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Barclays and MSCI launch Green Bond Index


New benchmarking index aimed at rapidly growing market set to hit $40bn this year

02 Jul 2014

LEDs, rebound effects, and investment prospects

LED street lights

Peter Michaelis of Alliance Trust Investments reveals why those who think green investment requires them to forego attractive returns could not be more wrong

23 Jun 2014

Trillion Fund launches 'UK's biggest' crowd-funded wind energy project

Endurance Wind Power 50kw wind turbine at Pockthorpe Hall

Peer-to-peer financing specialist launches new £5m crowd-funding push with the offer of a 7.5 per cent rate

19 Jun 2014

Warren Buffett set to double clean energy stakes

Sage of Omaha says Berkshire Hathaway holding company could invest a further $15bn in wind and solar power projects

10 Jun 2014

Disruptive solar - has the race already been won?

David Casale of clean tech-focused merchant bank Turquoise International argues that solar power could revolutionise the global energy market

10 Jun 2014

Sharia-compliant green energy investment project is 'world's first'

Developers aim to help Islamic investors support solar power schemes

28 May 2014

Japan's energy problem

The Fukushima crisis may have left Japan with a major energy challenge, argues Alliance Trust Investments' Simon Clements, but it has opened the door for a renewables boom

27 May 2014

Standard & Poors expects $20bn of green bonds in 2014

Ratings agency predicts increasing numbers of issuances from corporates looking to fund environmental projects

27 May 2014

Investment houses demand switch to more responsible finance

Zurich and Aviva among 11 companies to outline the "moral, financial and economic" case for leaving business as usual behind

22 May 2014

Green bond market sees records tumble

European Investment Bank and GDF Suez smash records for climate-related bonds, as market momentum continues

16 May 2014

Alliance Trust Investments unveils 'UK's first' risk profiled sustainable funds

Fund manager says move is in response to increasing demand for socially responsible investments

14 May 2014

Why finance giants should bank on sustainability

Multinational banks can play several roles but largely hold sustainability at arms' length from core business activities

09 May 2014

Over $1tr of oil projects at risk from "carbon bubble"

Report finds oil majors and small companies exposed to threat of stranded high carbon assets if oil demand falls

08 May 2014

Stanford University ditches coal investments

Board of Trustees says existence of less harmful alternatives means it will no longer invest $18.7bn endowment in coal mining

07 May 2014

A brave new world for corporate transparency

Steve Waygood of Aviva Investors hails the EU's new reporting rules as a major breakthrough for the green economy

07 May 2014

Green Project Bonds and Green Securitization are the next big thing for the Green Bonds Market

The green bond market is making good progress, but, as Bridget Boulle and Sean Kidney argue, to really drive investment we need to rehabilitate securitization

06 May 2014

FTSE provides further momentum to "carbon bubble" push

Company launches new index series that excludes companies linked to fossil fuel exploration and extraction

30 Apr 2014

Data for a Sustainable Future

Big Data can provide a major boost to the green economy, argues Alliance Trust Investment's Harriet Parker, but it brings with significant risks too

29 Apr 2014

UK companies have an opportunity to save lives while reducing their carbon impact

Lord Ashdown outlines the benefits to UK firms of a UNICEF project to provide low pollution cook stoves to poor households in Bangladesh

23 Apr 2014

RBS reveals plan to appoint Chief Sustainability Officer

Banking giant publishes latest Sustainability Review, confirming emissions from its operations fell by 6.2 per cent as company stepped up green lending efforts

17 Apr 2014

Pope Francis urged to back fossil fuel divestment campaign

Letter from religious groups in Australia and North America says it is 'immoral' to profit from fossil fuels

16 Apr 2014

Is the clean tech recovery under way? Global clean energy first quarter investment climbs 10 per cent

Bloomberg New Energy Finance data suggests clean tech investment rally could be under way

16 Apr 2014

Abundance Generation launches new solar schools project

Leading green crowd-funding platform promises seven per cent rate of return from latest solar rooftop project

15 Apr 2014

Global clean tech investment enjoys encouraging first quarter

Latest figures from Clean Energy Pipeline reveal 14 per cent increase in investment during first three months of the year

15 Apr 2014

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