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US Election 2012 - Green Business Special

BusinessGreen keeps you up-to-date on the election that could change the direction of the global green economy

Catch up with all the latest news on a US election that promises to shape the global response to climate change and the green economy for years to come.

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Exclusive: UN chief urges Obama to renew climate efforts

UNFCCC's Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres welcomes re-election as UN launches initiative showcasing public-private green projects

08 Nov 2012

Updated: Obama faces calls to tackle climate change as he returns to White House

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama embrace Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden

President warns against the "destructive power of a warming planet" in victory speech

07 Nov 2012

Stop Press: The green business case for backing Obama

Garden view of the front of the White House

It may not have sparked the imagination, but the result of this election really matters to the global green economy

05 Nov 2012

Green groups launch final push for Obama

Obama Romney second debate

Final wave of attack ads slam Romney's failure to address climate change in wake of Superstorm Sandy

05 Nov 2012

Bloomberg brings climate change out of the closet in stunning snub to Romney


Mayor's endorsement could turn climate change into a serious election issue – and it might even embolden Republicans

02 Nov 2012

Sandy puts climate change back on the US election agenda

Hurricane Sandy (Image - NASA)

Bill Clinton and Al Gore among those calling for fresh focus on issue that neither candidate mentioned in televised debates

01 Nov 2012

As Hurricane Sandy looms, Obama breaks climate change silence

Hurricane Isaac (Image - NASA)

With Hurricane Sandy threatening the east coast of America, Obama admits he was 'surprised' climate change did not appear in Presidential debates

29 Oct 2012

Obama and Romney clash over clean energy, but climate change frozen out

Obama Romney second debate

Environmentalists left irate as presidential debates ignore climate change for the first time since 1984

23 Oct 2012

Obama and Romney trade blows on clean energy in second debate

Obama Romney second debate

President insists his 'all of the above' policy will ensure energy independence and denies accusations he is trying to crush coal

17 Oct 2012

Battery maker A123 systems files for bankruptcy

Fisker Karma hybrid car - photo Fisker Automotive

Company sells auto concerns to Johnson Controls for $125m and is open to offers on its other businesses

17 Oct 2012

Obama and Romney engage in coal wars, as polls show mounting climate fears

Piles of coal

New poll shows over two-thirds of US voters now accept global warming is happening

16 Oct 2012

Vestas blames US wind tax credit uncertainty for latest job cuts

A Vestas logo in front of a wind turbine

Company confirms it has slashed North American workforce by a fifth as a result of ongoing confusion over extension of wind farm tax breaks

15 Oct 2012

Ryan admits seeking funding from 'green pork' package he attacked

Paul Ryan

Vice President Joe Biden defends loan guarantee programme and pressures candidate Paul Ryan into admission during last night's debate

12 Oct 2012

Greens slam Romney over clean tech 'lies'

Mitt Romney

Republican candidate accused of using presidential debate to push falsehoods about Obama administration's support for green economy

05 Oct 2012

Chinese-owned Ralls sues Obama over blocked Oregon windfarm project


Company accuses president of overstepping his authority to block project on the grounds it poses a national security threat

03 Oct 2012

Vestas: US wind energy market on the brink of collapse

RWE wind turbine nacelle

Turbine manufacturer tells the Financial Times that failure to extend tax credit will lead to 95 per cent reduction in demand

28 Sep 2012

Study: $20 carbon tax could halve US deficit


Congressional Research Service says emissions levy would benefit households and businesses, but admits opposition is overwhelming

27 Sep 2012

US Poll: Undecided voters back more action on climate change


Poll reveals crucial swing voters are much closer to Obama’s stance on climate and energy policy than that of Romney

25 Sep 2012

SoloPower set for $197m Solyndra-style US loan guarantee

Thin film panel on roof of building at San Rafael

Government support for start-up solar company likely to raise spectre of bankrupt Solyndra

25 Sep 2012

House approves GOP bill to revoke environmental standards

A coal power plant with a cooling tower

'War on Coal' bill threatens powers of Environmental Protection Agency to regulate emissions but is unlikely to pass Senate

24 Sep 2012

Senate votes to ban US airlines from EU carbon trading


Move heaps pressure on government and industry to come up with a global solution to avoid an all-out trade war

24 Sep 2012

Five green things we learnt this week

Republican US presidential candidate Mitt Romney

From coal-loving Republicans to bursting Dr Pepper's bubble, BusinessGreen runs down the week's top stories

