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EU will not label tar sands as 'dirty'

Tar sands in Canada

MEPs fail to overturn Commission plans that would effectively consider oil from tar sands the same as standard petrol or diesel

18 Dec 2014

Senate effort to approve Keystone XL falls one vote short


Bill just fails to secure the 60 votes it needed to pass, but second Senate push could be made in the New Year

19 Nov 2014

Threat of Obama veto hangs over Keystone XL pipeline

Stop Keystone protester

Controversial bill supporting project will be debated in the Senate after winning House approval, but President is expected to veto it

17 Nov 2014

Could falling oil price threaten £271bn of Canada oil sands investment?

Carbon Tracker says under pressure oil companies will soon look to cut capital-intense projects with high break-even points

05 Nov 2014

EU backs down from labelling tar sands as polluting

Campaign groups blame industry lobbying as Commission proposes less taxing regime for carbon-intense fuel

08 Oct 2014

Should we "green up" dirty energy technologies?

Companies and activists alike are working to make processes like fracking and tar sands oil production more environmentally responsible - should we beat them up or cheer them on?

29 Aug 2014

Study warns emissions from Keystone XL pipeline four times higher than thought

New research challenges State Department projections, increasing pressure on White House to reject controversial development

12 Aug 2014

Enbridge faces local opposition over tar sands pipeline, despite federal approval

First Nation groups vow to continue fight against controversial tar sands pipeline

20 Jun 2014

200 arrests as Keystone XL protests escalate

Protestors strap themselves to White House fence as President continues to mull future of controversial pipeline

03 Mar 2014

Obama announces "climate hubs" to help boost agricultural resilience

New information centres to help farmers and rural communities protect themselves against escalating climate risks

06 Feb 2014

Ditching clean fuels law opens door to tar sands imports, warn green groups

EU Commission proposals to end Fuel Quality Directive could result in a rise in emissions equivalent to putting six million more cars on the roads

27 Jan 2014

EU climate package: Commission urged to retain green fuel targets

Frustration at proposals to remove sustainable transport goals creates unlikely alliance between biofuels sector and green groups

23 Jan 2014

Canada's emissions will rise until at least 2030, says government

Tar sands to drive rapid increase in emissions over the coming decades, official projections show

17 Jan 2014

Report: Keystone XL benefits a "mirage" for oil sands investors

Approval would encourage investment into risky high-cost, high-carbon projects that could end up stranded

27 Nov 2013

Green groups: Keystone XL to increase tar sands production by 36 per cent

Major new report aims to give President Obama the evidence he needs to reject controversial pipeline

30 Aug 2013

Obama hints at hardening line on Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

President rejects Republican claims that controversial project would create tens of thousands of jobs

29 Jul 2013

How Carbon Tracker learnt to hunt down the Carbon Bubble

BusinessGreen Leaders Award NGO of the year reveals why its carbon bubble warnings are starting to resonate

11 Jul 2013

Storebrand ditches fossil fuel assets in pursuit of 'long term, stable returns'

Major victory for global divestment campaign as Nordic investment giant excludes 19 fossil fuel companies from its portfolio

08 Jul 2013

Tar sands supporters suffer setback as British Columbia rejects pipeline

Canadian province rejects plan for Enbridge Northern Gateway, saying company failed to demonstrate adequate clean-up plan

03 Jun 2013

Keystone pipeline: House votes to bypass Obama for approval

Representatives approve bill declaring that controversial oil pipeline from Canada does not need president's permission

23 May 2013

EPA raises fresh concerns over Keystone pipeline

Letter argues State Department used outdated modelling to suggest pipeline will not lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions

23 Apr 2013

Greens angered as Keystone pipeline gains State Department boost

Controversial State Department study concludes pipeline will not lead to a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions

04 Mar 2013

Standard & Poor's warns oil firms could soon be facing credit downgrades

Credit agency teams up with Carbon Tracker Initiative to analyse long-term creditworthiness of firms investing in Canadian oil sands

04 Mar 2013

Protestors crank up calls for Obama to block tar sands pipeline

President faces jobs dilemma over controversial Keystone pipeline with decision expected in April

18 Feb 2013

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