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Barclays and UK steelworks set to be paid to curb energy demand


Fifty industrial companies to work with demand response aggregator REstore NV, which has agreed new deal with National Grid

18 Dec 2014

Britain’s dinosaur capacity market will worsen energy ‘trilemma’


Professor Catherine Mitchell reveals why she is none too impressed with the government's new capacity market

15 Dec 2014

Removing the barriers to Demand Side Response

Duncan Burt National Grid

National Grid's Duncan Burt explains how a new service aims to encourage more organisations into the demand side response market

12 Dec 2014

National Grid prepares STOR Runway for take-off in move to boost demand response market

New initiative aims to remove some of the barriers faced by emerging demand-side management services

12 Dec 2014

Are our cities about to get a lot smarter (and greener)?

New report suggests smart city technologies capable of slashing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution could be on the cusp of a major breakthrough

05 Dec 2014

Of nightmares and parrots

E3G's Tom Burke runs the rule over the current media hysteria over looming blackouts and reveals a tale of hyperbole and ideology

04 Dec 2014

How (and why) Esri is driving geospatial literacy

US mapping technology specialist Esri reveals how the app revolution could help tackle long-standing environmental challenges

28 Nov 2014

Ofgem unveils £17bn green grid investment plan

Watchdog publishes proposals to boost low carbon grid, as fines confirmed for Drax over failure to meet energy efficiency targets

28 Nov 2014

Ofgem ploughs £46m into latest wave of green grid projects

Eight innovation projects to share funding, as look to demonstrate carbon and cost-saving grid technologies

24 Nov 2014

Seven actions for cities to seriously address climate change

Cities have become the most promising forum to drive deep CO2 reductions. It's time they act on their commitments and implement substantial policies

14 Nov 2014

Teaching elephants to dance

Grant Thornton's Nathan Goode wonders if the UK is ready for the transformation of the energy grid that is on the way

10 Nov 2014

National Grid bags £1.5bn loan as profits rise

European Investment Bank hands out biggest ever loan to help upgrade UK's creaking infrastructure and boost renewables

07 Nov 2014

How energy storage can change the power dynamic

Stationary battery storage is emerging as ‘phenomenal opportunity’ and a fundamental challenge

31 Oct 2014

National Grid: 'The country has the ability to meet its energy needs in a cold winter'

National Grid again seeks to downplay blackout fears, but admits electricity supply margins have tightened

28 Oct 2014

New York pursues microgrids for widespread resiliency

Reinventing the state grid, the NYPA focuses on seven projects to keep hospitals open, prisons secure and other critical functions working during outages

24 Oct 2014

National Grid calls on businesses to join winter demand management drive

Large and small firms invited to generate revenues and curb emissions by tendering for Demand Side Balancing Reserve

22 Oct 2014

Smart meter programme too expensive, warn small businesses

Federation of Small Businesses echoes Which? calls for government action to lower £11bn bill for nationwide rollout

07 Oct 2014

New York State goes big on microgrids

The Empire State is building a new empire of resiliency and renewables

03 Oct 2014

Seth Schultz: Why cities need data scientists

The world collects sufficient information to inform meaningful climate change strategies - C40's top data journalist wants to make it more accessible

12 Sep 2014

MPs shine spotlight on smart meter cost concerns

Public Accounts Committee voices fears over cost of smart meter deployment, but DECC insists strategy will deliver over £6bn iof net benefits to the economy

10 Sep 2014

Will 'smart cities' prove smart enough?

Matthew Farrow of the Environmental Industries Commission reveals how the association is investigating whether green issues are getting a fair hearing in 'smart city' plans

05 Sep 2014

EDF confirms nuclear reactors may stay offline until year-end, fuelling energy shortage fears

Energy giant completes initial phase of inspection programme and says two plants may not come back online until December

04 Sep 2014

Open Energi: The dynamic way to power up energy savings

BusinessGreen's Innovation of the Year winner is cutting carbon and boosting renewables, while offering companies a no-strings-attached new revenue stream

04 Sep 2014

National Grid hails 'positive response' as demand management edges towards mainstream

Grid operator again downplays blackout concerns and reveals how new scheme promises to curb demand by up to 300MW at peak times

02 Sep 2014

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