Securing green cards for green professionals argues emigrating green professionals need to remember to address visa issues

28 Jan 2013, 00:40

Moving abroad is an exciting venture, especially for young professionals. And it is also an increasingly common component of the career path for many green business professionals and sustainability executives. With the green economy expanding fast in developing countries such as India and China and the US also cementing its position as a clean tech hub there are considerable opportunities for green execs to work overseas.  

Preparing for the journey abroad

However, the overseas transfer can present several logistical and administrative challenges, not least amongst them the need to navigate the labyrinth presented by visas and visa applications. Thankfully for both long-term residents or short-term tourists there is the chance to consult helpful visa services to initiate overseas plans.

Applying for a green card or looking up other relevant visas is made possible via sites like All that is necessary is information on one's birth date and a proof of one's educational background to participate in the Green Card lottery.

Growing numbers of green executives are likely to be attracted to the US with the nation recently coming second in international attempts to support renewable energies.

Developing a sustainable business ideas

But even if green executives do not plan to transfer overseas permanently there is a strong case for short term exploratory trips to foreign markets to learn about business trends and culture before taking the plunge with any investment.

The auto industry is just one example. With the US one of the leaders in the development and trade of electric cars, anyone planning to invest in building a related business, be it service, manufacturing, consulting or marketing, would be advised to do their research. Even if it requires a trip to Detroit. 

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