21 Sep 2012

Businesses call on US Senate to extend wind industry tax credit

A wind turbine under construction

In letter to Senate, 19 companies say failure to roll on PTC would penalise businesses 'committed to buying American energy'

19 Sep 2012

Aviation industry cranks up pressure on Obama over EU carbon law


President urged to file UN action to combat perceived threat to US sovereignty and jobs

18 Sep 2012

GOP to renew attack on climate regulations this week

Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Republicans seek to counter Obama's 'war on coal'

17 Sep 2012

US wind industry "facing potential disaster" if tax credit is not renewed

A wind turbine under maintenance

NRDC says each large wind farm creates almost 1,100 jobs, while also generating tax revenues and other benefits for communities

12 Sep 2012

Clock ticking for crucial US wind energy tax break

Gamesa turbine at a wind farm

Industry warns tens of thousands of jobs are on the line as Senate mulls whether to approve extension of popular tax credit

11 Sep 2012

US solar installations soar, as Solyndra row rumbles on

Solar panels in a desert

New figures reveal record quarter for utility-scale solar installations, driven by falling cost of solar technologies

10 Sep 2012

President Obama: 'Climate change is not a hoax'


President offers hope to green businesses by promising to cut emissions further and continue to support clean energy at Democratic conference

07 Sep 2012

Obama prepares to highlight green achievements

Garden view of the front of the White House

President expected to use Convention speech to put clear water between Democrats and Republicans on energy and environment issues

06 Sep 2012

Democrat Platform commits to climate action as 'top priority'


Official Platform strikes stark contrast with GOP through commitment to tackle climate change with 'regulation and market solutions'

04 Sep 2012

Michigan aims for election day boost to green energy target

A picture of a wind turbine against a blue sky

American Wind Energy Association backs ballot calling for Michigan to supply 25 per cent of its energy from renewables by 2025

03 Sep 2012

Obama vows to slash emissions with industrial efficiency push

Smoking chimneys

Executive Order to drive investment in combined heat and power technology, delivering $100bn in cost savings for US firms

31 Aug 2012

Romney speech mocks climate crisis

Republican US presidential candidate Mitt Romney

Republican challenger secures biggest applause of the night for attack on Obama’s attempt to "slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet"

31 Aug 2012

Republicans vow to end 'war on coal', torch green regulations

Piles of coal

Ahead of Romney speech, GOP Platform declares support for fossil fuels and an end to 'laws that often thwart new energy exploration and production'

30 Aug 2012

Obama signs off on “historic” US fuel efficiency standards

An electric car being recharged

President hails new miles per gallon targets as "the single most important step we’ve ever taken to reduce our dependence on foreign oil"

29 Aug 2012

MIT: US carbon tax a "win-win-win" for economy, planet and deficit

US President Barack Obama

Whether we cut taxes or maintain spending for social programmes, the economy will be better off with the carbon tax

28 Aug 2012

Electric car chargers coming to Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Supporters hope for an uptick in demand for electric cars after President Obama signs bill to install charging points near Congress

27 Aug 2012

Obama v Romney – is it time for green businesses to start worrying?

US President Barack Obama

The race for the White House is also a race for the future of the green economy

23 Aug 2012

Romney to back fossil fuels as key to energy independence

Republican US presidential candidate Mitt Romney

Republican candidate expected to unveil energy policy focused on increased drilling and exploration

23 Aug 2012

US court reverses crucial coal plant emissions ruling


Environmental Protection Agency said to have overstepped its authority by bringing in stringent air pollution rules

22 Aug 2012

US energy wars intensify as Obama lampoons Romney’s anti-wind stance


President Obama slams presidential challenger Mitt Romney over his suggestion that alternative energy is 'imaginary'

15 Aug 2012

Obama announces federal aid for drought-stricken agriculture industry

Parched soil by the White Nile in Khartoum Sudan

Pressure for action intensified last week as the department of agriculture warned food prices may be set to soar worldwide

14 Aug 2012

Obama aims to fast-track new wave of renewables projects

US President Barack Obama

President makes play for green vote with decision to expedite planning decisions for seven giant clean energy projects

09 Aug 2012

Romney and Obama draw wind power battle lines

Republican US presidential candidate Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s campaign confirms GOP's presumptive presidential nominee wants to kill off wind farm tax credits

01 Aug 2012

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