to help poor nations cut emissions


New NAMA fund launched as Norway "rewards" Brazil's effort to limit deforestation with £111m donation to Amazon Fund

07 Dec 2012

Doha blog: 'hot air' rising up the agenda

doha coffee pot

Jane Burston finds protestors and climate sceptic Lord Monckton have 'hot air' in common

06 Dec 2012

Doha: Ban Ki-moon calls for climate aid assurances


UN chief says a 2015 climate deal could be undermined if developed countries fail to outline how they plan to mobilise $100bn fund

05 Dec 2012

China pledges $56bn for air pollution crackdown


Ministry of Environmental Protection sets new targets to tackle harmful air pollution, after admitting 70 per cent of cities fail to meet minimum standards

06 Dec 2012

Doha: UK opens war-chest to help poor countries tackle climate change


Ed Davey confirms UK will deliver £1.5bn pledged Fast Start finance by end of December 2012

04 Dec 2012

Windmade expands green labelling scheme with 'RenewablesMade' plan

General Electric wind turbine

Corporations that use renewable energy will soon be able to promote their green credentials using new international labelling scheme

04 Dec 2012

Lord Stern: Poorer countries must share carbon-cutting burden

Carbon emission

New paper by leading economist says action will be required from emerging economies even if rich countries produce zero emissions by 2030

04 Dec 2012

Climate change spending insufficient to weather the storm

Parched soil by the White Nile in Khartoum Sudan

Report finds cumulative investment in climate-related projects of $364bn last year needs to be more than trebled

03 Dec 2012

Bid to streamline Doha talks could herald emissions progress

Doha with boat and man

Observers argue attempt to end two-track negotiations could remove overlap and accelerate progress towards carbon-cutting agreement

30 Nov 2012

Doha blog: Emissions trading set for turbulence and tie-ups

Doha offices

Jane Burston hears delegates debate the future of emission trading at the Doha climate summit

30 Nov 2012

NGOs demand Doha cancellation of carbon credit surplus

Doha in Qatar

Over 150 organisations say Kyoto loopholes are undermining carbon-cutting efforts

29 Nov 2012

Doha: Developing nations demand step up in Kyoto ambition

Island Nation of Kiribati Affected by Climate Change

Poorer countries issue formal call for a strengthening of the proposed second Kyoto commitment period, as US reiterates commitment to UN talks

28 Nov 2012

Doha deal must include permafrost action, says UN

Man walking across the arctic

Frozen soils could account for 39 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions as temperatures rise, report warns

27 Nov 2012

Doha Summit: What exactly are you waiting for?


Business leaders crave certainty from UN climate talks, but regardless of the outcome from Doha plenty of climate policies are already pretty certain

27 Nov 2012

Businesses failing to tap emerging market clean energy opportunity

Siemens 3MW direct drive turbine

As Qatar and US defend climate change records, new figures reveal investment in developing world clean energy projects falling well short of targets

27 Nov 2012

Vietnam approves carbon trading plan


Prime Minister rubberstamps ambitious proposals to create national carbon market capable of slashing greenhouse gas emissions 10 per cent by 2020

27 Nov 2012

Expand carbon market participation at Doha, urges trade body


Emissions trading body argues that encouraging countries to participate in Clean Development Mechanism would help reduce glut of credits

26 Nov 2012

Climate funding deficit could undermine Doha Summit


As summit kicks off, separate reports say rich nations are failing to meet climate funding commitments and the problem is likely to get worse

26 Nov 2012

COP18 in Doha: Hot, dry and desperate for a workable deal

Parched soil by the White Nile in Khartoum Sudan

As diplomats meet in Doha for COP18, the CarbonNeutral Company's Jonathan Shopley, argues neither the climate nor business will not gain from the talks

26 Nov 2012

Doha Summit: What to expect


BusinessGreen previews COP 18 as talks kick off in Doha this week

26 Nov 2012

Obama under pressure to show Doha he is serious on climate change

US President Barack Obama

The climate has been back on Obama's lips since his re-election, but the Doha conference will show if he is all talk

23 Nov 2012

China: Emissions will not peak until GDP increases fivefold


Lead climate negotiator says emissions will rise with economic growth, but pledges new measures to cut carbon whatever the outcome at Doha

22 Nov 2012

UN: World "actively moving in the wrong direction" on climate change


Even meeting emissions commitment will leave the planet far beyond internationally agreed limits, report finds

21 Nov 2012

Déjà vu stalks Doha as key players stand-off


Emerging economies insist any post-2020 treaty will have to be based on Kyoto regime, laying foundations for another major row with the US

21 Nov 2012

Oil nations asked to consider carbon tax on exports

Rear of oil tanker

Proposal could break deadlock at climate talks over raising finances for poorer countries to adapt to global warming

21 Nov 2012

UN touts Clean Development Mechanism success

Solar panels in Tanzania - photo Camco

Much criticised carbon trading scheme has delivered $215bn of investment in emission-cutting projects since 2006

21 Nov 2012

Investors warn climate change is putting pensions at risk

Tidal wave hitting a city

Coalition of institutional investors calls for shift in climate policy to encourage more sustainable low carbon investments

20 Nov 2012

Ignoring natural capital could see countries' credit ratings downgraded

A frog on a leaf

UN warns vulnerability to commodity price spikes can damage nations' balance of payments

20 Nov 2012

Business leaders demand global carbon price at Doha

Doha in Qatar

More than 100 companies sign communiqué warning carbon pricing mechanism is needed to drive large-scale low-carbon investment

19 Nov 2012

World Bank: Governments must tackle climate change 'more aggressively'

Parched soil by the White Nile in Khartoum Sudan

Planet is set for four degrees of warming by end of the century without radical decoupling of growth and carbon, report warns

19 Nov 2012

Australia pledges to renew Kyoto Protocol in Doha


But New Zealand refuses to follow suit and will instead sign a non-binding pledge

09 Nov 2012

PwC: World on track for six degrees of warming without drastic carbon cuts

Parched soil by the White Nile in Khartoum Sudan

Current rates of decarbonisation are well short of the five per cent a year needed to avoid worst effects of climate change

05 Nov 2012

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