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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) - The most popular form of solar technology, solar PV cells convert the sun's rays into usable electricity. The technology is used in a variety of applications, ranging from utility scale solar farms to on-building solar panels and device integrated solar cells. The technology has been previously hampered by relatively high costs and low levels of conversion efficiency, but economies of scale and nano-technology breakthroughs have led to a drastic reduction in the cost of solar energy. Some experts predict solar PV systems will be cost competitive with fossil fuels by the end of the decade.

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Modi doubles down on Indian solar revolution

New budget announces further support for solar projects, as government plans to double tax on coal

Have your say 14 Jul 2014

Legal row escalates as solar firms slam government over "inflated" cost claims

Lawyers reject government's claim that controversial cuts to solar subsidies saved households £50 a year

Have your say 11 Jul 2014

High Court rules solar firms entitled to compensation over illegal subsidy cuts

Solar companies to pursue claim for £132m after crucial ruling, as government signals that it will appeal against court decision

Have your say 09 Jul 2014

Apple extends solar farm plans

City of Claremont in North Carolina approves 100-acre, $55m solar farm plans from Apple to power its data centres

Have your say 09 Jul 2014

British Gas backs innovative £60m community solar project

New partnership between British Gas Solar, Generation Community and Social Finance aims to bring solar installations to public buildings across the UK

Have your say 09 Jul 2014

Conergy lines up £200m solar investment following Lumicity acquisition

Solar farm developer underlines commitment to UK solar market with acquisition of 166MW project pipeline from Lumicity

Have your say 09 Jul 2014

Clean energy investment rebounds to highest level since 2012

Investment clears $66bn in second quarter of 2014, suggesting the sector could end two years of declining investment

Have your say 08 Jul 2014

Report: India explores desert renewables strategy

Government investigating plans to invest around $350m in new wave of desert-based wind and solar projects

Have your say 08 Jul 2014

Solar revolution drives negative electricity prices in Australia

Coal industry threatened by rooftop solar as it competes with daytime power provision

Have your say 07 Jul 2014

Yingli's World Cup goals include solar 'legacy'

Chinese company is not only first renewable energy company to sponsor the World Cup, but also its first carbon-neutral sponsor

Have your say 04 Jul 2014

Build out, build up, but don’t replace, say solar competition entrants

Solar Decathlon aims to revive inefficient buildings with innovative solar retrofits

Have your say 27 Jun 2014

China boosts solar exports to developing countries as trade tension with US mounts

United Nations report finds China accounts for around 30 per cent of renewable energy trade to developing nations as market expands

Have your say 27 Jun 2014

Old coal mines set to be transformed into solar farms

Anesco announces plans for up to 30MW of solar capacity at collieries in Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire

Have your say 24 Jun 2014

LEDs, rebound effects, and investment prospects

Peter Michaelis of Alliance Trust Investments reveals why those who think green investment requires them to forego attractive returns could not be more wrong

Have your say 23 Jun 2014

SolarCity seeks to beat the grid by making its own panels

SolarCity is doing something few solar installers would ever dream of: it's going to make its own cutting-edge solar panels to lower solar energy costs

Have your say 20 Jun 2014

Abundance closes in on solar crowdfunding target

Investors have pledged £665,000 towards the refinancing of two 249kW solar sites in Kent

Have your say 20 Jun 2014

Which MP is the Cabinet's solar champion?

Friends of the Earth compiles rankings of the sunniest Cabinet Ministers - and it's not good news for Ed Davey

Have your say 20 Jun 2014

Labour: Government solar cuts could slash development pipeline by a third

Shadow energy minister says government's own figures show changes to subsidies could reduce predicted deployment by 30 per cent

Have your say 19 Jun 2014

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